Designer Apartment Living in the Gold Coast: A 2/2 at 1555 N. Astor


This 2-bedroom at 1555 N. Astor in the Gold Coast just came on the market.

The building was constructed in the mid-1970s and has 104 units. It has views of Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast, and, depending on where you are in the building, of the Lake.

The listing says this unit is the home of designer Susan Fredman and has been completely renovated.

It has leather flooring, custom Iris lighting, sound and light automation systems and custom built-in cabinetry.

The kitchen has Calcutta gold marble countertops, Subzero, Wolf and Miele appliances.

The dining area has a custom banquette.

The master bath has heated stone floors and a walk-in shower with a Kohler digital system.

The second bath has a concrete counter top.

The unit has an in-unit washer/dryer but no central air. It has the built-in wall units that were common in the 1970s high rises.

There is rental parking in the building that other listings say includes a weekly car wash and unlimited valet guest parking.

This unit is on the fourth floor and has tree top views.

For those tired of the same old highrise layouts and finishes, is a custom unit like this one a breath of fresh air?

Timothy Salm at Jameson Sotheby’s has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit 4SE: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1480 square feet

  • Sold in June 1992 for $252,500
  • Sold in April 2010 for $390,000
  • Currently listed for $699,000
  • Assessments of $1190 a month (includes exercise room, indoor pool, tennis court, patio with grills, doorman, exterior maintenance, scavenger and snow removal.)
  • Taxes of $10,781
  • No central air- electric wall units
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Parking is leased: a different listing says it’s $135 a month and includes weekly car wash
  • Bedroom #1: 16×12
  • Bedroom #2: 13×12

15 Responses to “Designer Apartment Living in the Gold Coast: A 2/2 at 1555 N. Astor”

  1. A breathe of fresh air? At this price, more like swallowing a toothpick. OK it’s nicely done, unique and I do like her taste for the most part, but to go up over 300K in that amount of time I just don’t see it, even if it was basically gutted and redone as it would seem. Perhaps as a member of the unwashed masses I just don’t know how much coin she put into it…

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  2. Seems a little overkill for a 2/2. Sure, in Manhattan this would be a cool 2 mil, but this is streeterville, and no one who lives there is under the age of 60…

    And while I like the design, and I’m sure the cabinets are high, some of them look awfully similar to the knock off particle board they sell at IKEA. i should know, virtually everything I own is Ikea or Pottery Barn with some basic bitch stuff thrown in here and there.

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  3. I like this a lot—even at a likely sales price in upper 600’s. This is a very nice building–yes, many older folks, but mostly larger, expensive units, great location, seems well built & the rooms are all very-good sized.

    There’s clearly about 150K premium on this unit for the rehab (the 300K increase since last sale also reflects considerable appreciation in the value of the basic unit over a bargain sale in 2009). High end kitchen & bath renovations, living room cabinetry, flooring, etc., for this unit could have cost well over 200K imho. I think it’s all very tasteful, up to date, and should appeal to buyers in this locale.

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  4. Ugh. Looks like a dungeon. Bad design. At least the picture of the pool is uplifting.

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  5. One person’s dungeon is another’s love nest…

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  6. hd, the place is modern day faux-intellectualist, like a 2016 version of the house in Clockwork Orange right down to the phallic sculptures, like the one in pic 8. Lol, this designer could pick up some tips from Ivanka Trump — who did a truly uplifting and beautiful job at the Doral resort.

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  7. what’d that reno cost?

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  8. “this is streeterville”


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  9. Sorry, Gold Coast, the two are interchangable for us suburbanites.

    Also, that dunning house – wow. That’s a lot of blue and really out of place for the character of the neighborhood. And yes the commute downtown sucks.

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  10. “the two are interchangable for us suburbanites”

    Just like we city folk don’t know the difference between Long Grove, Downers Grove and Sugar Grove, or Park Ridge, Park Forest, and Stone Park.

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  11. I bet this sells relatively quickly to someone who swims for fitness. Some will fall in love with the reno, the assessments aren’t really bad at all for an older building with that beautiful pool, and you’re on Astor St – the most prestigious in the city. What’s not to like?

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  12. Isn’t LSD more prestigious then Astor?

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  13. Think Astor is more prestigious than LSD

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  14. Living on a busy highway with jerk ass motorcycles flying by every few seconds is nowhere near as prestigious as Astor

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  15. Ugh. The place is really dark, and it’s too small of a space to have the wall of dark cabinets and all the mishmash different finishes in the kitchen. Hate the flooring, too. Just way too busy and distracting for a small condo. Completely heavy handed design and not well done.

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