5 Years Later, Heated Sidewalks and Fully Wired 5-Bedroom House Returns: 2820 N. Paulina in Lakeview


Thanks goes out to the eagle eye of a dedicated Crib Chatter reader who recognized this contemporary 5-bedroom house at 2820 N. Paulina in Lakeview from our prior chatter of it in 2008 and 2009.

See our June 2008 chatter here.

It recently came back on the market and is now bank owned (with the bank having transferred the deed to a property management company.)

Built in 2007, on a smaller than standard 25×118 lot,┬áit has apparently never been occupied.

Long term readers will remember it from its heated sidewalks, and built-in iPod docking stations (is this out of date already?) and 16 hidden cameras (!).


The new listing doesn’t mention the cameras, by the way. Maybe they have been removed.

The kitchen still has Wolf appliances but it appears that the cabinets have been replaced (you can see the previous listing pictures in the 2008 chatter.)

The bathrooms look the same, however.

2 of the 5 bedrooms are on the second floor with the third on the top floor. The other 2 bedrooms are in the basement.

The house is in the popular Burley School District.

Will it finally sell 6 years after it was built?

David Piche at Re/Max Signature has the listing. See the latest pictures here.

Or see it in person at the Open House on June 29 from 1PM-3PM.

2820 N. Paulina: 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 4475 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Built in 2007
  • Was listed in June 2008 for $2.275 million
  • Lis pendens foreclosure filed in December 2009
  • Bank owned in December 2012
  • Currently listed for $1.54 million
  • Taxes of $26612
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 18×17 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 18×17 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 13×13 (basement)
  • Bedroom #4: 18×14 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #5: 12×14 (basement)


27 Responses to “5 Years Later, Heated Sidewalks and Fully Wired 5-Bedroom House Returns: 2820 N. Paulina in Lakeview”

  1. when a listing in avondale has security cameras, people ask if it’s a bad neighborhood


    by that logic, if they need 16 security cameras this must be a regular war zone.

  2. 16 hidden cameras – 15 of which are in the master bedroom. ;-)

  3. For 2.3 million I just do not see walking directly into a smaller style living room box. There appear to be no front closets and or character in the room. While I usually like modern this one truly feels stark and uninviting. I suspect that the cameras were for a techie individual. Sixteen camera systems, Crestron panel displays, built in coffee bar makers, and i-pod docking stations are all cool but most of them have run their course for more updated versions.

    You can now create much less expensive whole house control systems with simple inexpensive parts and an ap on your i-pad. The old style large camera systems are overkill but can easily be updated with much smaller hidden cameras. Docking stations are used and good but most people are going wireless and using Pandora and other streaming systems. Finally there are some excellent coffee makers that are counter top but produce excellent results. The built-ins are still uber cool but until prices come down they are limited usage.

  4. What 2.3? It is listed for 1.5.
    It looks pretty nice to me.

  5. Ipod dock. LOL!

  6. “Docking stations are used and good ”

    How well do they work with a lightning to 30 adapter?

  7. “You can now create much less expensive whole house control systems with simple inexpensive parts and an ap on your i-pad. ”

    Got any names or good sites for this stuff?

  8. “Got any names or good sites for this stuff?”


  9. whoops JJJ, sorry wrong link. i’ll try to find the one where you can buy and install your own components.

  10. I like the exterior but the interior finishes are weak and the colors really do not flow well together. I’m not just writing about the bluegreen tiles matched with dark gray tiles but the natural tone wood floors mixed with darker color cabs in the kitchen.

  11. This seems a little far from the lake to really be Lakeview. On the other hand, the price seems about right for a large size home with upgraded kitchens and baths.

  12. “built-in iPod docking stations (is this out of date already?)”

    Yes and anyone that places any value on such rapidly depreciating garbage is a moron.

  13. Did this place really just come on the market 14 days ago? I’ve walked by it almost daily for the past year and the for sale sign has been in the window the entire time.
    The house to the right of this one (on the corner of Wolfram) was only built within the past year too, so the subject home has lost a LOT of natural light I’m sure. But overall a good location, filled with many multimillion dollar homes and in a good school district, so I bet it sells.

  14. “a good location”

    Unlike comments in the other thread, I don’t find it ‘suburban’, but still hate it. “EastCoCo: All the charm of NoCoCo with worse traffic flow”.

    “filled with many multimillion dollar homes”

    Yeah, a (near) monoculture of multimillion dollar homes staring at the ass of a early 80s version of a power center, or the Menards smokestack. Woot!

  15. Just took a Google maps street view tour of the neighborhood. Hoo-boy, the Luftwaffe really did a job on it.

    Never could figure allure of this spot until I learned from the post that this is in “award-winning” Burley. Is it worth dealing with Diversey to get anywhere? I can’t comment, according to the Lake Ta-Tas doctrine, because I could never afford it.

  16. Will say this, too. I like that the builder put in lots of side windows on main floor. I love looking at brick walls (I say this at the risk of sounding Jennyishly weird), although I prefer common brick to modern finish brick.

  17. “Is it worth dealing with Diversey to get anywhere?”

    Honest question: where would you be going that Diversey would be your first choice of primary route from here?

  18. Where’s the “docking station”for my Atari 2600 and 5-CD changer?

  19. Out of date before it’s really lived in.

    iPod dock lol.

    This place will hold its value about as well as a generic iPod docking station.

    And I can afford this place.

    Of course some idiot is going to buy it and boast to his friends about his built in iPod dock. While anyone technically save just rolls their eyes.

    Just a year ago a very wealthy acquaintance who is about 50 was showing off his new iPhone 4 like it was an exclusive status symbol for rich people. I think he was a little perturbed when I later pulled the same phone out of my pocket (to use it, not show it off).

    Anyway, our society is flooded with dumb money. Someone is going to scoop up this trophy, haha, as it will surely increase in value.

  20. This is a fantastic property at a great location listed at a reasonable price. I suspect it will go quickly.

  21. gringozecarioca on June 27th, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    “Got any names or good sites for this stuff?”

    Are you looking for whole house control, or or just simple entertainment? An enormous difference between the 2.

  22. Whole house control.

  23. gringozecarioca on June 27th, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    “Whole house control.”

    Ah.. that’s work.. As well as a personal trainer for my wife to learn how to use it.. who will then yell at me “Ai, why do you have to make everything so complicated”….and make me remove it…

  24. From here you would probably use Wrightwood a lot to go East or West, changing to something else at Greenview or Southport to the East and Clybourn to the West. Or maybe Paulina north to Belmont.

    This is pretty high-dollar territory along this stretch (from Diversey to Wrightwood on Paulina and the development just to the West of this place) and there are not a ton of kids in these houses going to Burley (if they’re in the district). Lots are at the non-public usual suspects. While everyone is talking about how great Prescott is getting lately, I don’t know but really doubt the folks along Paulina down to Wrightwood are sending their kids there. That’s where the real monsters in this area are – no need to put a Mc on some of those mansions.

  25. Stan Bowman, the Bulls team dr (a HUGE home on a double lot) and another Blackhawks player (can’t remember who) all live on Paulina but on the block S of Diversey. It’s a very affluent area, even though people wouldn’t really think so… until they drive around in the area.

  26. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/139400-the-app-controlled-smart-home-is-now-a-reality

    lutron has a lights ap
    nest is great for thermostat
    powered windows & home entertainment are easy. Really nothing more complex then an ap designed to use signals learned from each remote.

    might not be as sexy and smooth as the crestron etc but its also not 40k!

  27. I have HAI Leviton Systems in my places. The touch screen controls EVERYTHING in the house…. window coverings. lights (in and out), climate control, entertainment systems, security cameras and intercom system for the entire building. You can pre-set all functions from your smartphone or communicate via internet. I know they have been in business for a number of years and seem to keep up with all technology so it will never become obsolete. Anyone looking to go all out on a fully automated house, check them out.

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