Crib Chatter Holiday Schedule For The Next 2 Weeks

The holidays are upon us and that can only mean one thing: the Crib Chatter Holiday Schedule.

Given the way the holidays fall this year, there will be NO new posts on either Christmas Eve, December 24 or on New Years Eve, December 31.

There will also be no posts on Christmas Day or on New Years Day.

I’m also going to continue with the two posts a day (give or take a day here and there where I do three posts) since there simply isn’t anything exciting to chatter about at the moment.

However, next week will also see the regular December feature that I KNOW you all have been eagerly waiting for: “The Biggest Stories of 2013”.

Got any suggestions?

Last year’s “Biggest Stories” were the following:

  • The Third Biggest Story of 2012: Affordable New Construction Makes a Comeback
  • The Second Biggest Story of 2012: How Many New Luxury Condos Will Sell?
  • The Biggest Story of 2012: Will REOs and Short Sales Take Over The Market?

How close were we with our magic 8-ball predictions last year?

Make your guesses for the biggest stories in Chicago real estate for 2013 now. I’ll post on them next week.

As always- thanks for a great year Chatterati. The inventory may be low but we’re still chattering away.

Happy Holidays!


9 Responses to “Crib Chatter Holiday Schedule For The Next 2 Weeks”

  1. I thought the Story of the Year was HD buying a house in Romeoville?

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  2. Story of 2013 “Will the inventory come back online?”

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  3. Story of 2013 will be “Steve Heitman returns to comment on a Westloopelo paragraph post”

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  4. Story of the year: where is the inventory?
    2: how low will interest rates go?

    I miss Heitman and his shenanigans.

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  5. I’m fairily certain anonny is a heitman character

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  6. Stockmarket rolls over in 2013, S&P down to 1100, Fed maintains ZIRP with all cylinders, ratings agencies hold off on US debt downgrade out of patriotism, mortgage rates rise by 100 basis points, RE prices go down again some, and clio is now underwater on his Oak Brook mortgage and has capitulated on owning a Lambo and has sold it replacing it with a Lexus.

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  7. Sad_at_Plaza440 on December 24th, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Hmm, for 2013 I’ll go with:

    3. Gentrification Creeping Farther Into North And West From Lakeview (Areas Such As Bowmanville, Irving Park, etc.)
    2. Massive Residential Towers Continue To Be Built in the Loop and Surrounding Areas, But For Rentals Rather Than Condos.
    1. Chicago Homes Prices Stabilize But Stagnate (i.e., no up or down trend)

    Bonus story: Uptown, Will It Gentrify? Seriously, This Time We Mean It.

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  8. the biggest story was my perfect timing of my home purchase at the absolute bottom of the market! of course that purchase was not in da city but in the burbs. it’s great out here. I love it here. commuter trains, shopping malls, low crime, family life and a den in the basement for the kids to play with room to spare. maybe ill return to the city but not until my kiddos graduate a free high quality public high school with guaranteed attendance.

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  9. I don’t know if I was drunk or sleep deprived, but I swear I saw Sad@Plaza440’s post was written by Sabrina back on christmas eve…

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