Vintage on the Outside But Modern on the Inside: 1209 N. Astor in the Gold Coast

1209 n astor

This 4-bedroom at 1209 N. Astor in the Gold Coast came on the market in August 2015.

The building was constructed in 1926 and has 30 units. There are just 2 units per floor.

While it is a vintage building, this unit has been modernized on the interior. There’s no crown molding or other vintage features.

The kitchen has custom cabinets, quartz counter tops and stainless steel appliances including a Miele induction cook-top and a Gaggenau oven.

The listing says all three bathrooms have been renovated.

It has partial lake views along with other features buyers look for including central air and washer/dryer in the unit.

There’s no parking, however. It is rental in the neighborhood.

The building is a co-op. It has a full time doorman and an exercise room.

This unit last sold in 2013. At that time, the assessments were $3102 a month and included the real estate taxes.

Now, however, they are $2080 and don’t include the real estate taxes which are $15,055.

This unit sold for just $602,500 in 2013 with the original vintage bathrooms. See those pictures here. It is now listed for $1.025 million.

Will it get the premium?

Nicholas Powers at Weichart has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #7s: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2500 square feet, co-op

  • Sold in February 2013 for $602,500 (per Redfin)
  • Originally listed in August 2015 for $1.1 million
  • Reduced
  • Currently listed for $1.025 million
  • Assessments of $2080 a month (includes heat, water, cable, gas, doorman, exterior maintenance, lawn care, scavenger, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $15055 (these are separate from the assessment)
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • No parking
  • Bedroom #1: 18×13
  • Bedroom #2: 17×13
  • Bedroom #3: 15×12
  • Bedroom #4: 10×8


15 Responses to “Vintage on the Outside But Modern on the Inside: 1209 N. Astor in the Gold Coast”

  1. Look, I’m a fan of modern design. But not here! It’s like a lake house that is made to resemble a downtown penthouse. Know the look just fits the space and stick with the theme.

    Never saw a front door that looked more out of place than in his unit. Like a striped shirt with a plaid suit and crazy socks. The colors may compliment each other but the overall theme just does not match.

    BTW – welcome back Clio!

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  2. Original bathrooms were better.

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    Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)
  3. Agreed

    The Dark floors are going to kill the next seller when they’re not in fashion

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  4. Original everything was better. What’s the use of paying the high HOAs of a vintage building, for a unit that looks like a tract house? There’s nothing I hate like seeing a lovely vintage home clean-walled and stripped and streamlined to death. As it is, we’ll never build stuff of this quality and craftsmanship again, in my lifetime, or even yours.

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  5. I kind of liked the old unit better.

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  6. New bathrooms are very ugly and look cheapo but not a fan of the tankless toilets beforehand, the tiling looked pretty nice, if they just redid that it would be sooo much better. Other than that not a ton looks different, the kitchen cabinets look the same? Just a different countertop?

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  7. “There‚Äôs no crown molding or other vintage features.”

    Other than some subway tile, pedestal sinks, and outdated toilets there wasn’t really any other vintage details removed from the prior sale to this.

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  8. There’s no way they put anywhere near $500,000 into the updates.. maybe $100,000 at the very most.

    The old bathrooms were nice and fit in better.

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  9. sonies, I am very much a fan of the tankless Sloan commodes, and am peeved that the previous owner of my unit replaced the one there with a tank unit. I’ll get another when I reno my bath in 2017.

    Most of all, though, I’m a fan of classical architecture, inside and out, and love the fine millwork and plaster work that so many of these vintage units had, and that current owners ruthlessly strip out. They will be sorry someday, when this fad for MCM revival fades.

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  10. The expense they went through to rip out the old tile is truly a shame. In that era, tile was laid in concrete. I am shuddering at what those days of demolition work were like for the unit below – – and all to replace it with some soul-less stuff that the next owner will rip out in five years.

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  11. That’s not MCM. Clean lines and modern but I’m not sure I see true MCM here.

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  12. Astor Street week and still no single family home discussed. Come on…Astor street is know for its MM single family homes, not its condos.

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  13. Meh… the place doesn’t look any better or worse than before.

    I don’t like the olde tile, or the new shite.

    Seems like a pretty big price jump, as Jenny stated they prolly put in 100k.

    Interested in seeing if they get near what they’re asking.

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  14. I bet the renovation cost more than $100, juts parking costs alone to pay for all the workmen to park down there was probably in the thousands of dollars.

    The bathrooms look cheapo because you IKEA’s bathrooms have popularized that look and unless you’re hip to the latest catalogs, it’s hard to tell what is IKEA particleboard with a veneer and what is higher quality mdf building materials.

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  15. Yerk. The latest renovation just yanked whatever soul this place had left. It’s going to cost a vintage unit fan hundreds of thousands to restore the unit to its older, more attractive form.

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