What a Million Dollar Condo Looks Like in Lakeview: A 4-Bedroom at 2922 N. Sheffield

2922 n sheffield

This 4-bedroom duplex up condo at 2922 N. Sheffield in Lakeview recently came on the market.

This building was constructed in 2015 and has 3 units and garage parking.

The unit is on the top floor and has dark espresso floors and a glass paneled staircase.

3 of the 4 bedrooms are on the second floor, including the master suite which has a bathroom with a steam shower.

The kitchen, along with the living/dining/and family room is on the main floor. It has custom cabinetry and Subzero and Viking appliances.

The unit has a huge private rooftop deck measuring 18×65.

It has all the features buyers look for including central air, washer/dryer in the unit and 1-car garage parking.

This building is among the group of luxury new construction condos that have been built in the last few years all over Lakeview.

It is a block from the Wellington Brown Line stop (and the building is NOT on the El side of the street.)

There are also a bunch of shops and restaurants on this stretch of Sheffield including Barcocina, DMK Burger and Kirkwood.

This unit is listed for $110,000 above the 2015 sales price, at $1,099,000.

With prices rising in the luxury neighborhoods of Lincoln Park and Bucktown, is the million dollar condo buyer increasingly looking at Lakeview?

Ian Halpin at Dream Town Realty has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #3: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2400 square feet, duplex up

  • Sold in June 2015 for $989,000
  • Currently listed for $1,099,000
  • Assessments of $205 a month (includes scavenger)
  • Taxes aren’t listed yet
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Garage parking included
  • Private roof deck: 18×65
  • Bedroom #1: 17×16 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 10×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 14×11 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 10×9 (main floor)
  • Family room: 21×17 (main floor)



18 Responses to “What a Million Dollar Condo Looks Like in Lakeview: A 4-Bedroom at 2922 N. Sheffield”

  1. 1.1 million to worry about how much noise you’re making? To have the small patch of grass grow too long because nobody wants to cut it, or have it paid to be cut? To watch your investment age without proper maintenance because some of your neighbors are too cheap to build reserves or spend any money? That’s typical of small building condo life, and at 1.1 million there are much better options than a small, self-run condo building IMO. Maybe at 850K this would be worth those compromises, but not at this ask, not even close.

    All that aside, doubtful this is a good investment.

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  2. Doesn’t look like a million dollar listing.

    I feel like I need to go in for my annual eye exam after looking at those pictures.

    And with the outdoor space, I expected more than a rest stop picnic table.

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  3. A million dollars worth of drywall, vinyl siding, and split-face block, but it has the Subzero and Viking appliances!

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  4. Can someone help me out here….WHAT IS A “TRANSITIONAL BATH?”

    Another looney bin trying to make back their transaction costs after not even living in the place a full two years. In and of itself, a lack of tenure in the building is a red flag to me.

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  5. What is the purpose of those ugly columns running down the balconies? For this price, I would have expected the developers to put in more effort to making the building look nice. How much do town homes cost in this neighborhood? Why choose this over a townhouse?

    Oh, yeah and what the hell is a “transitional bath?”

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    transitional is a design style that is typically a mix of classic and contemporary. i would say though, that these bathrooms are more contemporary or modern than transitional.

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  7. Wow! I feel like i just stepped into the catalog for Ikea! rooms are small, and space feels cramped but cheaply fashionable.

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  8. For stair aficionados only

    yikes, I can’t imagine living on the top floor and then also having a million flights of stairs in your own house, at this price point I would want an elevator! And I’m in decent shape

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  9. “transitional is a design style that is typically a mix of classic and contemporary. i would say though, that these bathrooms are more contemporary or modern than transitional.”

    I guess using “eclectic” has gone out of fashion. The word “transitional” has more negative connotations than “eclectic.” “Transitional” makes me think of halfway houses and chaos.

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  10. And seriously Mad River would be one of the last bars I would want to live directly across the street from… that place is a drunken douchebag magnet!

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  11. I suppose the stairs could come in handy if you have in-laws or other old relatives who you never want to visit.

    Not so fun though if you have an old dog in one of these places. One of my coworkers had to send his dog to a doggy hospice because it couldn’t do stairs anymore.

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  12. Perfect unit for high earning finance bro to buy to rent to his buddies. The living room is begging for a game of beer pong and the bathtub with no shower curtain is waiting for a couple of bags of ice and a keg of old style.

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  13. A savvy buyer would close on this just in time to sit on the stoop and sell grilled cheeses to people walking south after the shows on 6/30 and 7/1.

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  14. I don’t think “transitional” and “eclectic” really mean the same thing. “Eclectic” is more anything goes as to the taste of the one making the design decisions, whereas transitional aims to be cohesive but neither too traditional nor too modern. Design elements can be “transitional” in their own right, whereas “eclectic” requires a mix of diverse design elements. That’s how I think of it anyway.

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  15. To me, “transitional” means “up and coming” or “adjacent to something better / worse.” It just is a strange filler word to use in a real estate listing. E.g. “This property is located on a transitional block.” So I was just really wondering what on earth was going on in / near these bathrooms.

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  16. Im picturing Diversey/Sheffield. Not the neighborhood of my dreams. If anything is transitional, it’s this Lincoln park morphing to lakeview neighborhood.

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  17. In this listing’s context “transitional” is about interior design. It’s a style, e.g. you can go to Darvin.com and filter on your furniture search to only view “transitional” pieces, which fall somewhere between modern and traditional.

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  18. Close enough to be “walkable” to Wrigley Field; far enough not to be in the thick of things when the games let out and everybody walks through the streets without regard for vehicular traffic. And POSSIBLY an Air BnB situation for out-of-town fans if the neighbors aren’t too nosy. Locationlocationlocation still counts a lot for some Cubs fans.

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