Looking for a True Mid-Century Modern Apartment? 1040 N. Lake Shore Drive in the Gold Coast

1040 n lake shore drive #1

This 2-bedroom in The Carlyle at 1040 N. Lake Shore Drive in the Gold Coast recently came on the market.

The Carlyle was built in 1964 and has 128 units.

It’s a full service building overlooking the Lake with doormen, an exercise room and an indoor rooftop pool.

This unit on the 27th floor has a 33 foot east facing balcony as well as a private west facing balcony from the master suite.

It’s being sold “as-is.”

There’s wall-to-wall carpeting throughout with floor to ceiling windows.

The unit has an eat-in kitchen with what looks to be the original cabinets as well as original fixtures like the sink, which appears to be brown in color. It has a window with lake views.

The master suite has a walk-in closet.

This unit is just 1.5 baths but the listing says “plumbing in place for addition of full second bathroom.”

In what is certainly a mid-century feature, the second bedroom appears to be completely wood paneled, including matching closet doors.

The building is 100% owner occupied.

No pets are allowed.

If you were the buyer, would you keep some of the unique mid-century modern features, like the paneling?

1040 n lake shore drive #2

Millie Rosenbloom at Baird & Warner has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #27B: 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, no square footage listed

  • There’s no prior sale going all the way back to 1989 when records became available
  • Currently listed for $965,000
  • Sold “as-is”
  • Assessments of $1819 a month (includes doorman, exercise room, pool, exterior maintenance, lawn care, scavenger, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $19,039
  • Central Air
  • Washer/dryer in the unit
  • Parking included
  • 2 balconies, including one east facing
  • Bedroom #1: 17×17
  • Bedroom #2: 12×14
  • Dining room: 15×13
  • Living room: 25×18
  • Kitchen: 20×11



22 Responses to “Looking for a True Mid-Century Modern Apartment? 1040 N. Lake Shore Drive in the Gold Coast”

  1. Wow, what a complete and utter dump for the money. This pile is a complete gut, nothing worth saving here except the view.. This one could go in the CC overpriced hall of fame.

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  2. There’s very little ‘midcentury’ about this place other than the paneling on the walls of the bedroom and the decor/furniture. I think you mean ‘middle of the century’ rather than mid-century. I do like the 1960’s love child flower power wallpaper in the bathroom, you don’t see that very often, not a huge fan but I would probably keep it just for authenticity. The price is delusional, give the realtor a few pills thorazine to stop the psychotic pricing episodes.

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  3. I don’t know enough about prices in this building to say whether the ask is delusional or not. If it is, what should the price be – I’m serious. I do know from insider info that this is a top-notch well funded building that takes care of itself. I think this unit could be a knockout, and I’d probably keep the summer of love wallpaper and the paneling. Gut the rest. But I would definitely pay homage to where it came from. Don Draper all the way. Zoo be zoo be zoo.

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  4. I know this building is pricey, but I am thoroughly unimpressed with the exterior. The view from the balcony is gorgeous, but it doesn’t make up for only have 1.5 bathrooms in a unit that is nearly $1M.

    Unit 22B needs more work than this unit, but is priced at $960k. It includes two parking spaces and also has 2.5 baths. It’s been on the market for over 90 days.

    This building also doesn’t allow pets, so I can only imagine the type of people who sit on the board. Have fun selling!

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  5. This is a nice building, very nice lobby and they have a valet to park your car when you pull up to the building. I believe former Mayor Daley lives in a one-bedroom unit in this building. One bedrooms go for about $600-700k in this building. So $800-900k for a two bedroom is not unreasonable. But the buyer will probably have to spend about $200k in renovations to gut the kitchen and redo the bathrooms.

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  6. Not even kidding, this place needs a 50% price cut

    I would be absolutely astounded if this sold for over 500k

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  7. A million $ gets you that POS hideous kitchen? You have got to be kidding me! These sellers are delusional. This listing is a complete joke.

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  8. To me, the problem with these 1960’s concrete floor buildings is the lighting. The units are generally pretty dark.

    Note the lack of overhead lighting throughout this unit. Only the kitchen and dining table have overhead lighting. There are a couple floor lamps (living room), a couple table lamps (bedrooms), and a couple sconces (bathroom). That’s not much lighting.

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  9. Anyone else notice the handheld in the shower is wrapped around the faucets? There’s no showerhead. In a million dollar condo – WTF?

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  10. I don’t think I would touch either bath. The house I grew up in had actual tile that was identical to that “summer of love” wall paper…so looking at this listing made me really nostalgic.

    Whomever lived here took excellent care of the place however the kitchen and all of that carpet has got to go. It seems over-priced to me – – perhaps an estate liquidation and someone is under a fiduciary responsibility to get maximum price – – so no, they aren’t being delusional they are merely doing a little “CYA” so someone down the line doesn’t accuse them of a mis-handling the money. I think a minimum of $150K comes off this price but bet it would sell with something having a high “6” or low “7” in front of it.

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  11. The wall phone next to the toilet is a nice touch. I know that’s where I’d want to take my calls.

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  12. Someone picked up a unit like this, vintage condition, some time back during the bust for like $700K and eventually remodeled it and sold it over $1.1mil. So I could see some precedent for the price if there are other comparable sales of refurnished units over 1.1 or 1.2.

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  13. I thought about buying here 5 or 6 years ago so I arrived an hour early for the showing and sat in the lobby at around noon on a Saturday. I’ve never seen so many walkers, wheelchairs, and caregivers in one place.

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  14. The RE taxes and assessment combined are painful. Ouch.

    Assessments of $1819 a month
    Taxes of $19,039

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  15. “JimB on September 20th, 2017 at 12:45 pm
    I thought about buying here 5 or 6 years ago so I arrived an hour early for the showing and sat in the lobby at around noon on a Saturday. I’ve never seen so many walkers, wheelchairs, and caregivers in one place.”

    That’s hilarious! Maybe a lot of the owners were original owners that bought when the building was built in 1964 (53 years ago). If they were in their 30s or 40s at the time of purchase, they should be 80s-90s now.

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  16. “Maybe a lot of the owners were original owners that bought when the building was built in 1964 (53 years ago).”

    I do believe that’s the case. People really love that building and they stay for decades. But now that means an “older” building (i.e. the residents.)

    Sounds like it could be in the process of turning over to the next generation- but which one? Will it be 65 year old boomers moving in? Doesn’t seem like the “scene” for GenXers.

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  17. “Doesn’t seem like the “scene” for GenXers.”

    Especially not with a “no pets” policy.

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  18. “Never saw so many walkers, wheelchairs…”

    That is why they call it the Old Coast.

    Mayor Daley does live there, he paid $865 for an 8th floor one bedroom and it needed significant reno as well. I think this place is very legacy oriented. Famous (for Chicago) people move in, then the kids just keep them. The Johnsons, of Johnson publishing lived there and when they passed, their daughter moved in. A few other prominent families have done the same.

    But, all that being said, I don’t quite understand why the Carlyle is much more expensive then the buildings around it. Many buildings have wonderful views, but this one really commands the money they ask. Probably the 100% owner occupied. No riff raff.

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  19. This building has:
    1. Huge reserves
    2. Protected amazing city and lake views
    3. Three doorman on duty
    4. Elegant Large Lobby
    5. Valet Parking and a private driveway
    6. A proper ballroom and professional kitchen (Both are finished being remodeled now)
    7. No renters
    8. Full gym
    9. A package receiving room (packages are brought into your unit at your convenience)
    10. Separate entrances and elevators for Tradesman

    The building is currently turning over. The original owners are passing and the units are being remodeled and sold to people from the North Shore whose kids have gone to college and they no longer need the 7,000 sq foot house in the burbs.

    This is a building for people who care about the lifestyle. The building changes your light bulbs and fixes anything they can in your unit. The staff is well compensated and also well tipped.

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  20. lol changing light bulbs… with the invention of LED’s is this even a big deal? I haven’t changed a bulb in my house in 2 years and I doubt I do for another 5 at least

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  21. These amenties, I like:

    7. No renters
    9. A package receiving room (packages are brought into your unit at your convenience)
    10. Separate entrances and elevators for Tradesman


    Although, with 9, I would prefer the packages be brought to me by a robot, so I don’t have to make chit chat with the staff.

    Don’t the buildings on East Lake Shore Drive also have the same amenities though? This building is just so plain compared to the ones on East Lake Shore Drive.

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  22. The East Lake Shore Drive buildings face north and most of their Southern views are blocked so they don’t get the skyline south of Oak Street. Also, This buildings driveway is a true driveway, not just a place for people to be dropped off.

    People live on East Lake Shore Drive so they can pick who lives in their building. (They are almost all co-ops except two, I believe). The Carlyle has had Johnson family (Black publishing) living there since the 70’s I believe. They have blacks, gays, jews, asians, and even former Mayor Daley (someone who should be discriminated against). They don’t care about the color of your skin as long as your money is green.

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