Get a 2-Bedroom Loft in Lakeview for Under $300,000: 3150 N. Sheffield

3150 n sheffield

This 2-bedroom loft in the Vic Lofts at 3150 N. Sheffield in Lakeview just came on the market.

The Vic Lofts were converted into condos in 2005.

It has exposed concrete ceilings and ductwork with hardwood floors throughout.

The kitchen has wood cabinets, glass tile backsplash, granite counter tops and black appliances.

Both bedrooms have windows, which can be rare in lofts.

The loft has central air, but no washer/dryer in the unit. The building has a laundry room.

There also isn’t deeded parking but there’s rental parking in the garage next door. But with the Belmont El stop just steps away, who needs a car?

Listed at $285,000, is this a deal for Lakeview?

Veronica Miklusicak at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #509: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1000 square feet

  • Sold in October 2005 for $235,000
  • Sold in March 2006 for $279,000 (remember when people would buy pre-construction and flip the unit after they closed it for more?)
  • Sold in October 2009 for $255,000
  • Sold it for November 2012 for $235,000
  • Currently listed for $285,000
  • Assessments of $314 a month (includes exterior maintenance and scavenger)
  • Taxes of $3050
  • Central Air
  • No washer/dryer in the unit- but laundry room in the building
  • No deeded parking- rental parking in the garage next door available
  • Bedroom #1: 13×8
  • Bedroom #2: 10×8

15 Responses to “Get a 2-Bedroom Loft in Lakeview for Under $300,000: 3150 N. Sheffield”

  1. Seems this place is on the market every 3 years or so. I thought it was known that if you are staying less than 5-7 years, buying is a bad idea.

    I can understand buying even if it does not make financial sense because a unit is superior to the rental stock, but this place?!

    I guess some people like creating jobs for Realtors and mortgage lenders.

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  2. Stephen Boisvert on April 27th, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Belmont is a busy street and you are about 150 feet from the L stop. I wonder if people bail because they learn how much sleep disruption can affect your quality of life.

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  3. see now THIS


    is a “starter condo”

    not a fucking penthouse in the west loop for 650k

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  4. Would be much better <$250M.

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  5. 1,000 SF LOL!!!

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  6. Nice layout and despite looking to be on it’s FOURTH (?!) owner in 11 years, looks gently lived in. Lack of laundry is a deal killer for me but might not be for someone just starting out. I think this is ever so slightly over priced but not by much. A GREAT starter condo – – the layout is perfect for having a room-mate to help defray your living expenses.

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  7. Terrible location if one values sleep

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  8. “Terrible location if one values sleep”

    …and with all the “activity” on that corner (especially during the summer), your new home will only be accessible during daylight hours.

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  9. sleep when you’re dead!

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  10. Might make a decent rental income unit. What do you think it would rent for? Could possibly cash flow

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  11. Greg, this unit can probably rent for $1700 to $2100 per month. If the two roommates can split the rent then it’s a win-win. Win for the owner and win for the renters.

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  12. This realtor missed the obvious premier selling point of this unit: “Steps to Big City Tap”.

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  13. I could see a parent of a DePaul student buying this and then selling it. The kid picked it, parent didn’t care that much as long as it was an ok price, etc.

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  14. NoDifferent on May 4th, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    OMG, I wouldn’t buy a bottle of liquor on that corner much less a condo.

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  15. NoDifferent on May 4th, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    “on the market every 3 years or so…”. “FOURTH owner in 11 years….”.

    The violent crime along that strip and general vicinity for at least the past decade has nothing to do with this I’m sure.

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