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Crib Chatter on Vacation This Week

It’s time to go to the beach even though we haven’t had any winter. But who knew when I booked this trip 6 months ago? If anyone else is going to be in Aruba, I’ll see you by the pool and that lovely beach. As always, please talk among yourselves. There’s a lot going on […]

Crib Chatter on Vacation This Week

There’s time for one last summer fling so Crib Chatter will be on vacation this entire week. Chatter amongst yourselves. I’ll have the update on the market conditions when I come back. Meanwhile, Gary always provides links to his data ahead of time so you can check the July data there. Fall is a good time to […]

Update on Crib Chatter’s Winter Schedule

We’re in the winter market now where inventory and new listings normally drop. But this year, with already record low inventory, it’s worse than ever. It’s already difficult to find interesting properties to post on. It will only get worse as the holidays approach. Therefore, Crib Chatter is returning to 1 post a day until 2016 […]

Crib Chatter on Vacation Through the July 4th Weekend

I’m in Harbor Country in Southwest Michigan on vacation through the Fourth of July Weekend. Therefore, there will be more limited posts. But I DO have some planned to end this week and one or two for next week. The housing market seems to be taking a break after a red hot spring. There isn’t […]

Crib Chatter on Vacation for 4th of July Week

It’s time to go on vacation again! I’m sure most of you will be enjoying some much needed time off this week as well. I’ll be out of town on vacation all week so we’ll be on vacation schedule Monday through Wednesday. That means there will be just one post a day. (I know…it’s a […]

General Discussion: Got Opinions On How the Forums Should Be Set Up?

As most people know, I’m going to attempt to convert CribChatter to a Forum site so that all of you who want to chatter about a certain property or part of the city can do so more easily. With inventory so low, it’s become difficult to find content that is remotely interesting. I thought I’d […]

Crib Chatter Going On Vacation This Week!

I just can’t take this yucky weather another minute. Where’s spring? Even the housing market is lame right now. I booked a last minute deal on so I’m jetting off to Jamaica for the next week. (Can you even believe how cheaply you can get some of those deals?) At this point, I really don’t […]

Crib Chatter Vacation Schedule Next Week: Luxury Week!

I’m going to be out of town enjoying myself on the slopes next week (some states have to have some snow, right?) So that means it will be the Crib Chatter vacation schedule! You know the drill by now. That means there will just be one post a day. Sorry. I know it’s boring but you […]

Crib Chatter Holiday Schedule For The Next 2 Weeks

The holidays are upon us and that can only mean one thing: the Crib Chatter Holiday Schedule. Given the way the holidays fall this year, there will be NO new posts on either Christmas Eve, December 24 or on New Years Eve, December 31. There will also be no posts on Christmas Day or on […]

Crib Chatter’s Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Due to the holiday this week, and that things are slow in the housing scene, Crib Chatter will be on a reduced schedule all this week and the beginning of next week. There will only be two posts a day through Wednesday. There will be NO posts on Thanksgiving. I have always historically done at […]