The New Portage Park Reality: Renovated 1800 Sq Ft Houses for $444,000: 4153 N. Major

This 4-bedroom Tudor at 4153 N. Major in Portage Park just came on the market.

This house last sold “as-is” in December 2012 in an estate sale. It appears from public records that the prior owner had been in the house since before 1985.

You can see pictures of the house as it looked at the prior sale here.

Built in 1949 on a 40×125 corner lot, it is kiddie corner from Luther High School North.

The house has been renovated and now has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths (it was a 3/2 last time.)

The basement has been finished and now has a 34×22 family room.

Two of the bedrooms are on the second floor, including a new master suite, and two of the bedrooms are on the main floor.

The kitchen has espresso cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

The carpets on the main level are gone and have been replaced with dark pine floors (do you think those were the originals underneath the carpet?).

It has central air and a 2-car garage.

It has come on the market at $444,900.

Can Portage Park sustain prices at this level or is this one house an aberration?

Peter Drossos at Keller Williams Realty has the listing. See the pictures here.

4153 N. Major: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1804 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Prior sale was before 1985
  • Sold in an estate sale in November 2012 for $175,000
  • Currently listed for $444,900
  • Taxes of $5383
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 23×16 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 12×13 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×13 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 16×12 (second floor)
  • Family room: 24×22 (basement)


25 Responses to “The New Portage Park Reality: Renovated 1800 Sq Ft Houses for $444,000: 4153 N. Major”

  1. Rehabbers rehab. that’s what they do. They make good deals, sometimes they make bad. this is a bit pricey for my tastes.

  2. The rehabber did a nice job. I don’t know much about this neighborhood. One of the old pictures shows one of those traffic circles and I usually think of those as something seen in poor neighborhoods.

  3. I like it.

    Those traffic circles are in Andersonville.

  4. Looks pretty good. The masterbed ceilings seem really tight but that basement is pretty great for a family.

  5. The basement is great for a family until it floods if there aren’t overhead sewers. I had flooding 2 weeks ago in my new house. I expected it so I was prepared. Luckily nothing was damaged other than a bathroom vanity in the basement.

  6. Shouldn’t there be a question mark here: “The New Portage Park Reality?”

    Reality is what it closes at.

  7. This is only 1,800 sq feet? It doesn’t look any smaller than the “2,500″ sq foot condo yesterday.

  8. “This is only 1,800 sq feet?”

    Bet that that is the Assessor’s number.

  9. ““This is only 1,800 sq feet?”

    Bet that that is the Assessor’s number”

    Nope, I’m wrong. Assessor has it at 1203. Also has it as a ‘one-story’ residence, so the 1804 would be the main floor plus the 2d floor. Basement not counted at all.

  10. Nice rehab, nice staging.

  11. Looks like a nicely done rehab, but $270k above previous sale a few months ago? What did that work run… $100k maybe? Seems they could sell quickly and still make a nice profit if they weren’t so greedy.

  12. Maybe not quite the same level of finish, but certainly not a $160k difference…

  13. I think this flipper should learn from this house:

    they came on the market last fall at ~$425K and i don’t think it got any offers until it dropped to below $400k. It might have fallen out of contract once though so I’m not certain. I will just say that the price point is high for Portage Park and these types of homes (tudors and bungalows).

  14. Both Icarus and ChiBuilder posts are nice homes. ChiBuilders looks like a good deal. Just rip out the carpet in the BD and LR and you’re done.

  15. Good staging and NAR puffery on market aside, this house is 100K over priced, Portage is not that nice a hood.

  16. Seems Rich for Portage but I hope they get it as I have a rental on a double lot over there that Im itching to dump. I probably would have set a target at 349 or 399 make a quick 50 and move on. Nice finishes though. I probably would have spent a little more on the exterior

  17. Very nicely done, someone will love it because all they have to do is move in. But what’s the deal with that little white shack in back? What is it? Is it attached?

  18. Low inventory in Portage too…hope they get Edison Park prices in Portage

  19. Nice rehab, very subtle, unoffensive. I like this property a lot, and I especially like that it is only one block removed from the park… an often overlooked bonus I find.

  20. Biggest problem with Portage Park imho is the awkward public-transportation situation. As with some other areas of the northwest side, to get from here to your job downtown via CTA you’d have to do a time-consuming combination of bus and train. Not sure how many young people are willing to put up with that when there might be something comparable available in a more commuter-friendly nabe.

  21. It looks like a nice rehab but $450k and a new large master bath with a large vanity and only one sink?!? One sink is livable in a non-rehabbed bath or one that is simply too small but if you have the space and it is a brand new bath, I think not having dual sinks in the master bath is a major fail, especially if you are asking high $$ for the neighborhood.

  22. Yeah, because husbands and wives nowadays don’t have time to “take turns” in the bathroom.

  23. I think this makes a little more sense value wise than the subject

  24. Don’t see much value for this area. You’d think they’d at least finish that support pole in the basement in some kind of enclosure-it screams “cut corner” and makes you wonder about others.

  25. Already reduced to 424K. Probably wont be the last reduction.

    Greed…just list at 399 and it would have probably moved first weekend on

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