How Long Does a Celebrity Connection Matter? 3526 N. Marshfield in Lakeview


It’s back!

We’ve chattered about this house at 3526 N. Marshfield in Lakeview numerous times over the years.

The last time was in August 2013.

See that chatter here.

If you recall, it not only has “ornately carved faces” on the exterior (look closely at the house) but in prior listings it talked about “underground tunnels”- although that reference has now been removed.

The house was built in 1889. It is on an irregular lot measuring 27.2×73.5x60x51.5.

The listing, once again, says the house is being sold “as-is.”

All four bedrooms are on the second level and there is a family room in the basement.

The kitchen has dark cabinets and white and black appliances as well as a kitchen island.

The house has central air and a gated yard with parking for 1-car.

Once again, the listing also mentions that the house has a celebrity past. Many of you named who owned it all the way back in March 2012- but this “celebrity” lived in the house nearly 20 years ago.

See the March 2012 chatter here if you want to find out who the “celebrity” is.

There are several questions regarding this house:

  1. It never sold in 2013 even though that was a hot market. What has been going on with it for the last 3 years?
  2. What’s the life span of a celebrity owner? (i.e. does anyone care years later???)
  3. What happened to the underground tunnels?

It has come on the market at $35,000 higher than the 2013 price at $685,000.

Will this finally sell in 2016?

Jamey Johnson at Kale Realty has the listing. See the pictures here.

3526 N. Marshfield: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2500 square feet, 1 car parking

  • Sold in July 1991 for $160,500
  • Sold in February 1994 for $176,000
  • Was listed in March 2012 “as-is” for $550,000
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in April 2012 at $539,000
  • Withdrawn
  • Re-listed in July 2013 for $650,000
  • Reduced
  • Listed in August 2013 at $599,000
  • Withdrawn
  • Re-listed “as-is” at $685,000
  • Taxes now $8641 (they were  $8056 in 2013 and $7958 in April 2012)
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 20×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 15×13 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 16×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 9×12 (second floor)
  • Family room: 30×17 (lower level)

15 Responses to “How Long Does a Celebrity Connection Matter? 3526 N. Marshfield in Lakeview”

  1. does a local newscaster really qualify as a celebrity? Especially when it was 20 years ago? It’s not like it was an actor or writer or other creative type where you might think “hey, the actor was doing movie X while living here!” that might give it a little something extra. You’re not getting that off a newscaster.

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  2. Is it Jan Terri?

    If you ask me, that basement looks like it was built to be a great place to rawk out and kick back with a few old styles.

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  3. “does a local newscaster really qualify as a celebrity?”

    in Chicago… sadly, yes…

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  4. In Chicago, or anywhere else, absolutely not.

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  5. So after repeated failures to sell and failure to do any significant upgrades since the last time on the market or rectify any issues causing a need to list “as-is” they up the ask to 685K? Good luck with that.

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  6. I wonder what’s wrong with this place that it hasn’t sold. The price seems normal for this neighborhood.

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  7. Someone circa 2005 was selling a lot of those particular paint colors – – they’re Ralph Lauren I think. That same dark red, mustard yellow and light blue – – different color in every dang room. I think the folks I bought my first Chicago place from must have moved into this place. The folks I bought from were terrible DIY-ers too…perhaps that is the issue here? For one, one of those interior doors looks like a hollow-core Menards special.

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  8. “in Chicago… sadly, yes…”

    I guess I’d be more interested to know that a newscaster is my neighbor than owned my house 20 years ago. like I mentioned, it seems like 20 years ago would have to be something like (Chicago examples) “this is the house where Burroughs wrote Tarzan or Turow wrote Presumed Innocent or Paretsky wrote V.I. Warshawsky”

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  9. “does a local newscaster really qualify as a celebrity?”

    I won’t begrudge the celebrity status, it just means they were well known locally. But 20 years ago is too long to try to use as a marketing hook.

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  10. I suspect that Mrs. Rosati thinks it matters and seeing the house sure brings her back in time. She likes the press as it makes her still feel relevant in Chicago quasi celebrity status. Not many other people will care.

    We lived with another quasi famous celeb TV journalist and then later a NBC TV star on one of the Chicago shows. They were nice people. It was fun to see them interact with the general public and adoring fans but otherwise they were just good neighbors.

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  11. It’s about a mile from Wrigley Field and within short walking distance of a few bars on Addison or Ashland. In other words, potential bragging rights that you live near the World Champs of 2016. Is that enough of a “celebrity connection” for this neighborhood?

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  12. More relevant is the walking proximity to two great schools (Hamilton and St. Andrew) plentiful day care options, the Brown Line, shopping and restaurants. City life for a family is easy in this neighborhood.

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  13. Should agents selling for athletes try this?

    eg, the seller on this 2 years ago was Jeff Samardzija when he was still pitching for the Cubs (he’d moved to Bridgeport a few years before, had rented it to a few teammates, sold it in 2014, he was traded short after it closed).

    Maybe the agent should have said “previously inhabited by Cubs players!!!!”

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  14. “Should agents selling for athletes try this?”

    most of the time it’s leaked that an athlete is selling their place. the tribune and crains always seem to write about it. for instance, lance briggs….

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  15. “Maybe the agent should have said “previously inhabited by Cubs players!!!!””

    I think they did that with Kerry Wood’s river north condo when it was re-sold.

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