Tired of Cookie Cutter? To the Manor Born at 1031 W. Bryn Mawr in Edgewater

1031 w bryn mawr

This 2-bedroom in The Manor House at 1031 W. Bryn Mawr in Edgewater has been on and off the market since August 2014.

There are few buildings with the uniqueness and the grandeur of The Manor House at 1021 and 1031 W. Bryn Mawr.

Built in 1908, in the Tudor Revival style, it has 16 units. It’s located in the Bryn Mawr Historic District and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

This unit is a duplex penthouse and the living room is in the “ballroom” with 14-foot beamed ceilings.

It also has a walk-out turret roof top patio.

The kitchen has white appliances, granite counter tops and maple cabinets.

The listing says the unit has new Marvin windows, a new furnace and a new air conditioning unit.

It has central air and a side-by-side in-unit washer/dryer. Garage parking is available for extra in the building.

After being bank owned in 2009-2012, it is again listed near its 2004 sales price.

Have prices returned to the boom year prices in this building?

Michael Barz at City Front Realty Group has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #3B: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, duplex penthouse, 1930 square feet

  • Sold in April 2000 for $291,000
  • Sold in May 2003 for $350,000
  • Sold in December 2004 for $422,500
  • Bank owned in November 2009
  • Sold in April 2012 for $172,500
  • Originally listed in August 2014 for $415,000
  • Withdrawn in November 2014
  • Re-listed in May 2015 for $435,000
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed at $399,900 (parking is extra)
  • Assessments of $518 a month (includes exterior maintenance)
  • Taxes of $4428
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 14×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 20×17 (second floor)
  • Living room: 35×17

10 Responses to “Tired of Cookie Cutter? To the Manor Born at 1031 W. Bryn Mawr in Edgewater”

  1. Possibly interesting space. Hard to say though given the terribly angled photos and hideous furniture. Oh and the finishes need to be brought to this century.

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  2. Unique space that needs some serious updating. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but it doesn’t look like there is much of a view out of any of the windows either.

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  3. I like the arrow slits on the rooftop… rest of the place is hard to figure out, that kitchen, reminds me of when I lived in the top floor of a frat house in college we had a nasty kitchen up there… yuck

    Interesting at least but not sure how practical, a floorplan would really help sort out this mess of photos, but in this hot real estate market the realtor probably doesn’t want to take the time lol

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  4. I’ve always liked this building as I drive off of Lake Shore. As a commuter from Andersonville, this area (east of Bryn Mawr red line) has been improving. Only a few resident homeless I see by the dunkin & starbucks. There’s a nice gym around there and Francesca’s right off Kenmore.

    As for the unit, I have a strong distaste for any property with pitched roofs, so that kitchen made me cringe with claustrophobia. But otherwise it feels spacious and is has very utilitarian finishes. Having that castle-turret top would be badass.

    Even with the right lens, you can still mess up real estate photography. It astounds me how horrible these photos are for an agent who’s trying to get 2-3% sales commission on this. I would fire him immediately for representing my property like this.

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  5. I saw a group of LARPers walking down the street near this house once while driving home from a friend’s house in rogers park.

    I have photographic proof even

    So yeah HD your club is still going strong from your Loyola days :)

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  6. The local VFW called, they want their club house back.

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  7. This was originally headquarters of thecBritidh Consulate.

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  8. “As for the unit, I have a strong distaste for any property with pitched roofs, so that kitchen made me cringe with claustrophobia.”

    I don’t like pitched roofs either. For some reason they are very popular in Germany. See

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  9. Sorry, “British Consulate.” This is where the local diplomats lived and held parties. Edgewater was an upscale, presumably very WASP-y neighborhood at the time.

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  10. It not that every photo is horrible, but a few really are. Why is it so hard from some realtors to look at a photo and think “this photo hurts the property’s image” and not use it.

    Instead, the thinking goes that certain shots are needed, even if the photo is truly horrible. Here’s a suggestion: if the photo is horrible, don’t use it.

    Realtor contracts should have a contingency clause that makes the listing contingent on obtaining and selecting market quality photos.

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