Lakeview Townhouse With “Magazine Caliber Renovation” Sells For $21K More Than List: 1246 W. Oakdale

We last chattered about this 3-bedroom townhouse at 1246 W. Oakdale in Lakeview in January 2013.

See our previous chatter here.

Some of you will remember it as the epic thread that included a debate (again) about the city versus the suburbs.

But those of you who did comment on the property thought it would sell fast and for close to the asking price of $699,000. A few expressed some reservations about the price only because it was in the Agassiz school district and not in Burley.

It DID sell quickly and for $21,000 over the list price at $720,000.

If you recall, the listing said it had a “magazine caliber renovation.”

For a townhouse, this one had a unique layout as it’s a front end unit that is 44 feet wide and has a southern exposure.

It had its own private front yard.

At 3000 square feet, it was also as large as many single family homes.

The kitchen had custom white cabinets and a 7 foot dark walnut island with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

There was a first floor family room along with a big lower level great room.

The master bedroom was on the top floor along with a roof deck and the other two bedrooms are on the second floor.

This is a rare property that has sold for a significant premium over the 2005 price.

Is it a sign of things to come?

Keith Wilkey at Prudential Rubloff had the listing. You can still see the pictures here.

1246 W. Oakdale: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3000 square feet, 1 car garage

  • Sold in July 2002 for $565,000
  • Sold in May 2005 for $630,000
  • Was listed in January 2013 for $699,000
  • Sold in March 2013 for $720,000
  • Assessments of $298 a month (includes snow removal)
  • Taxes of $9434
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 16×13 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 15×10 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 15×10 (second floor)
  • Family room: 17×12 (main floor)
  • Great room: 28×16 (lower level)


33 Responses to “Lakeview Townhouse With “Magazine Caliber Renovation” Sells For $21K More Than List: 1246 W. Oakdale”

  1. “magazine caliber renovation”

    i agree, pottery barn is a very nice magazine

  2. looking to buy on March 13th, 2013 at 8:50 am

    “i agree, pottery barn is a very nice magazine”

    I agree it’s nice and I’m not joking. I’m also not stuck up. Well done for the sellers. Does anyone know if they did any renovations since 2005?

  3. I was right!

    (as usual)


  4. This place proves real estate only goes up, right? Soon we’ll be paying $1M for nice townhomes without blinking an eye….

  5. “Does anyone know if they did any renovations since 2005?”

    The bathrooms, to me, don’t look to be ’05 or prior era finishes, but maybe my memory is failing. Kitchen, too, *maybe*.

  6. Congrats to the sellers and the buyers. It’s a very nice place. I think I let the dreadful microwave-over-the-stove influence my lowball pricing prediction (low $600′s). For folks leaning towards a private school option (religious or independent), who don’t place much of a premium on proximity to the park/lakefront, this is a really solid choice. If only this were on Oakdale east of Broadway…

  7. I have a microwave over the stove and find it quite convenient. I suppose it could be bad for the microwave, but we’ve had this arrangement for 7 years with no problems.

  8. Where the fuck else do you want your microwave? Wasting valuable counterspace?

    I can’t stand your idiotic snobbery sometimes

  9. Sonies, I don’t think the problem is with the microwave over the stove as much as that means you don’t have a hood over the stove.

    If you do much of any real cooking, it is much preferable to have a hood.

    I was quite turned off in our house search by how many “gourmet” redone kitchens had microwaves over the stove and lacked hoods.

  10. “Where the fuck else do you want your microwave?”

    Nook under the counter (or, occasionally, where an upper cabinet might be), which is what is shown in most of the ‘design’ mags.

    The issue isn’t with the micro, it’s with the absence of a real vent–the mirco ‘vents’ just filter and re-ciruclate the exhaust when you turn on the fan. Not so helpful if you are pan-searing beef, or stove-top cooking fish, say.

  11. PS:

    “I can’t stand your idiotic snobbery sometimes”

    I got no argument on *this* front. But the micro-hood v. vent-hood has a legit basis.

  12. My microwave is built into the cabinetry on my island. A microwave at wal-mart costs $30 and goes on your counter, but the built in costs $700 unfortunately but our kitchen designer insisted we get it.

  13. “The issue isn’t with the micro, it’s with the absence of a real vent–the mirco ‘vents’ just filter and re-ciruclate the exhaust when you turn on the fan.”

    By real vent, you mean a hood that vents to the outside? I’d like it too, but isn’t that a pretty “high end” (dare I say snobby) expectation? Shouldn’t expect it in this place or some regular 1bdr in river north.

  14. just_browsing_thx on March 13th, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Just installed a microwave drawer in new kitchen island – very happy with it.

  15. Comment is partly a sincere Q. Is there something short of what I think of as a full blown hood that would do something for you that the micro vent wouldn’t?

  16. well since the market has obviously come back and CC traffic is low, maybe instead of debating microwave locations we can design the Chatterati Template. Something to refer back to so we can remember who is an owner/renter/looking to buy &sell, and what their background qualifications are. e.g. has kids so can speak about schools, lives in such and such hood so they can speak about the parking.

    CCalias: how you came up with it/what it means
    age: specific or approximate
    hood/city: HD pick one
    gender: Dan, pick one
    marital status:

    what else would we like to know?

  17. “I can’t stand your idiotic snobbery sometimes”

    Easy there. I’ve got a microwave-over-the-stove, just like you. Our micro is only a couple years old, and it’s already flaking along the bottom from heat damage. And the “fan” or whatever it is that’s underneath a micro doesn’t do much. And I’m not crazy about running a micro directly in front of my head while cooking at the stove. And what looks nicer, an actual hood, or a microwave? Have you noticed that they go the trouble of putting in some type of hood in most nice homes (even in River North)? I suppose you think folks who want leather car seats are idiotic snobs as well. And gosh, I can’t imagine the disdain you have for people who don’t want wall-to-wall carpeting in their living areas.

  18. “A microwave at wal-mart costs $30 ”

    The $30 ones suck. If you use it, spend $100 on a decent one.

    “the built in costs $700″

    Sucker! Get a nook built (see below), and just stick a ‘normal’ one into the space. Then, $100 to replace it, and if you just stop using it entirely, it’s a usable-as-is shelf.

    Here’s an example of the ‘upper’ install I referenced; see the 3d pic:

  19. DZ, I don’t think an exterior vented hood is particularly high end any more these days. I wouldn’t expect one in a normal 1 bedroom in RN but I don’t find it off to expect it in this place at $720k.

    When I was searching, I was fine without a hood if the kitchen wasn’t redone but felt if it was recently redone in a 1/2M SFH in 2013, it should have been included

  20. Well True if you have an 8 burner wolf stove without a hood that’s one thing, but a crappy 4-5 burner GE, who cares? And yes my fan doesn’t do much, but filter the greasy smoke air and blow it upwards in my house. But I really don’t care as my place sure as shit ain’t luxury, I guess I would care if I was spending 700k on a place though, maybe not if my place had a lot of windows. I dunno, I just think microwave/stove combos are kind of a bit knit-picky.

    And yes 30 dollar microwaves are junk… I can’t imagine spending 700 bucks on a microwave these days, sounds like someone got taken!

  21. “Comment is partly a sincere Q. Is there something short of what I think of as a full blown hood that would do something for you that the micro vent wouldn’t?”

    It depends on the type/output of your range and how you cook. There are recirculating hoods (non-vented, vents towards the ceiling as it’s going to be higher than a microhood) and microhoods that are supposed to have a higher CFM (cubic feet/minute of air moved) vs. a standard microhood. But they won’t do much for you compared to the stats/performance of an actual vented hood. This is especially true if the microhood is not vented to the outside — and most aren’t. It’s just going to blow a modest amt of hot air straight out towards the person cooking. The key benefit of the Dacor type of higher end microhood is that it has a heat shield so it won’t be torched by your range (assuming you have a higher BTU range and are actually using it — I am always amazed by people who buy expensive ranges simply because they like how they look). But again, it’s not going to perform well compared to a true hood.

    So short answer: microhoods can be a good use of space but they do not provide any meaningful ventilation and most will not survive a higher BTU type of gas range (Wolf, Dacor, Viking, etc.).

  22. icky:

    I’ll answer, but only after I get the password for the cc-wiki beta-site.

  23. I didn’t get taken. I didn’t buy the microwave from the designer with the markup. I bought it from Abt.

    It was about space. We have a fan that vents outside so an above the range microwave wasn’t much of an option, and being built into the cabinetry it looks pretty cool.

  24. “I didn’t get taken. I didn’t buy the microwave from the designer with the markup.”

    I don’t think that was the point about being taken. Are built ins a standard size? Are they easy to replace when it fails if same model not avialable?

  25. I prefer a hood over the stove to a microwave over the stove. I guess that makes me a snob. However, I actually like some of the stuff from Pottery Barn. Does that offset my hood snobbishness?

  26. “I didn’t get taken.”

    Not asying you paid too much for what you got; saying what you got cost more than a reasonable alternative (one that I think would be better, but that’s just mo).

  27. No, the hanging cabinet microwave option like on seeley wasn’t an option for me either. A few weeks ago I pointed out a kitchen in an advertisement in dwell, and my kitchen was substantially similar. It’s 18 or 20 foot wall with a fridge, a pantry door, a range, a hood, a handful of hanging cabinets, and a little counter space, with a 14′ island on the other side ( and open space on the other side of that). The only logical place for a clean lines look was the drawer microwave. I dont’ feel taken one bit.

  28. “I’ll answer, but only after I get the password for the cc-wiki beta-site”

    okay, what’s your email?.

  29. “No, the hanging cabinet microwave option like on seeley wasn’t an option for me either.”

    Exact same space, but under the counter in the island, instead of over the counter. Yeahyeahyeah, then you have to bend over to get things in and out of the micro. Oh the horror!

    Icky–add “bending down or crouching” to the list of items ‘too strenuous’ for typical CC’rs. also, anon_tfo at hotmail.

  30. those microwave drawers are a waste of money. you can save about $350 and get a microwave built in the island with the stainless trim to go around it. i installed this panasonic model from Abt with trim for about $380 and it looks great.

  31. “those microwave drawers are a waste of money. ”

    living in the GZ is a waste of money, and a far more expensive waste of money at that.

  32. Living in Chicago suburbs is a waste of money. You can buy a very nice home in suburban Cincy for half the price.

  33. “living in the GZ is a waste of money”
    that’s your comeback?

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