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New Building Review: Streeterville’s The Peshtigo

Not many developers would have the guts to announce plans for a massive luxury condo building in Streeterville when there are a dozen others currently being built within a mile radius, including the Chicago Spire, and when condo sales have taken a nose dive. But Related is nothing if not ambitious.  Related (formerly LR Development) has […]

Foreclosures Creep into Chicago’s North Side

Foreclosures have been rampant on the south side of Chicago for the past few months.  They’ve also taken off in several downtown high rises.  But in recent weeks, there has been a slow creep of more listings on the north side, specifically Lincoln Park and Lakeview. I wouldn’t call it a deluge.  But it’s happening. […]

Sox Fans: The Cell and the Oldest Neighborhood In Chicago

You know who you are.  You like going to The Cell in Bridgeport because of those big parking lots that surround Comiskey Park.  It’s soooo much easier than getting to Wrigley. And here’s a secret: the food is better at the Cell too. American League fans unite.  You too can live near your beloved White […]

Classy Loft Living in Edgewater

You can find loft style units in every neighborhood of the city, even in Edgewater, not necessarily known for its industrial buildings. This 1927 28 unit building at 5646 N. Kenmore is right on the edge of the Bryn Mawr Historic District at Bryn Mawr and Kenmore.  It’s not what you would normally think of when […]

Attention Cubs Fans: Live Within a Minute of Your Beloved Wrigley Field

Do you dream about the Cubs, wear Cubs shirts, go on Cubs cruises and just count down the days until opening day every year at Wrigley Field? Why not live right next to the park?  You can live within a minute of the park and hear the roars of the crowd from your rooftop deck.  You can hang out […]

Chicago Spire Disagreement Turns Into a Lawsuit

Apparently, Shelbourne, the developer of the Chicago Spire, and the disgruntled next door neighbors, the River View Condominium Association, couldn’t reach an agreement on an underground easement. Off to the courts they go! According to Crain’s, the Condo Association filed suit in Cook County Court asking, not for money damages, but a court order nullifying the […]

Developer Still Selling Units at Chantico Lofts in Pilsen

The gentrification of Pilsen continues to move further west, away from the Pilsen Arts District that surrounds 18th and Halsted. The Chantico Lofts at 1061 W. 16th Street was a recent conversion of an old industrial brick and timber building into lofts.  With 42 units, its price points were a bit ambitious for a project in […]

Chicago Area Home Sales Fall 27% in October

Ask anyone who is trying to sell a home right now.  It stinks out there.  There is a lot on the market and very few buyers. And no, it’s not just your imagination (maybe you shouldn’t think about firing your current real estate agent after all.) Crain’s is confirming what every homeseller already knows: sales […]

To the Manor Born: Was it the British Consulate or Wasn’t It?

Ask anyone who lives in Edgewater about the Tudor castle like building at 1021 W. Bryn Mawr, at Bryn Mawr and Kenmore, and they will tell you that the building is the former British Consulate. Or, at least, that’s what they told me. But apparently that belief is just an old real estate myth.  Maybe it got started […]

How High Are You Willing to Pay for Uptown?

The Uptown neighborhood of Chicago has held promise for years.  Situated north of Lakeview along the lakefront with historic avenues and great housing stock, you’d think that the Lakeview gentrification would have spread years ago to the neighborhood. And it has- a little. But Uptown still seems to suffer from a lack of retail, lack […]