Want Unique? This 4-Bedroom Edgewater SFH was a Butter Factory: 1414 W. Highland

1414 w highland

This 4-bedroom single family home at 1414 W. Highland in Edgewater came on the market in May 2013.

In its previous life, it was apparently a butter factory.

Now, it’s a 4200 square foot contemporary home on a 50×112 lot with a 2-car garage.

It has a large master suite and sunroom on the top floor along with a 1500 square foot rooftop deck.

The kitchen has modern white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Is the market just as hot in Edgewater as the rest of the city?

Colin Hebson at Dream Town Realty has the listing. See the pictures here.

1414 W. Highland: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 4200 square feet, 2 car garage

  • Sold in February 1994 for $64,000
  • Sold in September 2005 for $562,000
  • Sold in November 2011 for $915,000
  • Originally listed in May 2013 for $1.1 million
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed at $950,000
  • Taxes of $10,840
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 26×17 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 20×11 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 20×20 (main floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 18×11 (main floor)
  • Sunroom: 20×16 (second floor)


25 Responses to “Want Unique? This 4-Bedroom Edgewater SFH was a Butter Factory: 1414 W. Highland”

  1. Didn’t they use that “New Mexico Meets Chicago” language the last time they sold the house? It makes absolutely no sense and is way more likely to turn off prospective buyers than to entice a rich Georgia O’Keeffe fan.

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  2. This is a very cool space, I love it! Big fan of modern, we need more modern! If I had that amount of money, I’d consider it. It feels private, to a degree. And the roof top deck is great. Very nice, indeed.

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  3. “Deceivingly large”


    cool place though I could totally live in a place like this if it wasn’t such a crap commute for us to the loop.

    especially like the two floor laundry

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  4. awesome space, if only i could afford it!

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  5. Went back and looked at the floor plan, there ARE two laundry rooms! Wow. The architect did a fab job with this design. The space is perfect, very luxurious rooms and layout. I love the unusual, well- thought out remodels. So much on the market is pure crap! The home is beautifully staged too. I gotta say, I really think this place is great.

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  6. Very nice place!

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  7. Like the place and thought the pictures/staging were well done. I did notice that there is only a single living/family room space. What’s the CC consensus on no formal living room? Are they a relic of the past or something that a $750K+ home requires? I’m working on a spec conversion of a 1,000 sq ft 20×50 first floor layout and tyring to decide if I should shoehorn in a formal living/sitting room, or just go with a dining room and large kitchen/family room combo.

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  8. looking to buy on August 26th, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    “Formal Living Room – Are they a relic of the past or something that a $750K+ home requires?”

    No, not a relic of the past. If the square footage allows, people want a formal living room. It’s a great place to retreat if you want to read a book and somone else wants to watch TV.

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  9. looking to buy on August 26th, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    “Is the market just as hot in Edgewater as the rest of the city?”

    I would not pay close to $1M to live in Edgewater, no matter how cool the space is. Also, I wouldn’t want to be the person in the $1M home when most of my neigbhors are living in condos/apt that trade in the 100-250k range.

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  10. Laura Louzader on August 26th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    I love this house and love the neighborhood it’s in. The conversion was beautifully done and the result is a super-attractive and livable dwelling that isn’t just like every other house in the area. The commute is not bad by the el and the Granville Stop is just a few blocks away. This neighborhood, just west of the intersection of Granville & Broadway, is extremely safe and very neighborly. Most of the homeowners around there are Irish-Catholic and tend to know each other extremely well, and are friendly and welcoming to new homeowners.

    And, while you don’t have quite as many neighborhood amenities as Andersonville or Lincoln Square or Lakeview, you do have all the necessities withing walking distance, and Andersonville is within walking distance. Also, more good restaurants are opening, and bit by bit, Broadway is becoming more interesting and attractive, though it will take a while for it to fully develop.

    Given that ordinary largish Victorians around there easily fetch $500K, I’d think this house could get the ask price.

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  11. I’ve had my eye on this one for years. Very cool place and I love the rooftop.

    The neighborhood is quite nice up here – plenty of larger single family homes in the area, and many blocks are tight-knit communities. You’d definitely own one of the most expensive places in the hood if you owned the Butter Factory, but then again, you’d also own a butter factory. :)

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  12. Only real negative would be that the property abuts an alley and depending on who your neighbors are you could have a lot of loud exhausts, horn honking, snow plowed blocking your garage, stray garbage, rats, cockroaches, you name it

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  13. There’s also a 20 x 16 sunroom upstairs as an extra living space and its tricked out quite nicely. This place is well planned, both for day to day living as well as entertaining on a big scale.

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  14. Jim in Chicago on August 26th, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    A couple things seem odd. It looks like you can’t get to the kitchen directly from the mudroom, meaning you have to drag groceries and whatever right through the main part of the living area. Similarly there are 2 sets of stairs to the upper level, one directly from the living room, while the other dumps you into the laundry room from which you again need to troop through the living room to get to the kitchen. I’d also hate to be the kid who got stuck with the 8×10 foot bedroom that’s only accessible from the garage or through another bedroom! Actually, I have no clue what that room would be good for, even for an office it’s completely isolated from the rest of the house with no access to a washroom or anything else. That little area outside the main floor laundry room is a nightmare of doors opening into each other.

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  15. Nice place, but I would never pay this much for the neighborhood. It has decent pockets, but overall I think it’s not the greatest place to live. Crap schools, 4-5 section 8 housing places just on this block alone and the alley locale is a deal breaker.

    No way you want to be the guy with the nicest house on the block up here.

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  16. Like the space and reuse of this cool building. Overall I give it 5 stars! I especially love the second floor sitting area and master area. Very light bright and fun.

    What I find odd is that the master would be on display whenever you have guests over on the roof. Sure there are those frosted glass panels but that is not enough privacy. Also why did they make so many levels. I assume that the roof pitch put the master down three steps but that is awkward at best. Would have been a better solution to either build it up to level of that sunroom area.

    The stair placements and garage areas are also unusual. I’d have tried to work the stairs into the hallway and positioned the garage in the back or closer to the kitchen so that the bedrooms would have been less choppy. There must have been an infrastructure reason. At first I thought it was to position those bedroom windows on the non alley wall but this structure is set way way back and the back window wall is also on the alley.

    Hope is sells well!


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  17. How bout this one?


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  18. Bedroom 4 (the 10 x 8 one off the garage) seems like it would be better used as storage and/or an exercise room than a bedroom. Still plenty of space – you could have two kids share the giant 20×20 bedroom and still have a spare bedroom / office combo if you want it.

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  19. I love any non-cookie cutter place. But I do wonder why people don’t step it up a bit, when they are buying expensive homes in non-prime locations. I would expect to see a full Subzero-Wolf Kitchen and every bathroom looking like a spa. Other than that, I wish I had the $ for this place :(

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  20. “How bout this one?”

    I’m shocked that developers actually think this neighborhood can sustain that price point (of nearly a million dollars.) There are some pretty family homes in Edgewater Glen but it’s just not a million dollar neighborhood.

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  21. The sweet spot for houses in the nicer parts of Edgewater ( Magnolia and Edgewater Glens) seem to be between 500 and 750k. In general, the over 900k homes in Edgewater tend to be in Lakewood Balmoral, but there have been a few houses in Edgewater north of Ridge that have sold for over 900k over the last few years. I do think someone will pay 900k for something truly special in non L-B Edgewater.

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  22. dahliachi, great find. I had no idea something like that was going up and I love the style.

    Edgewater so close to Thorndale and Broadway is an interesting location, but hey, it’s in spitting distance of Ras Dashen and Ethiopian Diamond… and Moody’s. So the buyer will need that membership at Cheetah Gym a couple blocks away. :)

    For city living, 2500 sq ft makes more sense to me than the butter factory’s 4200 sq feet, as does this place’s proximity to the El… and Magnolia is a gorgeous street.

    Whoever moves here does need to hang in the hood during the school year when Senn High School is in session; Senn is huge and can change the feel of the neighborhood dramatically on a day when the hormones, noise, and questionable judgment of thousands of teenagers arriving for and leaving from school are out in full force.

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  23. Very awesome and very unique space with nice yard area. If I was in the market I would be all over this one. Just a stunning home and a great place to entertain.

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  24. This is a really interesting place but the style sticks out as completely bizarre in that location. On the plus side, it’s effectively right next to Uncommon Ground. On the other hand, it’s on an alley and almost directly backs up to Devon.

    5833 N Magnolia is an interesting property – as in, the current house is one of the ugliest pieces of crap I’ve ever seen. A soulless brick compound of despair. The renderings look interesting, but I’m getting the impression they may be keeping the exterior wall and a big part of the existing structure (judging by the roofline in back). Anything’s an improvement but I’ll have to see the finished result in person before judging.

    Is the transaction history on that place correct? It sold for $70,000 last year? Even if it was gutted, how is that possible? I’d think land value alone would be double that.

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  25. The butter factory is now under contract.

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