Get a Front and a Backyard with this 2-Bedroom Townhouse: 1636 N. Larrabee in Lincoln Park


This 2-bedroom at 1636 N. Larrabee in Lincoln Park came on the market in October 2017.

This group of townhouses was built in 1985.

The picture above is of the front of 1616 N. Larrabee, which is also in the complex.

They are fee simple which means there is no assessment. Each townhouse takes care of its own outside maintenance.

This townhouse has a 1-car front garage with a private walkway to the door.

The listing says it has been “totally rehabbed” and has a new kitchen and baths.

The eat-in kitchen has what looks to be granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Both bedrooms are on the second floor along with the 2 full bathrooms.

It has the preferred layout of a powder room on the main level.

The listing says its in the Lincoln Elementary school district.

Not only does it have a private walkway and front yard, but it also has a 25×22 back yard.

If you’re a fan of outdoor space, but don’t want a single family home, is this the perfect property?

Pamela Rueve at Coldwell Banker has the listing. See the pictures here.

1636 N. Larrabee: 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, no square footage listed

  • Sold in April 2005 for $511,000
  • Originally listed in October 2017 for $695,000
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed at $689,000 (includes garage parking)
  • No assessments- fee simple
  • Taxes of $11,711
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 24×11 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 12×11 (second floor)
  • Storage: 10×8
  • Back yard: 25×22

10 Responses to “Get a Front and a Backyard with this 2-Bedroom Townhouse: 1636 N. Larrabee in Lincoln Park”

  1. Place seems really small and other than an outdoor area, has little in common with a SFH

    This feels like a rental

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    GO BEARS!!!!!

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  3. Your own garage, yard and no neighbors above you for 700K in Old Town Lincoln Park? Good School district as well? Seems like a good deal to me. Whats the alternative – either a stacked condo, duplex or SFH costing well over $1.5million.

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  4. “a stacked condo, duplex or SFH costing well over $1.5million”

    Any of which would have at least a 3d bedroom, and many a 4th.

    The biggest issue with these places is that they are pretty small. If that works for you, they’re a pretty decent option.

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  5. whats that behind you overlooking your patio? are those part of the marshall garden homes or just regular ol’ 80’s constructed townhomes?

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  6. It may not be my style – but you can’t knock the location, no neighbors above or below you, a yard and (what looks like) a well maintained space. If you don’t mind suburbs in the city aesthetic, looks like a deal to me.

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  7. “marshall garden homes”

    That’s south of North.

    Here is an example of what’s behind these places:

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  8. “The biggest issue with these places is that they are pretty small”

    I didnt see the square footage listed, I just assumed it was about 2000 square feet, which is about average for these types of townhouses which imho would make the price decent. If it turns out its much smaller and there’s not a den or some flex space in addition to the 2 full size bedrooms than maybe it’s slightly overpriced, but not by much. It’s still a great location.

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  9. There is no “flex” space apparent in this unit, which explains why they put a desk in their bedroom. I love the lush gardens and if you are a one kid household and going to public school, maybe this is a good deal. Otherwise this is an OK deal – – great location: transit rich, walk to the lake etc.

    Do any of these units have basements? It seems like an obvious missed opportunity if they don’t but likely reflects the economics of the time. These are very suburb in the city: Car-centric and zero relation to the street but I will admit that during the downturn when I was looking in this area I considered one of these (but never actually got around to looking at it), mainly for the private outdoor space.

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  10. They were built in 1985. If you consider that the hood back on that day it explains the zero relation to the street design. Many buyers taking a chance on this location wanted the fortress like or removed from the street feel of this design.

    The original owners were buying in rough area. It wasn’t Austin but it did have a rougher edge.. Even back in 96 or so a friend bought on the 1500 block of Mohawk. And she hasd several crime and personal safety issues.

    Things are much different there today.

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