Do You Love High Rise Views? A 2/2 on the 25th Floor in the Gold Coast: 1300 N. Astor

1300 n astor

This 2-bedroom in the Astor Tower at 1300 N. Astor in the Gold Coast just came on the market.

This Bertrand Goldberg high rise was built in 1963 and  has 71 units and a parking garage.

This building was originally the Astor Tower Hotel. The Beatles were just some of the famous people who stayed here in the 1960s.

This unit is on the 25th floor and has floor to ceiling East, West and South wraparound views of the Lake and downtown, including the John Hancock building.

Even the master bathroom has windows, including in the jumbo walk-in shower.

If the sun is too much for you, the unit has UV protection remote control blinds.

The listing says the unit has had a “total renovation” and now has maple 4 3/8 inch hardwood floors.

The kitchen has light wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, including a wine refrigerator.

The second bedroom has a built-in queen size hidden Murphy bed with bookshelves.

There’s a 7.1 surround sound audio/video system.

It has central air, washer/dryer in the unit and 2-car tandem parking is $85,000 extra.

Is this a dream view for those who love living in high rises?

Ellen Collar at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #25-AS: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1400 square feet

  • Sold in September 2014 for $545,000 (I can’t tell if it included the parking or not)
  • Currently listed for $759,000 (parking is $85,000 for a 2-car tandem space)
  • Assessments of $1689 a month (includes heat, a/c, doorman, exterior maintenance, scavenger, and snow removal)
  • Taxes of $10,692
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 18×13
  • Bedroom #2: 15×11 (has a queen size murphy bed)



15 Responses to “Do You Love High Rise Views? A 2/2 on the 25th Floor in the Gold Coast: 1300 N. Astor”

  1. why wouldn’t you install blackout shades in the bedroom, total fail!

    other than that, its a pretty nice unit, the monthly nut is pretty high though, but you’re in a nice unit on arguably one of the nicest streets in Chicago

    I’d rather live here than Lakeshore East and it costs less

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  2. Love the shades that go up from the bottom, instead of down from the top.

    I don’t understand the comment about blackout shades. Is that an inside joke?

    I agree that the assessment is pretty high. For that much I’d want more, like valet parking and a pool. At least a club room would be nice. Listing says an exercise room in coming. Although, it’s probably stuffed in the basement.

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  3. blackout shades block out light, the second the sun starts to come up over lake Michigan, its going to get pretty bright in there as it appears to be on the south west corner of the building (better than the south east I suppose). Not ideal for sleeping, I guess, unless you’re an early riser

    those particular shades can go up from the bottom or down from the top, and anywhere in between. I have them in my house, they are nice

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  4. Wonderful light-filled classy unit. (i don’t throw around the word wonderful very often, lol). Great place. But when you see the taxes at $10K, plus that assessment and then the mortgage, plus parking costs…it’s just not worth it. But if you’re someone who doesn’t need much space, nor want it, nor like cleaning etc. then this place is a locale of solitude with great views and light.

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  5. This must be the first unit that’s not rococo that HH has professed his admiration.

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  6. Great unit—beautiful views and light in 3 directions, and fabulous job on the updates; seems like this and some other high floor 2 BR’s have been similarly upgraded, but much of the building is 1 BR units and most on lower floors, so not sure how most buyers will view that. Assessments are high due to doorman, older building and not many units to share the costs.

    My one big concern about the beautiful open layout and all the windows: There’s a scarcity of closet space for a 2BR. Looks to have small entry closet, small 2d BR closet and the Walk-in by the Master which though quite large, has a W/d and exit to the hallway. This would work best for a single person!

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  7. I don’t use blackout shades. I use solar shades to preserve the view. Solar shades block out enough early morning sun light that I can still sleep. They also protect the furniture from fading, reduce glare for using electronics, etc.

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  8. “why wouldn’t you install blackout shades in the bedroom, total fail!”

    Because the master bedroom faces south and west, perhaps?

    No problem with the sun in there unless you’re going to bed in the afternoons.

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  9. Sorry- but something has come up so there won’t be a new post tomorrow (1/18).

    I’ll be back on schedule on Thursday.

    It seems like this warm weather is encouraging people to list earlier than the Super Bowl this year. We could see a robust spring market even with higher rates.

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    so would you install both?

    Is this building 1 and 2 bedroom units?

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  11. I just don’t understand why realtors don’t remove some items when taking photos.
    Are they lazy? The gargoyles in the bedroom could have been easily hidden. Roll up the throw rugs, let’s see the floor. Take away the odd, red velvet bar stools. Remove some items in the closet, it looks like a stuffed sausage with no room for anything. Just for the photos. That extra work would take 10 minutes.

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  12. This was one of several Goethe Street-area buildings catering to the rich and famous in the Swingin’ Sixties. In the basement was Maxine’s, a high-end restaurant and disco (now a private party room). To the west were the two Ambassador Hotels and the legendary Pump Room. Across from the Pump, the 1255 State St. “Residential hotel” (now condos) offered long-term stays for visiting celebs. And of course, just around the corner was the Playboy Mansion. Good times, good memories.

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  13. A little history of the building and Maxine’s:

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  14. LOVE this building…..

    As for the comment on the photography – – I hope the realtor wasn’t present when these photos were taken! Even the owner, who let the photographer into the unit, should have been scurrying about removing items from view and putting them back – – agree that island looks stuffed with three stools when three people could not comfortably sit there….but the “piece de resistance” is the custom closet / laundry room with no thought given to where one puts the laundry!

    I disagree on the gargoyle things – – they exude disposable income. Good choice for staging a place to sell a lifestyle.

    I dislike the kitchen rehab on two points: the back-splash is too busy for a mid century modern unit and that fridge is seriously going to work hard sitting in direct sun all day.

    They shouldn’t have tried getting cute on the bath tile work either. Those little square tile “details” that are thrown in the shower cubby look cheap to me….although I am totally cool with them on the floor.

    Otherwise, gorgeous place. A bit overpriced in my opinion though.

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  15. I looked at this (stunning) unit today. To answer some earlier queries from the comments: there are *both* blackout shades and light defusing shades in the bedrooms. The black out shades run in a track behind the light defusers. These are the most expensive shades I’ve ever seen; you can even operate them from your phone. The photos do not do the kitchen (including the backsplash) nor the baths justice. They are much nicer in person, and quite neutral in styling. Kudos to the owner for his choices. There is no tub in either bathroom, which is a deal breaker for me, even if I could afford this, which I probably can’t. Also, as others have noted, closet space is super limited, except in the kitchen, where there is a refreshing focus on adequate counter space and cabinets. Oh, and the workout room will be on the 5th floor, and the rooftop deck is lovely.

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