What’s Going on in One Museum Park West? A 1-Bedroom at 1211 S. Prairie

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This 1-bedroom in One Museum Park West at 1211 S. Prairie in the South Loop recently came on the market.

The building was constructed just as the bust hit in 2008 and 2009 but it never went rental.

This 1002 square foot unit on the 41st floor has hardwood floors and a 7×7 den.

It has the views that buyers crave in this location which is lake views to the east.

The kitchen has brown wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.

It also has the other features buyers look for including air conditioning, washer/dryer in the unit and 2-car parking.

One Museum Park West is a full amenity building with a doorman, clubhouse and indoor and outdoor pools.

At $499,000, this unit is listed above both the 2008 and 2011 selling prices.

Is it safe to buy again in the South Loop?

Minoo Panahi at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #4102: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1002 square feet

  • Sold in August 2008 for $481,500
  • Sold in May 2011 for $465,000 (included 1 parking space)
  • Currently listed for $499,900 (listing says it includes 2 parking spaces)
  • Assessments of $499 a month (includes internet, cable, gas, pool, doorman, clubhouse)
  • Taxes of $6113
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 12×12
  • Den: 7×7


15 Responses to “What’s Going on in One Museum Park West? A 1-Bedroom at 1211 S. Prairie”

  1. I would have expected nicer finishes given the small space and price point.

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  2. At least there’s enough room for a dining table for $500k.

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  3. This one’s got the old finishes, from before the building was born again as Grant.
    Most north facing 2BRs have got much nicer modern finishes.
    Btw, there was a time around 2011, those used to sell around $700K, now they’re north of one million. I really wanted to buy one, but we could not afford it without taking risks. I don’t mind well calculated risk, the husband though cannot handle randomness :)

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  4. that bathroom sink/vanity… lol home depot special!

    But 1000 sqft (if accurate, I dont think it is) is a good size for a 1 bedroom place

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  5. Finishes are terrible. Is a double over really necessary is that small of a kitchen? Where’s the shower curtain? Makes me wonder if this place has ever been lived in.

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  6. @Miumiu: This isn’t the building that became the Grant—this is the old OMP1 (not OMP2). Clearly you’re paying for the high floor & the view here, but I don’t think the finishes are bad for a one + den. (I’m not sure if this was consider a one br+ den originally; the den looks like it could have been a walk in storage closet?!)And while the 2 car parking is a huge bonus, it may be 2 tandem spots?

    Both buildings have great views, a huge quantity of amenities & the area is really getting mainstream—we considered buying one of the 3000 sq. ft units at Grant—it was on a lower floor & didn’t have the highest level of finishes, but was around $1.28M So a high floor unit–if it truly measures around 1000 sq. ft., should sell for not too much less than this.

    Last point–doesn’t look like there’s any balcony/outdoor space (that’s a killer for some at this price point)

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  7. “Sold in May 2011 for $465,000 (included 1 parking space)
    Currently listed for $499,900 (listing says it includes 2 parking spaces)”

    If accurate about the parking, then isn’t this listed at or below the ’11 price? Or are parking spaces readily available for under $35k?

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  8. Kitchen is ok, even tho the cabinets are meh. The bathroom is really subpar

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  9. Kitchen granite should be replaced, that would only cost $5000 or less. Sabrina is right that some simple cosmetic upgrades would likely pay off in helping to move a unit like this. Unit also looks like crown molding would help it, if not going ultra-modern.

    This would make a great long-term vacation rental to an international person, like someone who wants to live in Chicago for one year, doing whatever, writing, reading, etc. It’s not like living in Ravello for a year, but the view is pretty spectacular on a global scale.

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  10. did mm get a place here yet? can we come over and use the pools?

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  11. “If accurate about the parking, then isn’t this listed at or below the ’11 price?”

    It’s unusual to suddenly see 2 spots like that when all the prior sales were for 1 spot. I thought maybe this was just a tandem spot that they’re now marketing as 2 spots (but it’s the same spot as before.) But who knows. Perhaps the listing agent can enlighten us.

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  12. “This one’s got the old finishes, from before the building was born again as Grant.”

    Sorry- maybe this is One Museum Park East (not West.) The Grant is 1201 S. Prairie which is the other building next door.

    Now even I’m confused.

    The building in the post was pretty much sold by the time of the bust.

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  13. “Now even I’m confused.”

    Now? You were the source of confusion in the post :)

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  14. “Now? You were the source of confusion in the post.”

    I always had this building as One Museum Park West. Did that become The Grant then? But The Grant is the other address and NOT 1211 S. Prairie- which used to be One Museum Park West originally. But maybe it is really One Museum Park East all along.

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  15. 1211 S. Prairie is OMP East.
    1201 is the former OMP West and the new Grant.
    I love the views of the 2 and 3 BR North-facing units in both, but the one’s in Grant are larger and have often much nicer finishes.


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