Are the Best Views in the City in West Lincoln Park? 860 W. Blackhawk

860 w blackhawk

This 3-bedroom in Sono at 860 W. Blackhawk in West Lincoln Park came on the market in June 2014.

It is a combined unit with 270 degree wrap around city and lake views from floor to ceiling windows on the 26th floor.

The kitchen has dark modern cabinets with an oversized kitchen island and stainless steel appliances.

It also has a unique wine wall.

The floors are chocolate hickory.

The master bedroom has a 7×17 walk-in closet and there’s a den/office.

It has central air, washer/dryer in the unit and 2-car parking is included.

With a new movie theater and shopping complex soon to open nearby and one of the largest Whole Foods in the country just a short stroll away, are the views just the icing on the cake for this unit?

Jennifer Ames at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #2603: 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2860 square feet

  • I couldn’t find a prior sales price as it was combined units but it sold in 2009
  • Originally listed in June 2014 for $1.675 million
  • Reduced in July 2014 to $1.595 million
  • Currently still listed at $1.595 million (2 car parking included)
  • Assessments of $1300 a month (includes air conditioning, water, gas, cable, doorman)
  • Taxes of $16254
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 15×20
  • Bedroom #2: 15×16
  • Bedroom #3: 15×12
  • Den: 15×9
  • Walk-in closet: 7×17

19 Responses to “Are the Best Views in the City in West Lincoln Park? 860 W. Blackhawk”

  1. Their wine should be stored in a darker place.

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  2. I’ve been wanting to talk about this property for a while. This is a nice unit with great views (although that is ruining the wine to have it out like that). It is high enough not to have had the view destroyed when the built the rental tower, which wasn’t the case for most of the east-facing units in this complex. This was made from 2 2 bedrooms, and the big question is whether someone who can buy this is going to want to be in a building where most, if not all but a handful, of units are worth a lot less than when the building was opened, and where a 2 bedroom half the size of this is going for probably $500k or less. This is very nice, but you would have to want to live with a bunch of young professionals and, I expect, renters. It’s not just that you’re the nicest unit in the building, it’s that you’re the professor who has to live next door to (and share a doorman and building with) the frat house. So, I dunno if this will get any interest at this price point.

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  3. Actually, looks like even the obstructed view 2 bdrms are getting near $600k, so maybe this is a decent deal at that price point. Lots of resale going on in that building and lots of 2 bdrs on the market, but few on the floors that still have the clear eastern view.

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  4. Its also facing the opposite direction of the rental tower, pretty nice views, noticed that New City isn’t in that view on the picture, that will crap it up a little bit but other than that nice place, as for getting 550/sqft with those assessments, its possible I suppose.

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  5. hmm, Sabrina in the next upgrade can you include a check box so we can compare properties like we do at Best Buy? I want to compare this to the pre-war unit from the other day.

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  6. “facing the opposite direction of the rental tower”

    True. It’s the western portion of the condo (western) tower.

    “New City isn’t in that view on the picture”

    Since, as you noted, it faces the opposite direction of the rental tower–and thus the opposite direction of New City–why would New City be notable in any view from this unit?? Can you see the New City tower from the unit, if you try? Yeah, most likely. Is it notable in any normal view? Probably not.

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  7. Right, I thought New city was at division and halsted and should have been in picture #20 OOPS

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  8. A beautiful unit. This area of town has a lot going for it with the new city project. The only downfall is the traffic in this area can be quite dicey on weekends due to the hoards of shopping down the street. I wish this area was made a lot more walk-able than it is. The surface parking everywhere is killing the neighborhoods cohesiveness. Since this is still a fairly new unit, with little new construction of condos available right now, I think it will sell for a nice price.

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  9. They redid the (eastern) Division St. Goose Island bridge, and unlike the bridge on North Ave., the new Division St. bridge is only 2 lanes, not 4. Stupid. Plus it’s ugly as hell. They now finally have a turn signal at Division and Halsted.

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  10. Thats only a temporary bridge at division right now, the new one will be 4 lanes here’s some stupid whiney hipster article about it

    and how despite the 4 lanes of streets and sidewalk there isn’t enough room for a bike lane

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  11. “the new one will be 4 lanes ”

    That’s good news. From the Kennedy or the west, I think it’s easier to access this entire subject property/Whole Foods area via Division St. to Halsted, than dealing with North Ave.

    Whatever happened to the “brilliant” Gabe Klein? That guy was brought in by his tribesman Emmanuel, then they always call them “brilliant”, they pad a resume this way, they move on, get called “brilliant” somewhere else by another nepotistic tribesman, and the cycle continues. Just like Thomas Friedman and Krugman are always called “brilliant” by their own. My ass. Show me some worthy results, and that goes for the “brilliant and tough” Emmanuel. I’m with Ditka, I’d even support a progressive Fioretti over Emannuel. That’s all we get living in a Blue City awash in debt.

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  12. Fun fact: the old bridge on the eastern end of Division/Goose Island was named the “Studs Terkel Bridge” in honor of the venerable writer. The plaque honoring him was stolen, presumably by some “stupid whiney hipsters” looking for a cool souvenir, and was never replaced. I hope the new bridge will have a more “secure” tribute to Studs on it.

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  13. The finishes area ikea. pass!

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  14. The finishes do look awfully ikea. That can’t be right. Who in their right mind would try to sell a $1.6 million dollar condo with $10,000 worth of ikea of cabinets. I have ikea in my house, but its all in my basement because 1) most basements will flood and 2) kids wreck things. Ikea is easy to replace like when the kids broke open the glitter pen at thanksgiving …

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  15. “I have ikea in my house, but its all in my basement because…”

    and 3) HD is a fancy f’ing lawyer, keeping up appearances in Long Grove (or Stone Park, or whatever).

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  16. Most basements flood?

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  17. You’d pass because the cabinets are IKEA? If they price the place right, you can easily change the cabinets, cannot you?
    FYI, I prefer IKEA cabinets to most American ugly stuff out there.

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  18. “FYI, I prefer IKEA cabinets to most American ugly stuff out there.”

    I too think that IKEA cabinets are more stylish than your average 42″ maple cabinets but the quality of IKDA is garbage. It’s just super cheap particle board with melamine and foil facings. They scratch and dent easily and basically the only way to repair it is to put a sticker on it. Granted most cabinets these days are particle board but at least it’s a mdf rather than the crappy particle board ikea uses; and the face of the cabinet is a veneer. My cabinets take a little bit of abuse (i’m sort of clumsy with dishes and such) and they can withstand a some nicks and dents, but my the idea particleboard cabinets in my basement I can nearly scratch with my fingernails. I couldn’t imagine doing my entire kitchen and bedrooms with melamine foil faced cabinets unless I actually didn’t live there.

    “Most basements flood?”

    pretty much – if it hasn’t flooded it, it will eventually…a pefect storm of a failed sump and backup plus too much march rain and you’ll flood.

    “and 3) HD is a fancy f’ing lawyer, keeping up appearances in Long Grove (or Stone Park, or whatever).”

    Yes, and has anyone noticed that Room & Board increased their prices dramatically in their newest catalog? They’ve always been pricey but this year it’s ridiculous.

    $600 for this chair? I know it’s better quality than anything I’d buy at target for $50 but is it 12x better? Really?

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  19. yeah that chair will wind up on clearance sale at 80% off in about 6 months THEN it will be a bargain!

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