Do You Want to Be a Landlord? A 3-Bedroom 2-flat at 1748 W. Cortland in Bucktown


This 3-bedroom 2-flat at 1748 W. Cortland in Bucktown recently came on the market.

We chattered about this home the last time it was on the market and debated who the buyer would be of this kind of set-up. You can see our December 2011 chatter here.

Built in 1890, the old listing said it was custom built by renowned architect Joe Valerio.

The property, on a 24×125 lot, has a modern interior including a 2-story living room with a lofted bedroom.

The kitchen has white cabinets, white appliances and zinc counter tops.

There is a third floor master suite.

It also has a ground floor 1-bedroom rental with 11 foot ceilings and a kitchen.

The current listing says a door can be added to connect it to the main house.

The master bedroom is on the third floor with the second bedroom and a family room on the second level.

It has central air and a 2-car garage.

The listing says it’s in the Pulaski school district and it’s just a block to the 606.

This house took several years to sell the last time we chattered about it but the rental market has skyrocketed since then.

Will the fact that it has the 1-bedroom attached rental be a positive or a negative this time around?

There’s a floor plan listed this time around. If you can figure it out, please inform us.

Leigh Marcus at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

1748 W. Cortland: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2264 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Sold in March 1995 for $93,000
  • Lis pendens foreclosure filed in June 2010
  • Originally listed in July 2010 for $825,000
  • Reduced
  • Was listed in December 2011 at $799,000
  • Sold in January 2014 for $775,000 (according to Redfin because the CCRD is down AGAIN.)
  • Currently listed for $830,000
  • Also has a 1/1 rental on the first floor. The listing doesn’t indicate how much it rents for.
  • Taxes are now $9653 (they were $7563 in 2011)
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 18×13 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 15×14 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 16×15 (second floor)
  • Second kitchen: 11×6

11 Responses to “Do You Want to Be a Landlord? A 3-Bedroom 2-flat at 1748 W. Cortland in Bucktown”

  1. It’s not really being positioned as a rental. It’s listed as a single family without any reference to the rental income.

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  2. The extra space would be a good nanny’s quarters.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  3. This is a 2 bedroom (barely) perhaps with the crib (lol) this isn’t exactly a kid friendly house with the master suite so far from the other bedroom and well not like the lofted area is very kid safe either with the lack of railing barrier

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  4. so, it is three bedrooms TOTAL, including the apartment, right?

    I think the crib is in the master bed because otherwise parents would be going up and down the steps all night long to take care of junior. Obviously once the kiddo is somewhat mobile that crib has to go in the second bedroom downstairs…

    I think it is cool and I would live in it and rent out the back unit but it isn’t family friendly in it’s current incarnation which I suspect is why it is for sale.

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  5. I’m I’m plunking down $8MM, you can bet your ass that I don’t want a tenant

    This wasnt designed as a family home. Its for DINKS

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  6. Interested in this place, nothing a hot tub and a kegerator can’t spruce up!

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  7. If I’m plunking down $8MM, I want a better kitchen than this offers, and +1 on not wanting to deal with tenants.

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  8. “It’s not really being positioned as a rental. It’s listed as a single family without any reference to the rental income.”

    Do you blame them? Last time it was listed as a 2-flat and took years to sell.

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  9. “the CCRD is down AGAIN.”

    Huh. I’ve not noticed it down even once in the last 6 months, but I’m also not checking after 9pm.

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  10. if you’re plunking down 8 million dollars I think you would be overpaying quite a bit for this house…

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  11. under contract

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