You Can Buy A 4-Bedroom Contemporary SFH In Pilsen For $749,000: 1812 S. Jefferson

This 4-bedroom contemporary single family home at 1812 S. Jefferson in East Pilsen came on the market in October 2012.

Built on a 24×100 lot, the listing says it has “all new interiors” with reclaimed wood and cork flooring.

The kitchen has modern maple cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

It has 3 outdoor spaces including a rear garden with a fireplace and movie screen.

It has central air and a 2-car garage.

The house was listed for 3 months in 2010 for $865,000 but never sold.

It came on the market recently at $749,000.

Are properties like this house a sign that Pilsen will be one of the next hot neighborhoods?

Jennifer Deckert at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

1812 S. Jefferson: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3600 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Sold in October 1986 for $15,000
  • Sold in April 2002 for $175,000
  • Sold in September 2002 for $195,000
  • Originally listed in July 2010 for $865,000
  • Withdrawn in September 2010
  • Re-listed in October 2012 for $749,000
  • Currently still listed at $749,000
  • Taxes of $4509
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 10×20 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 12×12 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×12 (lower level)
  • Bedroom #4: 15×13 (lower level)

18 Responses to “You Can Buy A 4-Bedroom Contemporary SFH In Pilsen For $749,000: 1812 S. Jefferson”

  1. Ummmm. Do a street view on it. Pretty sad. And nothing like owning the most expensive house on the block.

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  2. yeah, um, I am trying to like it, but….

    It’s very “quirky”, and it’s going to take someone with a very particular taste to buy it.
    Listing would do better with more photos of stuff we care about, like baths.

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  3. Sorry but this place makes me LOL

    Wicker Park Pricing in Pilsen? Sorry realtards, but Pilsen has NOT gentrified to that extent yet

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  4. Gotta love those taxes though!

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  5. Sonies – dude it’s “EAST” Pilsen -just like “East” and “West” Lincoln Park – the “East” makes it safe and no longer a difference between life and death. Like “East” Humboldt Park. You’re totally safe there bro.

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  6. I ended up driving through Pilsen a week or so ago to avoid an traffic jam on the highway. It shocked the hell out of me to see so many hipsters walking around. It’s not Wicker Park, but its not too far from it. And let’s be perfectly honest. Pilsen was never anywhere close to as bad as Humboldt Park. Never.

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  7. Sad_at_Plaza440 on December 18th, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Here Be Dragons!

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  8. YIkes! Good luck with this one. I love the agent comment….convert to a 2 flat? Yeah, I am sure someone will get right on that!

    Ridiculous price for a less than marginal neighborhood. And let’s see 2 of the four bedrooms are on the lower level? All kinds of wrong going on here.

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  9. Wow, I think that it’s fair to say that this one is going to be a tough sell anywhere near asking. Maybe something just around $600k makes sense, but it’s going to need a very specific buyer. The location and the style render your sliver in the Venn diagram pretty small.

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  10. Places in this neighborhood have been selling for anywhere from 50-125 a sqft so yeah… 450k on the high end

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  11. “Places in this neighborhood have been selling for anywhere from 50-125 a sqft”

    c’mon, the smart-tech places on Newberry:

    are the best recent sold comps to this place. I think the Newberry location is vastly superior, mainly bc there’s no u-haul parking lot, and no auto shop on the block. Oh, and other newer houses, too.

    Then it becomes a matter of counting the finished SF to compare. Price is still too high, but $450 ain’t the “high end”, unless it’s actually a fair amount under 3000 SF.

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  12. Ummm…no. Pilsen seems to be declining and it was already low. You can get a top of the line townhouse in University Village for the same price. It’s safer and the community is middle class as opposed to impoverished. I wouldn’t feel safe walking in this area. University Village is also starting to get worse and a bit unsafe. This area is still gangland and likely getting worse..

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  13. wow I can’t believe that place on newberry sold for that… I actually saw that one in person with a friend, and was stunned by the lack of build quality (i thought i was going to break the stairs and im not exactly a scale tipper) and location was nice for pilsen, except for the tons of railroad tracks nearby, but that isn’t saying much.

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  14. There’s something to be said for urban blight connoisseurship. But the payoff is usually when dumbshits start building and buying buildings like this around you. You don’t actually want to _be_ the dumbshit.

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  15. streetview is a keeper. that newberry place looks like the ubiquitous model, no?,-87.643894&spn=0.003188,0.005386&sll=41.857185,-87.642129&layer=c&cbp=12,226.47,,0,-6.72&cbll=41.857218,-87.641847&gl=us&hnear=1812+S+Jefferson+St,+Chicago,+Cook,+Illinois+60616&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A&panoid=Mvr0MzS3OxSduN41YHYTGA

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  16. This dump has been on the market forever. I believe RedFin shows it having been listed from September 2011 to October 2012, when it was taken down and promptly relisted. It is an obnoxious, offensive, ugly turd of a building in an otherwise affordable, quaint area. I hope it never sells. Best case scenario is the bank repossesses it, lets it fall into disrepair and it burns to the ground.

    Glad to see the village idiot has chimed in already @jenny

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  17. is it just me or are those banisters a sitting death trap?? you can’t have kids even visit this house, let alone live in it. any other building code violation to share???

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  18. Which neighborhood high school earned the most college scholarships this year?

    Benito Juarez in Pilsen.

    $26 million.

    Congrats to those students. So amazing.

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