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Bertrand Goldberg Mid-Century Modern Available Again in Flossmoor: 1310 Brassie

This 4-bedroom mid-century modern ranch home at 1310 Brassie in the south suburban town of Flossmoor came on the market in March 2017. If it seems familiar, that’s because we last chattered about it in 2012, when it was last on the market. See our chatter and some interior pictures from the prior listing here. […]

The Bertrand Goldberg 4-Bedroom Mid-Century Modern Is Still Available: 1310 Brassie in Flossmoor

We last chattered about this 4-bedroom Bertrand Goldberg designed mid-century modern ranch at 1310 Brassie in the south suburb of Flossmoor in June 2010. See our prior chatter here. Back in 2010, nearly all of you loved this house but either didn’t know where Flossmoor was or wondered how you’d get to the city from […]

Live in a Bertrand Goldberg Mid-Century Modern Ranch: 1310 Brassie in Flossmoor

You wouldn’t be living in anything cookie cutter in this 4-bedroom mid-century modern brick ranch at 1310 Brassie in south suburban Flossmoor. Designed by famed architect Bertrand Goldberg in 1957 (he designed River City and Marina Towers in Chicago), it has many unique features for fans of the mid-century modern style. The home has stunning […]