Buy the Original 1971 Owner’s Duplex Penthouse at 100 E. Walton in the Gold Coast

100 e walton

This 2-bedroom duplex penthouse in the Walton Colannade at 100 E. Walton in the Gold Coast just came on the market.

According to the listing, it is the unit originally configured for the original owner of the building in 1971.

It has south and east views of the Lake and the skyline.

A spiral staircase links the two floors with the living/dining and kitchen on the main floor and the 2 bedrooms and den on the second floor.

The living room has 21 feet of custom built bookcases.

The dining room has a pass through to the kitchen which the listing says was gut renovated in 2014. It has custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances and Brazilian granite counter tops.

The 2 bedrooms on the second floor are en suite and there’s also an office with cherry wood floors.

Another unique feature is a 13×10 sunroom on the main level, just off the dining room with tile floors.

The unit has central air and a Bosch washer/dryer. Parking is leased in the building.

The 2474 square foot property has come on the market for $789,000.

Is that cheap given the location and square footage?

Eudice Fogel at Berkshire Hathaway KoenigRubloff has the listing. See the pictures here.

  • Sold in August 1994 for $422,500
  • Sold in March 2004 for $675,000
  • Sold in July 2013 for $595,000
  • Currently listed for $789,000
  • Assessments of $2457 a month (includes heat, a/c, cable, doorman, exercise room, pool, exterior maintenance, lawn care, scavenger and snow removal)
  • Taxes of $10,892
  • Garage parking is leased
  • Bedroom #1: 17×14 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 15×14 (second floor)
  • Office: 10×7 (second floor)
  • Sunroom: 13×10 (main level)

16 Responses to “Buy the Original 1971 Owner’s Duplex Penthouse at 100 E. Walton in the Gold Coast”

  1. Wow. Where to even begin? Those columns that frame the windows are awful and little if anything can be done about them. Why did they build buildings like this? I’ve seen the small window with lots of columns style throughout the city. Did anyone ever think these looked nice?

    I don’t understand the point of the sun room. Is it to block the sun from the rest of the living space? We had a sun room in the house where I grew up, but it was not cut off from the rest of the house by a glass wall. Speaking of that glass wall, why does it have grey horizontal stripes?

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  2. I was definitely expecting something a tad more lavish from an owner’s unit

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  3. Personally, I kinda like the repetitive columns and floor to ceiling glass. However, this is a very odd unit. 1) I don’t get the sun room either (the ‘grey line’ denotes the operable section of the window – it’s the same throughout the unit) 2) why are some of the operable sections of the window filled with an opaque panel? (wouldn’t it be much nicer to maximize the floor to ceiling glass everywhere?) and 3) this unit suffers with the low ceiling heights so typical of the period – this unit would look much better with a modern decor and minimal furnishings to reflect the building’s aesthetic…

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  4. What is an owner’s unit? Is it just that the person who owned it lived there and didn’t rent it out?

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  5. Like, the guy who actually developed and built the building…

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  6. So many design fails….

    I agree, the windows are odd, but you can’t change that. Instead, you should work with it. The design should be sleek and modern. Room and Board, not 80s modern like that shower.

    The hand scrapped floors do not go with a modern condo like this. Design fail on the renovation. All the moldings and traditional trims should go.

    The sunroom, which is wasted space as is, should made into the den, with modern doors. Turn the den into a third bedroom to increase overall value.

    The kitchen is modern but that pass through wall is a disaster. Trying to keep a traditional formality, though the windows don’t match that lifestyle. They should have opened the kitchen up entirely with one large island (what Joanna Gaines wood do —but modern).

    The kitchen cabinets look cheap, like IKEA, and the granite is so late 90s/early 2000s.

    This is a great location, but the price does not reflect the work that would need to be done. It’s in that terrible zone of having been renovated but not well renovated.

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  7. That granite is probably a million years old, it either looks good as a counter or it doesn’t, today or 500 years ago or 1000 years from now-and it looks good. Laughable how humans inflict their petty, transient judgments on natural materials.

    This place is inherently compromised with the odd windows and low ceilings, but all in all it’s more bang for the buck than anything else featured recently.

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  8. That fireplace is making me nervous.

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  9. No comments on the assessment? Seems pretty high to me. It’s normally much older, vintage, buildings that have an assessment that high.

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  10. Sid V, I don’t get that either. Either you like the look of granite or you don’t. I don’t understand why people’s opinions change so frequently. The same applies to wood floor stains. Either you prefer light colored wood or dark. Why should the preference change so quickly?

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  11. I was expecting some abomination from the comments. It looks nice generally.

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  12. Exactly Jenny. Another example, I have cherry cabinets, which are not as current as white, supposedly. But I don’t like white, never have, never will. So whether Cherry is “in” or “out” I will take it (or Espresso, which I also like) over white or “natural” (unstained) as long as I live when choosing cabinets, until and unless my tastes change, which is unlikely.

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  13. I like simple lightly stained, solid wood cabinets. I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

    The white kitchen trend amuses me. When my parents were selling my childhood home in 2004, the fact that their cabinets were white was considered a blemish on their otherwise nice home. Now, they are considering selling their townhouse, but their cabinets are light wood. I cringe at the thought of them painting those beautiful solid wood cabinets just to satisfy the current trend.

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  14. “Seems pretty high to me. It’s normally much older, vintage, buildings that have an assessment that high.”

    Built in 1971. It’s not exactly a “new” building. Most mechanicals will have had to be replaced by this point.

    It also has a pool.

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  15. “What is an owner’s unit? Is it just that the person who owned it lived there and didn’t rent it out?”

    No. He owned the building and this was his own private, custom built unit. I think it’s the only duplex in the building and it’s a penthouse.

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  16. Honestly, the columns could be kind of cool. You could paint them different colors, have different murals on them, photographs, etc. it could be a unique design feature if done correctly. one thing I would find unacceptable is the staircase. Those staircases are ok to get to an attic or something, but several times a day? No way. I wonder if you can access the second floor with the outside elevator?

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