Selling That “New” Condo 5 Years Later: A 2-Bedroom at 1348 W. Diversey in Lakeview

1348 w diversey

This 2-bedroom top floor unit at 1348 W. Diversey in Lakeview came on the market in June 2017. (It’s the one on the right in the picture above.)

We chattered about this building, and its sister building next door, back in 2012 when they were under construction.

See our chatter here.

Back then, the market was still pretty sick but was in the process of bottoming. New construction condos started to be built on the north side and sold quickly, including those in both of these buildings.

If you recall, this is an all brick building.

The kitchen has dark modern cabinets, stainless steel appliances and stone counter tops.

There’s a wine fridge in the kitchen as well as a second one on the second floor landing, which leads to a private rooftop deck.

Unlike the sister building next door, there’s no pergola on the top floor of this unit but there’s city views.

The second floor also has custom cabinetry and a small office space.

The master suite bathroom has a double sink and a separate spray shower.

The unit has central air, washer/dryer in the unit and one garage space is included.

Originally listed for $599,000, it has been reduced by $14,000 to $585,000.

These condos represented the current trends of that year, with modern cabinets and wide plank floors.

How are these contemporary finishes holding up just 5 years later on the re-sale?

Jim Streff at Berkshire Hathaway KoenigRubloff has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #3: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, no square footage listed

  • Sold in December 2012 for $477,500 (per Zillow)
  • Originally listed in June 2017 for $599,000
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed for $585,000 (includes 1 car garage parking)
  • Assessments of $175 a month (includes exterior maintenance, lawn care, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $8498
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Private rooftop deck
  • Bedroom #1: 18×13
  • Bedroom #2: 10×10
  • Den: 17×8 (second floor)
  • Deck: 40×18 (second floor)



21 Responses to “Selling That “New” Condo 5 Years Later: A 2-Bedroom at 1348 W. Diversey in Lakeview”

  1. lol those finishes are classic 2012

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  2. everything about this place sucks. fireplace in the island? tv mounted over the fireplace above the island? shouldn’t the refrigerator be flush with the surrounding cabinets?

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    GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!

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  4. ” shouldn’t the refrigerator be flush with the surrounding cabinets?”

    – they’re called counter depth fridges and they’re slightly more expensive than the home depot special.

    “lol those finishes are classic 2012”

    The entire design is right out an IKEA catalog even though it’s probably not IKEA finishes. But at the of the day it’s all particleboard cabinets. The IKEA has a foil veneer and expensive cabinets have a wood veneer.

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  5. @Marco, the fact that refrigerator isn’t flush is driving me bananas. The position of the microwave (and the fact they didn’t hide it) also bugs me.

    It’s ok – – the trend of top cabs being a different finish than bottom cabs sucked from the get go. Zero maintenance on the roof deck – – that wood is looking rough. It is so easy to do a light sanding every spring and a new coat of stain/sealer.

    As for pure marketing items that can easily be corrected but are hurting my perception of this place – – – this almost looks like a frat house – – with the TV worship (I freaking hat satellite dishes and think this one utterly ruins the roof deck), the size / placement of the TV can be corrected but screams bro-hole. The only thing that doesn’t are the bed spreads. The condition of the grout in the second bath tells me the occupants are not too big on cleaning.

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  6. Not a fan of the unit, building, or location.

    The building itself is hideous. It looks like a cheap prefab design and doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood, or the nicer-looking newer construction that has built up around it. The finishes seem pretty nice, though I hate micro-tile in bathrooms; it gives me a headache just looking at it, and thinking about how difficult it is to clean it. Shower tub floor (pic #14) looks like a home depot special and poorly laid (seems to be buckling?)

    TV above fireplace is always a bad idea. Excess heat flowing above into electrical components will shorten the life of the TV.

    10×10 2nd bedroom to small for this price point. It would be more of a glorified den.

    And WTF is a ping pong table doing on the rooftop? The slightest breeze makes any decent ping pong game (or beer pong game, more likely) incredibly challenging. Really dumb. I wouldn’t pay more than 425k for this.

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  7. “shouldn’t the refrigerator be flush with the surrounding cabinets?”

    Looks like they made the space so tight that the doors wouldn’t open unless it was proud of the cabinets.

    “tv mounted over the fireplace above the island?”

    With no cable management!

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  8. A friend of a friend has the top floor (pergola) in the “sister building.” Her condo is beautiful and the roof deck is amazing. With what she spent on the roof deck, I can’t imagine that she upgraded any of the developer’s finishes. The current owner’s furnishings and housekeeping are definitely coloring everyone’s view on this unit.

    The big issue with this one is location. The corner of Southport and Diversey is ugly. It’s a long walk to the Jewel on Ashland or the Whole Foods on Belmont. Ditto for the El.

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  9. I dislike almost everything about this condo.

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  10. @anon – – the panel ready appliances are designed to fit tight with the panels installed. I don’t have this issue in my kitchen and everything is pretty tight. The fridge may be the wrong size or the entire design is off by just enough to f-it up.

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  11. What is going on with those panels on the wall opposite of the fridge monstrosity?

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  12. “the panel ready appliances are designed to fit tight with the panels installed.”

    Unit 2 pix here:

    Which has the same problem with no panel front fridge. So either they ordered the wrong cabinet depth, or there is some issue with the door swing hitting the cabinets if installed flush.

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  13. Looks like someone went a bit overboard with the home depot finishes on this one.

    I know this is weird, but GOOD GOD I HATE IT when people go to the trouble of mounting a TV then don’t bother to thread the wiring through the wall. It looks so freaking tacky. Just don’t bother to mount the TV.

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  14. i have a 32″ tv on my kitchen wall. i made sure my contractors put electrical outlets, coax and RJ45 all in the same general area. it works well. the tv isn’t totally flush against the wall, it sticks out 1.5″ but the wires are more or less hidden behind the tv. if you get close and look behind the tv you can see he power brick but that’s no biggie.

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  15. If you’re installing a paneled built-in refrigerator it should look like this…clearly they messed up here somewhere.

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  16. looks like my link was incorrect. here’s another example…

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  17. @Riz – the worst part of not putting the wires through the wall is that it isn’t even that expensive. I did mine and had an electrician put in an outlet and thread an HDMI cable to the DVR. Including having him mount the TV the whole thing was a couple hundred. Like HD, mine isn’t perfectly flush with the wall, so you can see the cables if you walk right up to it, but it looks a hell of a lot better than cables snaking down the wall and it wasn’t expensive.

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  18. re: fridge

    I think the pictures of #2 that @tfo found look better (well … less bad?) with a stainless fridge. At least then with it sticking out, it’s different from the cabinet and just looks meh as opposed to the paneled fridge which looks like it’s a total mistake. Since it likely is a mistake, at least make it look meh instead of looking like a mistake.

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  19. Exactly.

    I’ve mounted every flat screen i’ve owned – it is not a difficult task. I’m far from a handyman. Even a professional will charge what, 200 bucks tops? Sigh.

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  20. “Even a professional will charge what, 200 bucks tops?”

    Sorta depends. “professional” as in does it for $$, sure. “professional” as in does it to *code*, probably somewhat more, as it would involve running conduit for the power, etc.

    Complicating things a bit here is that ridiculous glass panel.

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  21. I just laugh when I see listings like this – $100,000 over sales price from five years ago. That is one ugly place. They’d be lucky to get what they paid for it. As others have said, diversey and south port really isn’t much to get excited about. Ever since the Hostess outlet closed, there’s not much there

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