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There’s a Renovation Boom in Southport: A 5-Bedroom House at 1217 N. Cornelia

This 5-bedroom single family home at 1217 N. Cornelia in Southport came on the market in February 2017. Built in 1906 on a 30×125 lot, it was formerly a 2-flat that was completely renovated into a single family home, including with new water and sewer. It has the layout that buyers like, with 4 out […]

Fully Renovated Duplex Up Asking 43% More Than 2015: 600 N. Kingsbury in River North

This 3-bedroom duplex up at 600 N. Kingsbury in River North just came on the market. It was on the market last year and sold in September. But it has now been “fully renovated” with a new kitchen with Italian cabinetry, Italian quartz counter tops, Subzero and Wolf appliances and a wine refrigerator. There are walnut […]

Are Renovators Good for the Housing Market? 130 N. Garland in the Loop

This 2-bedroom in the Heritage at 130 N. Garland across from Millennium Park in the Loop just came on the market. But some of you who have been looking in the Loop might recognize it as it was on the market in the spring. Apparently, it was bank owned and for sale via auction. It […]

Flipping an East Village 2-Bedroom Loft for $182,500 in 6 Months: 1137 N. Wood

This 2-bedroom duplex up loft at 1137 N. Wood in the East Village just came on the market. If it looks familiar that’s because we chattered about it twice last year. You can see our first chatter in July 2015, when it was priced at $500,000, here. That chatter kind of went off the rails […]

Renovated Duplex Down Returns and Is Reduced $59,100: 1122 W. Diversey in Lakeview

This 4-bedroom duplex down at 1122 W. Diversey in Lakeview just came on the market but if it looks familiar that’s because we chattered about it last September. If you recall, this duplex down was purchased in July 2014 and put on the market just 13 months later, “renovated” and listed for 42% more than […]

Looking for a $147,000 Gain Just 3 Months Later in the Gold Coast: 1241 N. Dearborn Parkway

This 3-bedroom at 1241 N. Dearborn Parkway in the Gold Coast just came on the market. But if it looks familiar, that’s because it recently sold at the end of May. The new listing says it has been “totally remodeled” but doesn’t say what was done. The unit has dark hardwood floors and a stone […]

Looking for “New” on Lincoln Park? A 1-Bedroom at 1550 N. Lake Shore Drive

This 1-bedroom at 1550 N. Lake Shore Drive in the Gold Coast came on the market in November 2014. But it had previously sold just two months before, in September. It has come back on the market as “brand new.” There are new dark hardwood floors. The bathroom has been renovated. There’s also a completely new, […]

A 3-Bedroom Rehab in Lakeview for $522 a Square Foot: 820 W. Wolfram

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 820 W. Wolfram in Lakeview just came on the market. The 6-unit complex was built in 1979 and appears to be fee simple (which means the units do NOT pay assessments.) From prior listings in the complex, it appears they are all 3 bedroom, 2 bath units of 1530 square feet. This unit was […]

Renovated 3-Bedroom Duplex is Trying an Auction: 39 E. Schiller in the Gold Coast

We last chattered about this 3-bedroom duplex at 39 E. Schiller in the Gold Coast in early July 2013. See our previous chatter here. But we had chattered about it several times before that, as it was a short sale and then was bank owned before being renovated and coming back on the market this […]

Gold Coast 1-Bedroom Returns After Rehab: 40 E. Delaware

We’ve chattered about this 1-bedroom at 40 E. Delaware in the Gold Coast before. See our May 2011 chatter here. Back then, the unit was listed as a short sale and had carpeting and what looked to be original finishes in the kitchen and bath. It eventually went back to the bank which then sold it […]