Back to the 2006 Price in Lakeview? A Top Floor 3/3 at 814 W. Roscoe

814 w roscoe approved #1

This 3-bedroom top floor vintage unit at 814 W. Roscoe in Lakeview recently came on the market.

If it looks familiar that’s because we chattered about it several times from 2010 to 2013. See our September 2013 chatter here.

Converted into condos in 2006, the living/dining and kitchen area now has the popular open layout with what the listing calls a “chef’s kitchen” with 42″ cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.

It has 15-foot high ceilings, crown molding and the original fireplace.

The 3 bedrooms are also larger than what you might normally find in a vintage unit. It’s also unusual to find a vintage unit with 3 bathrooms. They usually just have 2.

The master bathroom is marble with a double vanity.

The property has the amenities buyers are looking for in this price range including central air, washer-dryer in the unit and 1-car outdoor parking.

This building appears to be a three-story walk-up without an elevator. It has 8 units.

This unit finally sold in January 2015 for $507,500.

Two years later, it has come back on the market for 16% more, just over the 2006 price, at $589,000.

Will it sell faster in this low inventory market?

Zachery Koran at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #3W: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, no square footage listed but listing says “over 2000 square feet”

  • Sold in August 2006 for $587,500
  • Originally listed in August 2010 for $589,000
  • Was listed in May 2013 at $549,000
  • Sold in January 2015 for $507,500
  • Currently listed for $589,000 (includes parking)
  • Assessments were $251 a month in 2013 and are still $251 a month (includes exterior maintenance and scavenger)
  • Taxes now $8491 (they were $8491 in September 2013 and $8044 in August 2010)
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Parking included
  • Bedroom #1: 16×14
  • Bedroom #2: 11×14
  • Bedroom #3: 15×12

12 Responses to “Back to the 2006 Price in Lakeview? A Top Floor 3/3 at 814 W. Roscoe”

  1. That 2006 sales price is rough, as with inflation it should be worth over $700K now…

    The 15ft ceilings are quite sharp and definitely make the space look much larger (although the 2000sqft number seems like a stretch, even if you include the patio, etc.)

    Also, $8500 in taxes even before the hike, whoa?!

    For close to $600K in lakeview, I would prefer a full rooftop deck in a newer, more modern unit, but that’s just me.

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  2. Buyers will be tripping over themselves to get their hands on this property. A bidding war is about to start because the property is already receiving multiple offers. Some of the multiple offers are from overseas.

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  3. not a bad price at all. I think it’ll go but may sit on the market for a little bit.

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  4. This is a nice place but realistically in this location, a unit like this is only going to attract a certain type of buyer. There might be some progressive & hip straight person/couple/polyamory buyers desiring to buy on this block, but not likely a family with children is going to buy here.

    My child rearing partner lived around this corner from this unit during college, granted that was early last decade, but I don’t think much has changed. DINKs in lakeview who plan on having children would be more likely to buy a $500k home in Naperville or Evanston than a 3 bed in the heart of boystown.

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  5. Been in this unit and it’s nicely updated while retaining the requisite vintage charm. The high ceilings really add to the appeal. It doesn’t appear as if the sellers have done anything to justify the price hike though so I think it will sit a bit, though the current sellers got a pretty good deal so it’s not like the ask is totally out of line.. If I recall correctly big downsides here were the numerous stairs and a pronounced lack of storage space.

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  6. It’s steps away from ground zero of crimes and public nuisance in “Wrigleyville & Boystown”.

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  7. Where are the “15′ ceilings”??? I see maybe 10′ or 10′-6″ but not 15!! A standard door, which is what is in this unit is 6′-8″. Is someone trying to say that there is 8′-4″ above each door?? Vertical height is very difficult for most people to comprehend. Also, as a side note, not providing trim around all the doors is a “cheap” way to finish a product. Look closely! Don’t be fooled!

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  8. “Where are the “15? ceilings”???”

    The old listing from 2010-2013 said 14 feet.

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  9. “Where are the “15? ceilings”???”
    “The old listing from 2010-2013 said 14 feet.”

    By looking at pic 5, my guess is that the entry door is 8′
    Add in a few feet to the ceiling, which is also a couple of feet lower than the ceiling over the living room, you’ll get closer to 14′

    I have 10′ ceilings in my house and just based on the kitchen cabinet placement, the ceilings here look several feet higher.

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  10. “based on the kitchen cabinet placement”

    The refrigerator is 7′ tall (maybe plus an inch). The cabinets above it are (with the crown) about 24″ +/-, *maybe* 30″. Space above is definitely a bit bigger, so at least 36″, maybe as much as 42″, so in the kitchen, at least 12′, maybe as much as 13.5′.

    Living room appears to have the same height ceiling. 13.5′ /= 15′.

    I’d *love* to have 12’+ ceilings, so even the lowest is still great. But no way 15′.

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  11. “Living room appears to have the same height ceiling.”

    Maybe i’m misinterpreting your comment but take a look at pic 5. The living room ceiling is higher than the kitchen.

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  12. “take a look at pic 5″

    oooh–I just looked at it wrong. Solidly 12-18” higher.

    I still think the kitchen ceiling is 12-12.5′, so much more like 14′ than 15′, consistent with prior listing.

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