We Love 3-Bedroom Lofts With Private Roof Decks: 400 N. Racine in West Town

400 n racine

This 3-bedroom second floor loft at 400 N. Racine in West Town just came on the market.

It has upscale finishes including duel level concrete counter tops on the kitchen island and Subzero stainless steel appliances.

In addition to the three bedrooms, there is also a sizable 9×10 exercise room.

The loft has high ceilings, but no exposed brick or timber beams, as we commonly see in loft conversions.

It does have a private 26×15 rooftop deck with city views.

It also has the other amenities that buyers look for including central air and washer/dryer in unit.

The loft has 2-car parking.

Has the market for upscale lofts returned to this neighborhood?

Tom McCarey at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #219: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, no square footage listed, 2 car parking

  • Sold in February 1997 for $176,000
  • Sold in June 2002 for $390,000
  • Currently listed in $749,900
  • Assessments of $438 a month
  • Taxes of $8145
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 16×14
  • Bedroom #2: 24×12
  • Bedroom #3: 11×10
  • Exercise room: 9×10

27 Responses to “We Love 3-Bedroom Lofts With Private Roof Decks: 400 N. Racine in West Town”

  1. This place is priced fairly for everything you get. Despite the trains, the location is actually very quiet, like being in the eye of a hurricane. It’s surrounded by real Chicago on all sides, and access by car/bike is excellent. Not a fan of the phallic faucet coming out of the bathroom wall. The shower has more knobs and gizmos than a submarine. Anyone grow up having parents telling you not to drain all the hot water from the hot water heater? I guess all the glitzy bathrooms you see, Gold Coast, on the NS, in HP/Glencoe etc. aren’t very “green”.

  2. The space looks very cool. The location with Metra tracks directly to the north and south (and west, really) would probably get old in a hurry.

  3. I love the look of cinder blocks!

  4. $312 per approx. sqft seems a bit rich IMO for this location. There is a large rooftop deck though, but of course no pictures of it so who knows, might be justified…

    Cool place though, if you’re in to art deco sort of 80′s modern

  5. Seems way overpriced to me.

  6. $750k goes a long way in Chicago, certainly far enough that you wouldn’t have to buy a place sandwiched between railroad tracks with a trash transfer station next door.

  7. First let me say that I like the space. Good layout, nice kitchen, and solid choices on most of the bathrooms. Not a fan of the stainless steel toilet look. Seems a bit like something that one would see in prison. Ze – perhaps you can add some comments here….Haha

    I find it to be overpriced at $312 per square foot. That psf price is still a stretch for this out of the way location and unusual space. That is not to say that someone will not fall in love and make an offer. Many buyers will appreciate the unit at that exact strike price. I can even see that happening in todays hyper-quick market situation. Now getting an appraisal to fit at that price point might prove to be a bit optimistic.

  8. I think this one is around $100,000 overpriced due to negative external issues around the property with that exact location’s proximity to train tracks. If you can deal with that, power to you. Over $300 a square foot would buy you a very nice 3 bedroom in a much better location in the city.

  9. are the tracks to the north of the subject property in use? I guess those would be the ones just south of Mart Anthony restaurant. At Racine to the south, there are alot of tracks, I wonder also about crossing bells? The only time I go through there on a bike ride, it’s a weekend afternoon, and it’s very quiet and tranquil locale, dead center in the city. I think they just redid the pavement.


    C’mon. Because it has a big sprayer in the sink?

  11. This one:


    Sold for $162 psf, and was (in comparison to this) virtually a blank canvas. Add something for the top floor, v bottom, and the roof deck, it’s not too far off *IF* you wouldn’t want to change any of the finishes.

  12. gringozecarioca on June 3rd, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    “C’mon. Because it has a big sprayer in the sink?”

    I like the kitchen… I think you suffer from a case of sprayer envy… The one major flaw in that kitchen, for me, is the height of the island that the sink backsplash creates.. From the in the kitchen side I get it. From the other side it would annoy the f’n hell out of me.. I think I would have switched the position of the sink and the cooktop and left the island flat and open…

  13. This realtor is a ‘bit’ over the top with the adjectives


  14. “I like the kitchen”

    I don’t dislike the kitchen–other than the dumb two-tier island, as you note–but that *still* ain’t a “COMMERCIAL KITCHEN”. Had it merely been labeled a “chef’s kitchen”, it wouldn’t have been notable.

  15. gringozecarioca on June 3rd, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    but that *still* ain’t a “COMMERCIAL KITCHEN”

    Photoshop in these 2 guys and you’re set…. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/08/dining/08crackdown.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

  16. “Photoshop in these 2 guys ”

    Photoshop that kitchen, even without the two guys, into this house, and you’d have a legit “COMMERCIAL KITCHEN”.


    Those are truly awful

  18. “I love the look of cinder blocks!”

    That is most certainly paint. Big box retailers put a heavy grade paint on their exteriors. Next time you are at Target or Walmart check out the finish on the block. I am not 100% sure what the product is or where to get it though.

  19. This realtor is a ‘bit’ over the top with the adjectives


    I believe the legal profession calls that puffery.

  20. Sensuous walls would kind of freak me out – not a selling point, imo.

  21. i like this 3/3.5 set up for sure. en suite baths are huge in my book.

    love the rooftop views from this part of the city. metra wouldn’t really bother me. trash transfer on the other hand…

    i think the 3/3.5 set up is going to do a lot for this place imho. 2 parking spots and rooftop deck won’t hurt either.

    nice square footage…nice kitchen/baths. my guess is it closes quick and starts with a 7.

    if one could pinpoint the marketing to dual-income, one kid, with a reverse commute and in-laws that like to visit, that would be my starting point.

  22. I wonder how jenny feels about sensous walls.


    It’s missing “fellate the phallic faucet”. I bet jenny would enjoy polishing the faucet in pic 12.

  24. I would prefer handsome hardwood to sensuous walls.

    The stainless steel toilet is creepy though.

  25. “I would prefer handsome hardwood to sensuous walls”

    aren’t those the latest handles of your OKCupid matches?

  26. Seriously now Helmut you are coming out of that closet more and more every time I visit CC. Guess next time I am in Chicago I will see you at Mini bar…you’ll be the guy chatting up men with phallic conversation. This place is pretty cool…very LA but that 7′ wide DR is a waste of space. And the second BDRM is larger than the master. Someone tried to do a remodel but failed miserably with their sad layout. Surely there could have been some improvements made in that area.

  27. LOL… I tried to post under the moniker “Handsome Hardwood” and the website apparently bonged it. Gotta love Crib Chatter.

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