Love Pocket Doors and Wood Burning Fireplaces? A 2-Bedroom at 120 W. Delaware in the Gold Coast

120 w delaware

This top floor 2-bedroom at 120 W. Delaware in the Gold Coast came on the market in May 2017.

The 8-unit building was constructed in 1881.

This unit has many of its original vintage features including 10 foot ceilings with plaster cove moldings, pocket doors, and 3 wood burning fireplaces, including one in the living room, one in the dining room and one in the master bedroom.

The listing says there’s designer wallpaper in the foyer.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and an attached private den.

The kitchen has white cabinets with a mix of appliances in black and stainless.

Like many vintage units there’s a full size dining room.

The bathrooms don’t have bath tubs but only walk-in showers along with raised glass bowl sinks.

This unit also has access to a private roof deck. There’s a picture in the listing of the deck but it’s unclear how you get up to it.

This unit has the modern features buyers look for including central air, washer/dryer in the unit and garage parking.

No pets are allowed, however.

It has been reduced $44,000 since May to $635,000.

With tight inventory, why isn’t this selling?

Paul Barker at Baird & Warner has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #4E: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1700 square feet

  • Sold in December 1990 for $250,000
  • Sold in October 1993 for $240,000
  • Sold in August 1997 for $260,000
  • Sold in August 2002 for $495,000
  • Sold in April 2004 for $519,000
  • Originally listed for $679,000
  • Reduced several times
  • Currently listed at $635,000
  • Assessments of $320 a month (includes exterior maintenance, scavenger and snow removal)
  • Taxes of $9653
  • Central Air
  • Washer/dryer in the unit
  • Garage parking included
  • 3 wood burning fireplaces
  • No pets
  • Bedroom #1: 13×12
  • Bedroom #2: 13×11
  • Den: 11×9
  • Living room: 15×14
  • Dining room: 15×11

19 Responses to “Love Pocket Doors and Wood Burning Fireplaces? A 2-Bedroom at 120 W. Delaware in the Gold Coast”

  1. It’s not selling because it has one of the worst floor plans I have ever seen. No master bath, tiny rooms, serious lack of closet space are just some of the highlights.

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  2. I like this place but I think Jim is correct wrt not having an Ensuite is going to make this a tougher sale as the market for this place is narrowed down

    The remodels are over the place and are hurting this place as well

    Would be perfect for an outdoor Jan Terri concert

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  3. “why isn’t this selling?”

    Might have something to do with being closer to 1200 SF than 1700 SF (just look at the floorplan!). If you’re looking at real 1600+ sf units and then look at this, it’s going to seem *really* small.

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  4. Loads of style, taste and personality. I’d probably really like the person who lives here. But an unfortunate floor plan and .. once the personal effects are gone… a sizeable (bath) reno job you’d be left with. No thanks.

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  5. The lack of an in suite master bath is a pretty big fail at this price point IMO

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    GO WHITE SOX LOLZ!!!!!!!!

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  7. I’m I missing something? They show a picture of a walk-in closet but I can’t find it on the plan or in the 3D model…

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  8. oh, I guess it’s that small closet at the end of the hall, outside of the bedroom…

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  9. Quite a charming place. Love the deck. Taxes are quite high, however, and no real building amenities in a small building like this. I also couldn’t tell if there’s an elevator. Seems like you’d be climbing a lot of stairs. Hard to get groceries or baby up.

    This might be good for a retired or older couple. Not really for a family. Maybe a young single couple, too.

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  10. “Taxes are quite high”

    Chicago taxes are now about 2% of assessor’s market value (less ~$500 for HO exemption). This place is basically right on for a $500k value, which means that taxes are *low* if they get close to ask.

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  11. Poor neglected roof deck. It looks like it has soft spots. I think this is cute…but def not as big as others have pointed out. I am not getting all the hate for the floor plan. Granted – – it isn’t the modern “open / easy entertaining” layout – – but it isn’t terrible either. Just reflective of a different era…

    Taxes actually do not seem high given the last sale price. Then again I live in a home and had to appeal my AV down…below the last sale price for this condo….and this is pretty much what my taxes are.

    Great location.

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  12. OK -maybe taxes are OK. And assessment is low.

    Does anyone know if this place has an elevator? Seems doubtful in a 130-year old building. If not, that would probably keep most older people from being interested, as well as scare off young couples thinking of living here with young children.

    The MBR lacking a bath is an issue for some, maybe, but when you love vintage, you sometimes are willing to give that up.

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  13. Not getting the hate for this place – I love it. Lack of an ensuite bath shouldn’t dissuade a couple without kids. Lack of an elevator might be an issue for oldsters.

    I’d probably flip the family room and dining room – the layout would make more sense that way.

    Else, forgo a family room and put in a large master bath where the family room currently is.

    I’ve got tons of ideas as long as I’m not the one spending money…

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  14. Great ideas, Madeline!

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  15. It’s not that easy to move toilets around. Which is why the bathroom hasn’t been moved. And, ensuite bathroom isn’t the biggest deal to me, it’s a nice to have, not gotta have. But the fourth floor without an elevator is killer. And the kitchen with its mismatched is just stupid to show like that. I might consider this as a rental investment.

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  16. It was all over at “no pets” for me.

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  17. “I’d probably flip the family room and dining room – the layout would make more sense that way.”

    Access to master bed is thru the family room.

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  18. I would suspect that the building wouldn’t allow moving the bathroom that far – even if they did it would involved a lot of work in the unit below it.

    That roof deck looks like it’s last days are very close.

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  19. “It was all over at “no pets” for me.”

    This is most likely because it’s vintage which has different flooring.

    Have you ever lived in a vintage building with pets, specifically, dogs above or below you?

    I have.

    Two words: Living hell.

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