It’s Been 9 Months But Still No One Is Biting On This 1550 Sq. Foot Doll House: 1438 W. Henderson In Southport

We last chattered about this 2-bedroom single family home at 1438 W. Henderson in the Southport neighborhood of Lakeview in September 2012.

See our previous chatter here.

The listing calls it a “doll house” as it’s only 1550 square feet.

In September, many of you thought the price of $625,000 was crazy for a 2-bedroom home and that it was likely going to be a tear down anyway.

However, no one has taken a bite since then. It’s still on the market and now listed $10,000 higher at $635,000.

If you recall, while the house has 2 bedrooms, it doesn’t have 2 full baths. It has a half bath in the semi-finished lower level, a half bath on the main level and a full bathroom on the second floor or 1.75 baths.

The house is built on a standard Chicago lot of 25×125 and has a 2-car garage.

It has a brick paver backyard with a deck and a hot tub.

There is a family room adjacent to the kitchen which has black appliances and black granite counter tops.

There are arched doors in the living and dining room.

It does have central air and a 2 car garage.

Will this house finally sell in 2013?

And for what price?

Christy Starks at Property Consultants Realty still has the listing. See the pictures here.

1438 W. Henderson: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 half baths, 1550 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Sold in February 2004 for $560,000
  • Sold in June 2007 for $707,000
  • Originally listed in April 2012
  • Was listed in August 2012 for $645,000
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in September 2012 at $625,000
  • Currently listed at $635,000
  • Taxes of $9961
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 15×14 (second level)
  • Bedroom #2: 12×12 (second level)
  • Family room: 12×21 (main level)


10 Responses to “It’s Been 9 Months But Still No One Is Biting On This 1550 Sq. Foot Doll House: 1438 W. Henderson In Southport”

  1. They bought this place for over 700K???? Im betting they can’t afford to lower the price any more. This will sit for a looooong time.

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  2. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not in the real estate business. Still think that if they fixed up the facade a bit it would help.

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  3. Smart wisdom….if it doesn’t sell, raise the price $10k!

    “it doesn’t have 2 full baths. It has a half bath in the semi-finished lower level, a half bath on the main level and a full bathroom on the second floor or 1.75 baths.”

    I wouldn’t call it 1.75 baths either. A 3/4 bath is one with a shower but not a tub. They are often just called full baths. I’d say that this is 1.2 baths or 1 full 2 1/2 baths. I wish this were explained better for many homes. Several times lately I have been tricked into thinking a home with 1 full and 2 half baths indeed have 2 full baths. All home should be listed as full.half so this would be 1.2, 2 full would be 2.0, 2 full 2 half would be 2.2, etc.

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  4. I’d pay $350k max. The outside is ugly and the inside looks narrow. Back yard would be good for keg parties.

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  5. “inside looks narrow”

    It’s a home on a standard City lot.

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  6. The basemt is probably 50% above grade so the lower level counts as a bath on the MLS and will show up as a bath on the count.

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  7. The house and yard are pretty decent in a quite expensive neighborhood, but man, it’s still just a 2/2 (or 2/1.75, really). To think someone paid $700K+ for that is insane.

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  8. If at first you don’t succeed then by all means raise the price. That should reel in a few insane buyers!

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  9. This is not luxury housing by any stretch of the imagination, and nobody will pay a luxury price for it. LOL @ the 2007 buyer.

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  10. We looked at this house recently and echo many of the comments on this thread and the previous one. At the end of the day, this house is probably worth more no more than $550k.

    Just a few observations.

    1. The kitchen and single full bath were move-in ready, but both showed signs of wear.
    2. There seemed to be some blistering on the paint wall – maybe evidence of water damage?
    3. Real value in this house is bumping out the 2nd floor and back of the house by a little much. But again not worth at $635k.
    4. House is very convenient to Southport without being on Southport. The block is so-so – a lot of 2-3 flats, some newer 3 flats on steroids and some single family, new and old.

    Finally, I understand the house was under contract this summer but did not close. I’m curious what happened.

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