Is Bowmanville The Next “Hot” Neighborhood? A 4-Bedroom Renovated House At 2341 W. Berwyn

This 4-bedroom single family home at 2341 W. Berwyn in the Bowmanville neighborhood of Lincoln Square recently came on the market.

It is one of the gut renovated homes we’ve seen occuring all over the city.

Built on a 30×125 lot, it has a 2-car garage.

3 out of the 4 bedrooms are on the second level with the fourth in the basement.

The main level has been opened up so that the kitchen overlooks the family room.

The kitchen has cherry cabinets, granite counter tops, a tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

The listing says there are “spa caliber” stone baths.

There is also a lower level recreation room.

Before you all complain about the list price, a 3-bedroom house next door at 2339 W. Berwyn sold in June 2012 for $425,000. It was also renovated with the new kitchen etc.

See pictures of that house here.

Is Bowmanville the next “hot” neighborhood for these $400,000 starter homes?

Mario Greco at Prudential Rubloff has the listing. See the pictures here.

2341 W. Berwyn: 4 bedrooms, 3. 5 baths, no square footage listed, 2 car garage

  • Sold in April 2012 for $71,000
  • Currently listed at $449,000
  • Taxes of $6002
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 15×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 12×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×11 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 14×8 (lower level)
  • Family room: 15×13 (main level)
  • Recreation room: 19×18 (lower level)



18 Responses to “Is Bowmanville The Next “Hot” Neighborhood? A 4-Bedroom Renovated House At 2341 W. Berwyn”

  1. Pretty decent interior for the price point, but the exterior looks like it got hit with the ugly stick. Yeck — clashing shades of tan/beige. I suppose the buyer can add some curb appeal.

    I don’t necessarily mind Bowmanville — close enough to Lincoln Square and Andersonville for shopping/dining/cafes, but what I don’t like is Chappell for elementary school. If enough young professional families move in and turn the schools around, this could be the new North Center, but as it stands, that’s a risk…

  2. Plenty of young professional families already here in Bowmanville. But there’s no pressure to pull down the frame houses and build $1.2mm McCrapBoxes like in Nort’ Center. If there currently was, this home would have been torn down for something bigger. There was the occasional tear down and build, but a majority of that was all wood frame construction, and almost no concrete cinder block.

    IIRC, the house next door started pricing at $500k, which I though was a bit nuts for small home over this way. Most likely the prices are driven by a lack of overall inventory than desirability. This particular location is steps away from Western and a very busy intersection. Sure, Sun Soo Gab San is around the corner, as well as sushi, but if you don’t like either, then who cares? This location is also not an easy walk to all of the stuff in Lincoln Square or Andersonville. It’s either the bus or drive to get to either location.

  3. I like the rehabs rather than teardowns, I just think the stats for Chappell aren’t very good and most definitely scare me off. Agreed that it’s not a short walk to LS or A-ville, but it’s not terrible to things to get to things to do.

  4. “almost no concrete cinder block”

    Only block construction in NortCenter (no space, please) is condos. The newcon “all-brick” SFHs are all brick over frame. Some of the garages are block, tho.

  5. Would love to see a rehab where they didn’t combine the kitchen/LR/DR.

  6. Anon – I stand corrected.

    Dan Deux – The floor plan of the house next to it was described as cramped by the Redfin agents when it was up for sale. This house was probably much the same, and the walls were taken out to make it look roomier.

    Also, this particular house looked like a hoarder lived in it before it was sold. It was in absolutely shitty condition before the rehab.

  7. OK – maybe it was the only option.

  8. This home is downright hideous from the street! However, I have to give them props for putting a hood over the stove instead of the microwave. I’m sick of looking at 1/2 million dollar homes with new kitchens with microwaves over the stove! For $450k though, this has a tiny living room and only one sink in the master bedroom. I’m not particularly overwhelmed. Maybe if the curb appeal were better, I could be more easily convinced.

    Either way, this does look far better than next door…and isn’t much more expensive. Who knows?

  9. We have a microwave over our stove. What’s wrong with that?

  10. Dan #2 — the microwave fans usually aren’t really powerful enough to do much of anything (some don’t even vent outside) — if you have a high-powered range with lots of BTUs and cook a lot, this can be smelly, smoky, and possibly dangerous. Also, the microwave is often mounted kind of low, which makes your cooking area smaller and darker.

    If you’re not really into cooking, it may not matter. Then a high-end hood just looks nice and fancy (a chef’s kitchen)!

  11. Hmm, we do cook a lot, and we frequently have the smoke alarm go off when we do. Interesting to think about. Thanks.

  12. Hideous facade or not, this sold today with multiple offers.

  13. So Bowman-ville, wherever that is, is HOT HOT HOT!!!

  14. “Hideous facade or not, this sold today with multiple offers.”

    Thanks for the update Mario. Just curious- how many did it get?

    We’ve been covering these “new” houses on CribChatter for awhile. Doesn’t seem to matter the location (even near Humboldt Park). As long as the interior is “new” it is selling.

    It’s great for the home renovators. I hope they continue to improve these neighborhoods.

  15. “Is Bowmanville the next “hot” neighborhood for these $400,000 starter homes?”

    What makes these starter homes?

  16. “What makes these starter homes?”

    Price and size.

  17. “this sold today with multiple offers.”

    That word does not mean what you think it means.

  18. This house would be a starter home if it had a euro 1980′s kitchen (white cabinets with brown band at bottom) and wall paper and/or paneling throughout the case. This is a move-up home in its current condition.

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