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Top Floor Renovated Vintage 3/3 Returns (And It’s Reduced Another $20K): 814 W. Roscoe in Lakeview

We first chattered about this top floor vintage 3-bedroom at 814 W. Roscoe in Lakeview in 2010 and then again in September 2012 when it came back on the market to try again. See the September 2012 chatter here. Despite a $20,000 reduction last fall, it didn’t sell. It has come back on to test […]

You’ll Pay 59% More For Your Own Secret Atrium Deck in East Lakeview: 559 W. Surf

This penthouse 2-bedroom in the Green Brier at 559 W. Surf in East Lakeview just came on the market. But if it looks familiar, it’s because we chattered about it for several years in the 2010-2011 period. See our January 2011 chatter here. Back in 2010-2011, many of you thought it was overpriced at $299,900 […]

An Original Safe is Now a Bathroom in this 2-Bedroom Triplex Loft: 1733 W. Irving Park in Lakeview

This 2-bedroom triplex corner loft in the Postcard Lofts at 1733 W. Irving Park Road in Lakeview just came on the market. Few of you would remember that we chattered about it nearly 6 years ago- in October 2007. The interior of the loft now looks remarkably similar to what it looked like back then. Check […]

3-Bedroom East Lincoln Park Vintage Row House Tries Again With a New Kitchen: 474 W. Deming

We’ve chattered about this 3-bedroom vintage row house at 474 W. Deming in East Lincoln Park several times over the past year. See our November 2012 chatter here. Last year, when it was originally listed at $949,000, some of you thought that the two outdoor parking spaces were a detriment to a sale at that price. […]

A Blast From the 1970s Past in the Water Tower: 180 E. Pearson in the Gold Coast

This 60th floor 2-bedroom in the Water Tower Place at 180 E. Pearson in the Gold Coast has been on the market since October 2012. Normally, I scold that the décor doesn’t matter because it won’t be there when you move in, but if you’re into the authentic 1970s vibe, then this unit is a […]

Why Aren’t More People Listing? A 2-Bedroom Loft at 1001 W. Altgeld in Lincoln Park

This 2-bedroom duplex loft in the Soda Pop Factory Loft at 1001 W. Altgeld in Lincoln Park came on the market in April 2013. It has already been under contract once. At 1700 square feet, it has a private entrance which makes it feel more like a townhouse than a condo. It has 16 foot […]

One of a Kind Lake Shore Drive Penthouse Sells Under the 2001 Price: 3400 N. Lake Shore Drive in Lakeview

We last chattered about this 2-bedroom penthouse in 3400 N. Lake Shore Drive in Lakeview in December 2012. See our prior chatter here. At 2100 square feet, many of you will remember it from the very dark grey/black walls. It was the home of a well known Chicago interior designer and the unit had been […]

Market Conditions: When Will the First New Condo Highrise Be Announced?

The Chicago Tribune reported over Memorial Day weekend that new condo projects are selling at a fast clip, including Trump Tower which started closings 4 years ago, just as the housing bust was picking up steam. About 92 percent of the condominiums in the 4-year-old building are sold, and not at fire-sale prices. In fact, […]

How About a 2-Bedroom Duplex Loft For Just $105,500? 50 E. 26th in Bronzeville

This 2-bedroom loft in the Bronzeville Lofts at 50 E. 26th in Bronzeville just came on the market. It is bank owned and listed at just $105,500. We last chattered about one of these authentic lofts in August 2012. See that chatter here. This one has 1660 square feet on two levels with a balcony […]

After Trying to Sell in 2009-2011, This 4-Bedroom Duplex Returns to Try Again: 2948 N. Pine Grove in Lakeview

There are so many properties coming back on the market that we’ve chattered about in prior years on Crib Chatter (but which never sold) that I could do nearly every post about them. This 4-bedroom duplex up at 2948 N. Pine Grove in Lakeview is one of them. We last chattered about it in January […]