After 6 Years, And a Price Increase, This West Town 2/2 Tries Again: 2157 W. Division

We last chattered about this 2-bedroom at 2157 W. Division in West Town about a year ago, in May 2012.

See our prior chatter here.

If you remember, at that point, the unit seemed to be developer owned and had been on and off the market for 5 years.

The building is a 6-unit elevator building constructed in 2007.

Back then, it was listed at $474,800 and most of you thought it was overpriced for the location.

It was withdrawn from the market last May but returned this March and is now listed higher, at $499,800.

If you remember, the building was originally a Ranquist development which is known for its contemporary style.

It has 10 foot floor to ceiling windows with cedar accents.

The unit has upscale finishes including an Arclinea designed kitchen with white cabinets and SubZero, Gaggenau and Miele appliances.

The master bath has Ann Sacks tiles.

The unit has the other features that buyers look for including heated garage parking, washer/dryer in the unit and central air.

2012 was not so lucky for this unit. But with the hot market in 2013, will it finally find a buyer?

Danielle Dowell at Koenig & Strey Real Living now has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #301: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, no square footage listed

  • Still developer owned?
  • Originally listed in March 2007
  • Was listed in December 2011 for $519,800
  • Reduced several times
  • Was listed in May 2012 for $474,800
  • Withdrawn in May 2012
  • Re-listed in March 2013 for $499,800
  • Currently listed at $499,800
  • Assessments now $370 a month (they were $280 a month in May 2012)
  • Taxes still $8755
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Heated garage parking included
  • Bedroom #1: 12×14
  • Bedroom #2: 10×13

20 Responses to “After 6 Years, And a Price Increase, This West Town 2/2 Tries Again: 2157 W. Division”

  1. This was built in 2007? Seriously? It looks so 100% late 60s that I honestly can’t believe it. Maybe it was gut rehabbed in 2007 but built in 1969?

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  2. That building would make a fine-looking Bus Station. 499 is crazy.

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  3. That building would make a fine-looking Bus Station. 499 is crazy.

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  4. I’m debating between:
    It looks like student housing
    It looks like a motel
    It looks like Soviet union construction from the 50s

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  5. Matt the Coffeeman on April 8th, 2013 at 9:13 am

    I see no great advantage to this location other than being next door to Letiza’s bakery. I would gain 50 pounds if I bought this place.

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  6. I like the building and units. However, over looking the hospital parking lot is a huge draw back imho.

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  7. I guess I’m alone, but I’ve always liked these buildings. This one and its twin across the street make for a nice entrance onto the west end of Division’s retail stretch. The biggest downside would be the ambulances heading into the hospital across the street. I’m betting this goes for $450-$475 relatively quickly.

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  8. I like the Kitchen and Master Bath, but I would want a medicine cabinet in the mirrors or perhaps some counterspace for that double sink. Whats the point of having such a huge basin and no countertop space? I gotta have a place to put my crap! The terrace is also cool. Also the location is ok even though its on Division, Its in a slow moving part of the street and its not too close to the bars east of here. Place seems spacious too compared to most modern built condos, Ranquist does nice work from what I have seen.

    Things that suck are the cinder block interior of the lobby, i’ve been in building like this before and they just seem unfinished.

    Someone will surely buy this for around 450-500k if it includes a parking space (not sure if does?)

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  9. i said it before and i will say it again

    Groove77 (May 7, 2012, 9:32 am)
    I have always been under the impression that living on a main street should be cheaper than similar place on a side street. CribChatter continues to disgroove my random theory.

    Groove77 (May 7, 2012, 9:55 am)
    on the “nice” main street you will have increased foot traffic, the slow moving motor traffic, all day noise from both kinds of traffic. smells and noises from business, 2am noise from bars/clubs. Also alleyways blocked from commercial delivery trucks.

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  10. Groove, side streets are usually better but I think it depends to some extent on the main street in question. Technically, this property isn’t on Division directly as the units actually face the side street and thus overlooks the hospital parking lot. However, even if it did face Division directly, certain parts are actually relatively quiet.

    Some people like a little ambient noise though from street activity.

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  11. Agree with Groove on noise.

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  12. I agree that the opening shot screams 60’s motel.

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  13. I like the building architecture and the interior of the unit for the most part… but that is absolutely the most poorly paid out kitchen I have ever seen! Clearly whoever designed it has never heard of a work triangle, placing the sink on the opposite side of big island from the stove, and having it so that the person using the sink has their back/ass toward the living room?

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  14. “but I think it depends to some extent on the main street in question”

    i agree, but there should be a discount for a main street home.

    also a bigger discount if that main street has retail/commercial

    i also thin there should be a discount for side street homes that have to share an alley with a commercial strip.

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  15. looking to buy on April 8th, 2013 at 11:24 am

    I’ve always liked the Ranquist development projects. I like the lines and finishes they use. However, I couldn’t commit to buying something developed by the group becuase it has a narrow appeal and modern finishes go out of style really fast.

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  16. Talk about paying a lot for a little. Then again, that’s the way the hipsters like it. Somebody will certainly be there to take their (parents) money.

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  17. there’s a couple of indoor hoops spots near here. one connected to the hospital, and one at the jose diego school on claremont. so if your a baller you got that going for you.

    i think the place looks kind of cool, though def reminds me of an old school hojo

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  18. This was designed by Studio Dwell.

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  19. Nothing says grace, elegance, and homy coziness like a concrete-block entry foyer. Why, it’s even nicer than the stairwell in the Loyola parking garage. And I just can’t think of anything I’d rather see from my balcony than Division St traffic.

    The Studio Dwell people obviously never had to cook a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people in a kitchen configured like this one…. which is already a lot less “cutting edge” than it was just a few years ago and will need an edgier update in a few more years. Those white cabinets already look tired and outdated.

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  20. JasonMChicago on April 11th, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    I actually like Studio Dwell but this one isn’t the best… but it is not horrible either. You have to like this type of thing (obviously). I like what they’ve done on Wolcott… but they could make it a little warmer. The white kitchen is too much. They could have used the dark Arclinea cabinets. It’s a little “hospital like” right now.

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