Historic Gold Coast Mansion and Coach House Returns to the Market: 1432 N. State Parkway

1432 n state parkway approved

This 8-bedroom mansion at 1432 N. State Parkway in the Gold Coast just came on the market.

But if it looks familiar that’s because we chattered about it several times when it last came on the market in 2008 during the Great Recession.

You can see our 2008 chatter here and our 2011 chatter here.

It took 3 years to sell mostly because it needed to be renovated and brought back into the modern era. Additionally, the economy was in the tank.

Built in 1883 by Chicago architect A. M. F. Colton, it is on a 50×132 lot with a side drive and a coach house- which has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.

The house originally had 7600 square feet and the coach house another 2000 square feet for 9600 square feet total but the lower level has been excavated making room for a recreation room, theater and game room which has added square footage.

The property now totals 10,250 square feet.

Back in 2008, most of the house’s vintage character had been preserved including the mahogany wood moldings, paneling and 3 original fireplaces.

Here are the pictures from the 2008 listing:



It has since been updated and transformed, including installing central air. There was space pac cooling previously.

There’s a 3 car garage with a heated driveway which can hold up to 5 more cars.

The kitchen has white cabinets, white counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Ceilings on each of the floors are 10 feet+.

But while the vintage character has been preserved, the mahogany paneling in the entry foyer and living spaces has been painted white.

Does the white trim modernize the house? Or would you have left the original woodwork?

And how long will the house stay on the market this time?

Jennifer Ames at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

1432 N. State Parkway: 8 bedrooms, was 6.5 baths- is now 7.5 baths,  was 9600 square feet- is now 10,250 square feet, 3 car parking

  • I couldn’t find a prior sales price going back to the 1980s
  • Was listed in October 2008 for $7.25 million
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in September 2010 for $5.9 million
  • Sold in March 2011 for $4.985 million
  • Currently listed at $9,499,000
  • Taxes are now $85,347 (they were $45,163 in 2008)
  • Central Air
  • 9 fireplaces (!)
  • Bedroom #1: 20×17 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 13×18 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 15×17 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 21×17 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #5: 14×15 (second floor)
  • Coach house: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath

21 Responses to “Historic Gold Coast Mansion and Coach House Returns to the Market: 1432 N. State Parkway”

  1. The remodeled home looks lovely. Not sure on price but pretty house

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    Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
  2. Whomever painted the woodwork deserves a kick in the face

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    Rating: +4 (from 16 votes)
  3. Disgusting abuse of beautiful vintage woodwork. Clowns.

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    Rating: +2 (from 12 votes)
  4. Awesome. The sellers do a great job on Halloween.

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    Rating: +1 (from 7 votes)

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    Rating: -3 (from 7 votes)
  6. omg they painted that staircase?

    I could imagine staining it but painting? YIKES!

    other than that, definitely a very nice renovation that probably cost millions

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    Rating: +7 (from 13 votes)
  7. owned by developers…the Fifields and was the house from Webster.

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    Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
  8. Great house for a large family! Plenty of room for six kids plus nanny (or extended family) There’s even beadboard mudroom too! Too cute! Love it.

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    Rating: +5 (from 5 votes)
  9. Agree. Anyone who paints over vintage woodwork like that is an idiot. Otherwise what a lovely lovely home. Who wants to hazard a guess at how much money they put into it?

    My only other comment is that if you can afford $7,000 a month in property taxes, why would you settle for anything less than a Woodway treadmill? 😉

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    Rating: +2 (from 6 votes)
  10. totally classy.

    Perfect for Abe Lincoln’s father’s boss.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  11. This is where I’d live if I was wealthy.

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  12. I have a similar staircase and wood panel walls in the first floor living room, palour, and dining room of my house. I would definately not paint over it like they did. With that said, my kitchen and bedrooms on the upper floors were modernized and painted white. It really is a shame that they didn’t keep more of the woodwork original.

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  13. woodwork all over chicago is painted. that’s like every house. get over it.

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    Rating: -3 (from 15 votes)
  14. No wonder you live in the lame burbs with an attitude like that.

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    Rating: +12 (from 14 votes)
  15. This isn’t the Halloween house

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    Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)
  16. Is this the house used in the show “Webster”?

    Either way, I agree that painting over that wood is a felony act of rehab treason.

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    Rating: +3 (from 7 votes)
  17. Painting over woodwork is felonious and lame to our modern sensibilities, yet tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of homes in Chicago have had the majority of the wood painted. I’ve been in countless older homes and vintage apartments during my 20 year tenure living in Chicago and probably upwards of 75% of it has been painted. In a lot of cases,the painted wood looks better and less old-timey, which is why it was painted in the first place.

    Homeowners also carpeted over hardwood floors, which was a blessing disguise, because when the carpet was removed in modern times, there was beautiful and protected hardwoods underneath, which was the case in my older suburban home.

    Now, one thing I’m sure we can all agree on are the hideous drop ceilings homeowners installed in basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens….that’s a crime and the punishment should be death.

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  18. I agree on the drop ceilings (except perhaps in certain basements)and wonder if the rarity and expense of proper plasterers drove some of that trend. I just can’t agree that true vintage woodwork of this quality should ever be painted. Now some of the 90s light colored wood looks dated and cheap these days (because it is) and wouldn’t be a loss if painted but that’s as far as I’d generally go.

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  19. I heard the drop ceiling thing was an attempt ad reducing heating costs. Not sure if that was true or just a BS justification for doing it.

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  20. rented to Dwyane Wade

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  21. “rented to Dwyane Wade”

    Yes! Thanks for posting the update marco.

    It probably wasn’t going to sell at that price anyway. And there are now SO MANY luxury properties on the market. Might as well get some rental income out of it. It also gets it into the news.

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