3-Bedroom Irving Park House On A Double Lot Sells For About 33% Under The 2006 Price: 3902 N. Central Park

We chattered about this 3-bedroom vintage house at 3902 N. Central Park in Irving Park several times over the years as it has been on and off the market since 2009.

See our June 2012 chatter here.

In June, after several more price reductions, we chattered about how low the price would go before it finally sold.

Listed at $635,000, Laura guessed it would sell at $575,000.

The rest of you chattered about the nearby public schools.

Laura was right on. It recently sold for $565,000.

If you recall, the house was built in 1914 and is on a double lot measuring 50×124.

2 of the 3 bedrooms were on the second floor with the third in the lower level along with an office and a great room. The bedrooms also had ensuite baths.

The kitchen had cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.

The house had central air and a 2-car garage.

Did someone get a deal?

Elizabeth Bleeker at Prudential Rubloff had the listing. You can still see pictures here.

3902 N. Central Park: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3370 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Sold in October 1988 for $70,000
  • Sold in June 1998 for $222,000
  • Sold in December 2006 for $850,000
  • Originally listed in September 2009 for $849,900
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in November 2011 at $650,000
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in June 2012 at $635,000
  • Sold in November 2012 for $565,000
  • Taxes of $5040
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 18×13 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 14×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×9 (lower level)
  • Office: 11×11 (lower level)
  • Great room: 18×12 (lower level)


15 Responses to “3-Bedroom Irving Park House On A Double Lot Sells For About 33% Under The 2006 Price: 3902 N. Central Park”

  1. If it had cheeks I’d pinch it!! So cute!

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  2. <>
    Probably not the bank that had to eat that 850k price. But this seems like a fair price. It’s a corner lot, but on a fairly busy street and close to Elston. It has a lot of charm. The back porch and yard are nice.

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  3. I tried to “sell” a similarly-priced rehabbed home in this neighborhood to some newbies from New York. They fell in love with the house but decided against it because their research of this general “hood” shows it to be a high-crime area. True?

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  4. This is not on a busy street. The sub neighborhood is great but the northern half is nicer than the southern half. Private schools are a must. Not much to walk to other than the intersection of elston and Irving. I wish I had the time to comment on this yesterday.

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  5. I don’t think this is a high-crime area by any stretch, but long-time residents/close friends tell me they’ve seen an uptick in gang graffiti in recent years; my money would be gentrification pressure from Logan Square, Avondale & North Center is the cause. But I don’t think the demographics are very compatible with any serious gang culture taking root, if Avondale eventually gets hot Irving Park will follow almost instantaneously due to superior housing stock (a lack of the huge slumlord-managed apartment buildings that often breed gangs is a huge plus) . Portage Park is a bit more of a concern.

    And I *love* this house. We’re almost done with our rehab, it’s great, but we didn’t have the vintage detailing this house did so we went to the studs. I do wonder how in the hell their taxes are only $5K.

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  6. If your “research” includes reading everyblock.com then every neighborhood in the city has really high crime.

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  7. Hahahaa. This area has lots of petty crime and property crime. Garage break ins, unsavory characters loitering, vandalism etc. it’s one of the reasons I left the city. Sharing neighborhoods with undesirables is just city living but the crime rate in my suburb pales in comparisons to any neighborhood on the nw side of Chicago. It’s not violent crime but two burglaries in 2 years in my previous building was enough. One of them was my neighbors across the hall. The criminal was kind enough to leave the brick in front of my back porch but then robbed my neighbor when their backdoor was unlocked. It’s unfortunate but that’s city living.

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  8. This area of Irving Park never quite appealed to me, certainly not at this price. For the money I would shoot for OIP where for the same money you would have to forgo the charming brick exterior for a turn of the century frame but still a wide lot.


    HD, what do you guess it would cost for private school and which ones in this area?

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  9. 6000 for st viators is the primary option. The public schools are like 95pc low income a s non-English speaking at home. Very Hispanic areas surround the neighborhood to south and north and less as much to east. Great old homes on large lots. High demand though and few for sale makes for expensive homes. I bought and rehabbed a house in a near suburb for 2/3rds of the price of one of those oip Victorians.

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  10. Brad beat me to it. The posters on EB say that crime is up especially garage break ins. What is up is the frequency and quickness of crime being reported thanks to the internet.

    I went to see this place when it was about $600K for grins and giggles and IIRC the realtor was very polite and nice, but either didn’t want to accept that it would go for under $600K or was dealing with a seller who didn’t want to accept that it would have to drop more to sell.

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  11. “I do wonder how in the hell their taxes are only $5K.”

    Assessor has it as a 1494 sf single story house. And the double lot is only “worth” about 2/3s more than a single lot.

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  12. My husband and I just bought an American Four Square about a block and a half away. Really like the neighborhood so far. Not a ton of restaurants and other businesses in the vicinity, but I like the proximity to the highway and other nearby neighborhoods.

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  13. Good price for the Independence Park neighborhood. OIP much more desirable but also more expensive

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  14. https://www.redfin.com/IL/Chicago/3902-N-Central-Park-Ave-60618/home/13456922

    Listed again 6/11/15 for $615,000 and under contract four days later

    the under contract buyers are probably thinking twice now “is the neighborhood still safe”

    the answer to that is No Virgina, it never was safe when murderous gangbanging cartel members live three blocks south

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  15. “the under contract buyers are probably thinking twice now “is the neighborhood still safe””

    Do you think so? I don’t.

    Buyers aren’t hesitating to pay this price for Logan Square, where the schools aren’t even good and there have been 3 murders so far this year.

    Many buyers have little clue. They don’t check crime reports. If the neighborhood “looks” okay, then they think it is. Many times, they don’t even check out the schools.

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