A 3-Bedroom Streeterville Penthouse With Its Own Basketball Court: 415 E. North Water

415 e north water approved

There are a LOT of penthouses coming on the market this spring in Chicago including this 3-bedroom penthouse at 415 E. North Water in Streeterville.

But this one stands out for its unique features.

At 9300 square feet, this 2-level unit includes a 67 foot wraparound terrace.

It also has a 500 gallon hot tub and a private basketball and squash court (see the pictures to check that out.)

The unit also has 3 saltwater aquariums.

The listing says $1 million+ was spent on exotic stone.

There are floor to ceiling windows with North and West exposures.

It also has 3-car parking included.

Listed at $12.95 million, it ranks as one of the most expensive properties on the market downtown.

Who’s the buyer for this type of property and will this sell close to ask?

Philip Skowron at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #PH05: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 9300 square feet

  • I can’t determine a prior sales price. It looks like multiple transactions
  • Currently listed at $12.95 million
  • Assessments of $6508 a month (includes central air, gas, water, doorman, exercise room)
  • Taxes of $89,819
  • Central Air
  • Washer/dryer in the unit
  • 3-car parking included
  • Bedroom #1: 20×16 (main level)
  • Bedroom #2: 14×14 (main level)
  • Bedroom #3: 18×14 (main level)
  • Basketball court: 38×36 (second level)
  • Squash court: 32×20 (second level)


17 Responses to “A 3-Bedroom Streeterville Penthouse With Its Own Basketball Court: 415 E. North Water”

  1. “Who’s the buyer for this type of property…?”

    I’ll guess the seller’s hoping to bag one of the world’s oligarchs seeking to shield stolen monies in “a safe-deposit box in the sky,” as explained in the NYT series “Towers of Secrecy,” and summarized here:


    Fun facts: “58 percent of New York City condominiums are paid for entirely in cash,”

    “in the year ending in March 2014 Chinese buyers accounted for $22 billion in real estate sales in the US—almost one quarter of all purchases by foreigners” — up from $12.8 billion a year earlier.

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  2. It could be a tough sale, since Chicago doesn’t rank among “The 40 most important cities to UHNWIs [Ultra High Net Worth Individuals] in 2015.”


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  3. overfriendlyconcierge on March 20th, 2015 at 10:27 am

    What an aggressively ugly living space.

    I assume whomever lives here is going to be young and childless. All that “exotic stone” makes for hard falls on a slippery surface – not good for little kids or old ladies.

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  4. Looks like the lobby of Prentiss hospital. For $12 million it’d be nice to be higher up and have some more privacy. Lots of people with or without a telescope can see right into this unit. But obviously a great unit.

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  5. ” since Chicago doesn’t rank among “The 40 most important cities to UHNWIs.”

    Which is really bad bc Chicago is 23d(? My outing may be off, but only by a couple) for the number of UHNWIs who “actually live” here. So we start at #23 and get downgraded out of the top 40 but the qualitative stuff.

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  6. As my mom says, “Money can’t buy you class…”

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  7. The building pic Sabrina chose had me expecting the worst, but this unit is pretty awesome. Maybe $5 mm awesome.

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  8. “1 million+ on exotic stone”, can you tear it down and return it? So ugly.

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  9. This place is baller as hell, I would imagine the stone looks a lot better in person than in pictures as it usually does. 13mil though might be a tough sell for someone’s personal tastes

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  10. “My outing may be off, but only by a couple”

    You actually got info from the graphic? WTH. That’s got to be one of the worst graphics ever. Is there any sense to how cities are positioned? (Even if there were it still sucks.)

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  11. This is preferable


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  12. “This is preferable”


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  13. Damn basketball with the speaking of the shoes and the bouncing ball sounds!! I would hope the basketball court is sound proof. If I owned this place, I would turn the basketball court into a refuge for giant tortoises. I can’t fathom having enough money to buy a place like that, so what do I know?

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  14. “So we start at #23 and get downgraded out of the top 40 but the qualitative stuff.”

    Yeah, that is kinda weird. But — thinking of Oprah, Ken Griffin or Pritzkers–Chicago’s UHNWIs may work in Chicago because they have to, and escape it every chance they get. So like everyone else I’d blame the winters for militating against Chicago rannking among the top 40 destinations for the global rich seeking safe-deposit boxes in the sky, though people like Trump have obviously bet otherwise.

    Choosing which city among the world’s great cities to overpay for a luxury residence would be a very fun problem to have.

    Chicago appears only on page 21, as one half of the 8th-busiest private jet route: Chicago–NYC.


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  15. This is a turducken equivalent of an apartment. Stone over stone, along stone, in stone, …
    You get the picture.

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  16. Yeah, Ken Griffin’s wife wants to move to the coasts because Chicago is unsophisticated.

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  17. “Chicago appears only on page 21, as one half of the 8th-busiest private jet route: Chicago–NYC.”

    The route is Chicagoans flying to New York and back. It’s not New Yorkers coming here.

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