This Gold Coast 4-Bedroom Hasn’t Been on the Market in 17 Years: 1411 N. State Parkway

This 4-bedroom in the vintage mid-rise at 1411 N. State Parkway in the heart of the Gold Coast just came on the market.

It appears to have all the features that buyers look for even though it’s a vintage unit.

At 2700 square feet, the single floor unit has a 15×6 porch which overlooks the trees and flowers on State Parkway.

It has many vintage features including what looks to be a coved ceiling in the hallway, a beamed ceiling in one of the bedrooms, built-ins and a wood burning fireplace.

It also sports large vintage crown molding in the main living spaces.

The listing says the current owners did a “complete gut” of the space.

The kitchen has cherry cabinets, stone counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Most importantly, it also has the key big three: in-unit laundry room, space pak cooling and attached parking.

The mid-rise building even has an elevator.

It hasn’t been on the market in 17 years.

Given that it seems family friendly with 4 bedrooms and attached parking, will this sell quickly?

Nancy Joyce at Koenig Strey Real Living has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #2N: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2700 square feet, attached parking

  • Sold in March 1996 for $995,000
  • Currently listed at $1.499 million
  • Assessments of $1692 a month (includes cable)
  • Taxes of $22,082
  • Space pak cooling
  • In-unit laundry
  • Bedroom #1: 17×15
  • Bedroom #2: 14×13
  • Bedroom #3: 14×11
  • Bedroom #4: 14×12
  • Laundry room: 11×7


15 Responses to “This Gold Coast 4-Bedroom Hasn’t Been on the Market in 17 Years: 1411 N. State Parkway”

  1. I didn’t know the Beav’s mom did real estate!

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  2. Pity that it’s not on the top floor (they’re paying for an elevator), and I presume that the parking space is uncovered/non-garage. That said, this is a compelling unit. Once the wallpaper is removed/gets a fresh coat of paint and the floors are dark-stained, this place will be pretty awesome. Thank goodness that we can’t afford it right now (okay, so it will be quite a few years before will could), otherwise I’d be cursing myself everytime it snows over the next couple of decades when I’m outside scraping off our uncovered car.

    Not sure what it should close for, but the recent closing on Berkus’s full-floor unit (with doorman and garage, correct?) won’t help.

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  3. I love the curb appeal and the arched hallway ceiling. The decore isn’t to my taste, but that could be changed. I would probably opt to live in the townhouse on Bellevue that was featured here a few weeks ago for the same price. This is probably my favorite neighborhood in the city.

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  4. “Pity that it’s not on the top floor (they’re paying for an elevator), and I presume that the parking space is uncovered/non-garage. That said, this is a compelling unit.”

    I love how someone can always find something *wrong* with a unit featured here. If Leukemia were cured tomorrow someone here would gripe “it’s a shame they couldn’t cure all cancers.”

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  5. ” presume that the parking space is uncovered/non-garage.”

    Methinks you presume too much. No space behind for outdoor parking. Building on the corner clearly has indoor parking.

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  6. Icarus, if you’re spending nearly $4k/mo before making the mortgage payment on your $1.5 million place, might you want to (1) have nobody overhead and be further removed from car/pedestrian noise, especially if there’s an elevator to take you there and (2) have a garage space? Such places do exist, even in this precise hood. Again, what have units been going for in Berkus’s old building? I believe those are similar in size, price and assessments as the subject property, but they have a garage and doorman (granted, this place has the somewhat rare (for the location/price) feature of outdoor space).

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  7. I see from the listing for #1N (which sold last summer for $1.15 and needed some kitchen updates) that the property has garages. This broker might want to be more explicit about that amenity.

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  8. Scratch that, the units in 1325 Astor are bigger and more expensive. Still, if I wasn’t willing to park outside for a short term condo under $500k, I certainly wouldn’t do so for a long term condo over $1 million.

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  9. Anonny, so then are you saying that this is the correct price for a top floor unit in this building? It’s a three floor building, someone has to live on the other floors. How much should they be discounted? What would you pay Anonny, to be on the bottom?

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  10. this place would be great if it only had another 1/2 bath.

    am i right, Icarus? =)

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  11. This is a perfect 10 in my book.

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  12. “This is probably my favorite neighborhood in the city.”

    I can’t stand this neighborhood. There’s nothing to do, except walk to the CVS at State & Division and the jungle Jewel at Clark & Division. If I had to get stuck in this little isolated 4 x 3 block ghetto, I’d prefer being closer to North Ave, where you could get to the park, and the easier walk across LaSalle to Old Town scene, which is far more preferable for locals than the bullsh*t around the Triangle and the hotels and clio-types cruising looking for easy mark drunk women. I’d take this place only if it came with a Racquet Club membership.

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  13. Spectacular unit in a grand neighborhood. Whoever buys it will have the money to redecorate and they have a great unit to start with…

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  14. helm, you have a pretty limited imagination if you can’t find “anything to do” at this location besides shop at chain stores.

    This is the best location in the city, close to everything and easy to “out-commute” from, as well as walk to work if you work downtown (at least when the weather is fine). People who like the convenience, walkability, and “vibe” of a fine urban neighborhood in the middle of everything don’t care about a little noise. Anyone who hates noise should move to a quiet area far away from the buzz, and then gripe about the dull atmosphere and lack of convenience. You can’t have everything.

    This is a very beautiful apt. in one of the most beautiful small vintage buildings I’ve ever seen, with tiny imperfections easily corrected by paint, upholstery, and an island in the kitchen, which is a little lacking in work space.

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  15. “This is the best location in the city,”

    AHAHAHA uhh no.

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