Trying to Sell A 5-Bedroom SFH for 3 Years: 1224 N. Astor in the Gold Coast

1224 n astor

This 5-bedroom single family home at 1224 N. Astor in the Gold Coast has been on and off the market since 2012.

Recently, it came back on the market in March 2015.

Built in 1909, the brick home is on an irregular 24×90 corner lot.

The listing says it has been completely renovated by the current owner.

It has built-ins, crown molding, wainscoting, wood ceilings and a lower level family room and exercise room.

There are 7 wood burning fireplaces.

All 5 bedrooms are on the second and third floors.

There’s also a unique fourth floor rooftop deck measuring 1200 square feet.

The house has central air but there’s no parking. It available for lease in the neighborhood.

It’s been reduced $300,900 since last March and is now listed at $2.999 million.

Is the lack of parking what is holding back the sale of this house?

Jennifer Ames at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

1224 N. Astor: 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 5850 square feet

  • Sold in April 1994 for $850,000
  • Originally listed in June 2012
  • On and off the market
  • Re-listed in March 2015 for $3,299,900
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed for $2.999 million
  • Taxes of $26305
  • Central Air
  • No parking- it’s leased in the neighborhood
  • 7 wood burning fireplaces
  • 1200 square foot rooftop terrace
  • Bedroom #1: 19×21 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 20×17 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 14×13 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 16×9 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #5: 13×10 (third floor)
  • Exercise room: 14×14 (lower level)

7 Responses to “Trying to Sell A 5-Bedroom SFH for 3 Years: 1224 N. Astor in the Gold Coast”

  1. going to take a while to find a buyer who wants to plunk down 3 million bucks and not have a simple amenity like a garage, which lets face it, we’re in the midwest and its pretty important to have a vehicle

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  2. I love the location and the house. The bathrooms are terrible, but if I had this kind of money, I would want to put my own stamp on it.

    Lack of parking would be rough unless there was valet available nearby.

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  3. It seems to have an offer at hand.

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  4. I would think that whoever spends $3 million on a home has more than one car.

    Why wouldn’t this house be staged? They even stage houses in the $350-500 range on Flip or Flop!

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  5. staging a high end 6000 sf house would be pretty expensive.

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  6. I think of staging as one of the best things you can do to sell a place up to a point. If your place has a lot of competition (similar size / price point / layout), then staging can make a difference. If you are trying to sell in a down market and there is a ton of supply, you can really sell “a lifestyle” – – which can be the difference between selling and not selling. I saw a place get listed – – total dump. A few months later I noticed the listing photos had changed – -the place had been staged and ended up selling for about $60K more than comparably sized located units…the staging hid what a dump the place was!

    At this price point and with this floor plan though, I don’t know if it makes a tremendous difference. I think the person buying this place has a lifestyle and doesn’t need to be sold on one. I think they get driven around a lot so there isn’t a ton of need for convenient access to their own car. They probably get groceries delivered. I don’t see one needing much imagination to see how furniture will fit in these rooms. Everything seems pretty traditional here. I love the tile work in the baths – – I would possibly replace a fixture here and there but otherwise leave them alone. The kitchen makes my head hurt though – – those refrigerator and freezer drawers surely can be had in panel ready versions so they can blend with the decor more. That picture with the drawers next to the dishwasher is just too hodge-podge. Easily fixed though.

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  7. How did I miss this post?

    I did not know you could get a single family house this size on Astor Street for this price. Even if you consider the cost of ripping out the kitchen, the baths, and the awful cabinetry in the library, it is a bargain for someone who has the money.

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