Looking for a Trendy 1-Bedroom With Views in Streeterville? 240 E. Illinois

240 e illinois

This corner 1-bedroom on the 20th floor at Fairbanks at Cityfront Plaza at 240 E. Illinois in Streeterville just came on the market.

It faces northeast, so it has city views.

The unit has dark wide plank wood floors and a built-in office nook.

The kitchen has custom white Italian cabinetry, granite counter tops and luxury stainless steel appliances.

The island is wrapped in custom reclaimed wood. Wood finishes on the walls and on cabinets are “in” right now.

At 1025 square feet, it is big enough to have its own dining room space.

It has central air, washer/dryer in the unit but there’s no parking.

Is this a better deal than renting in the neighborhood?

Monica Sobieski has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #2010: 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, 1025 square feet

  • Sold in March 2012 for $370,000 (looks like from the developer)
  • Sold in October 2014 for $475,000
  • Currently listed for $499,000
  • Assessments of $643 a month (includes a/c, gas, doorman, cable, exercise room, pool, exterior maintenance, lawn care, scavenger, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $6057
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • No parking
  • Bedroom: 14×13



20 Responses to “Looking for a Trendy 1-Bedroom With Views in Streeterville? 240 E. Illinois”

  1. Not really my thing but fairly nice as these kinds of places go. Not sold on Streeterville though, apart from the views.

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  2. For the love of god, why didn’t the developer add a tiny shower to that second bathroom? How much could it have possible cost?

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  3. Why do you need a “tiny” shower to make two full baths in a 1 bedroom unit? Ridiculously inefficient use of space…

    I’ve never been a fan of powder rooms in 1br units unless they have more than adequate closet space.

    The best compromise I’ve seen are the 1brs at 600 Fairbanks which have a dual entrance master bath with frosted door separating the toilet from the shower areas.

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  4. If there are two people living in a condo, one person can use the second bath as his/her primary bathroom. Both people can take showers at the same time in the morning. I want my shower to belong to just me.

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  5. Wanting bed/bath parity is understandable, but a 1/2 only makes sense in extreme cased. Also its unfair to frame your original comment as if the developer cut a corner here by excluding the “tiny shower”. The love for extra bathrooms on this site continues to amaze me.

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  6. For a single person, a 1/1.5 might be OK. Guests can use the half bath and not invade the master. If there are two people living in the same unit, I think two full bathrooms is an absolute must.

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  7. “The love for extra bathrooms on this site continues to amaze me.”


    You are discussing this with someone who would trade 3/4s of a ‘regular’ kitchen** for that second full bath, so, it is a discussion with the bleeding edge of the bathroom love.

    **so long as there was a 2d dishwasher for storing dishes, that is.

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  8. lol @ people wanting a 1/2. Absurd! A 1/1.5 makes sense for a one bedroom unit. I live in a 1/1.5 and love it because I really don’t want a bunch of people going thru my bedroom in order to use the bathroom. Powder rooms have a purpose.

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  9. How many of your share one full bathroom with another person though? Seeing someone else’s hair in my shower or sink would be vexing. I would need a weekly cleaning service.

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  10. “so, it is a discussion with the bleeding edge of the bathroom love.”

    I’ve spent enough time on this site to know this wasn’t going to end well, just couldn’t help myself…

    Seriously though, the 600 Fairbanks approach to this is one that I think should be incorporated more often.

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  12. “How many of your share one full bathroom with another person though?”

    Um, most cohabiting couples??

    Right? Even in a house that has more bathrooms than residents, right?

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  13. btw: tax info (not bills yet) is out today.

    This place will have a bill for $7,683, unless the HO exemption applies, which would save about $450.

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  14. I would prefer a 2/2 in Grand Plaza down the street in RN for $450k with better amenities. $370k to $475k in 1.5 years is quite a jump! Also, those taxes, damn!

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  15. Luis_Carruthers on June 13th, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    “btw: tax info (not bills yet) is out today.”

    are you just pulling by PIN? public info already?

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  16. “are you just pulling by PIN?”

    No, calculating from AV * Eq Factor * rate, as released by County Clerk today:


    Click on 2015 under “Cook County Tax Rate”

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  17. “No, calculating from AV * Eq Factor * rate”

    PS: I assumed no applicable SSA, which may be incorrect.

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  18. “How many of your share one full bathroom with another person though?”

    I understand that you don’t want to share a shower with a roommate, but with a partner? So you don’t want to share a bed with them either? You will find hairs in the bed as well and I don’t want to go to other things that one shares with a partner :)

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  19. My wife and I lived in a 1/1 for 3 years without issue. We’ve now moved into a 2/2 and the second toilet has been nice, but I certainly wouldn’t call it life altering. The second shower hasn’t been used since we moved in. And we are fully able to shower at the same time in the morning 😉

    I’ve also found that when we have guests over, often times both the ‘guest’ bath and the master bath end up getting used by guests, so any separation to prevent “invasion” has been in theory only.

    Every time jenny posts it is further insight into why she is single.

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  20. I had a bad impression when touring a penthouse unit here a few years ago. Rental class demographic, lot of young grads likely blowing their entire annual on rent here. Giggly frat type dorks in the elevators, hysterically crying babies in the lobby, hallway smelled like stanky microwaved reheated fish. Maybe I just visited on the wrong day.

    It’s a shame because the unit was nice and I’m sure the 700kish it was asking is probably at a mil now.

    I’m not sure if that is “custom reclaimed wood” either, pretty sure thats just Stikwood which is just adhesive backed Home Depot type stuff.

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