We Love Secret Terraces: A 2-Bedroom at 1255 N. State Parkway in the Gold Coast

1255 n state parkway better

This 2-bedroom duplex in The Churchill at 1255 N. State Parkway in the Gold Coast came on the market in June 2016.

The listing says this vintage unit has been renovated.

The eat-in kitchen has white cabinets, white appliances and stone counter tops.

The 3 bathrooms are custom with marble counter tops and heated flooring.

Both bedrooms are on the second floor, but I can’t tell if they have any windows. The bathrooms appear to, but it’s not clear the bedrooms do as there aren’t any in any of the pictures.

The 3×3 laundry room is also on the second floor.

The living areas and kitchen are on the main floor along with a secret 450-square foot terrace with a custom pergola and seating.

The unit has washer/dryer in the unit and what looks like space pak cooling although the listing says central air.

The HOAs are $1592 a month but it includes almost everything but taxes.

There’s no parking with the building but there’s public lots in the neighborhood.

Originally listed for $599,000 in 2016, it has been reduced $100,000 to $499,000.

Will the price, and the unique outdoor space, finally sell this unit?

Cheryl Dyle at Re/Max Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #2E3E: 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, duplex up, 1700 square feet

  • Sold in August 1997 for $209,000
  • Sold in August 2005 for $510,000
  • Bank owned in September 2009
  • Sold in April 2010 for $295,000
  • Originally listed in June 2016 for $599,000
  • Reduced numerous times
  • Currently listed for $499,000
  • Assessments of $1592 a month (includes electric, gas, doorman, cable, exterior maintenance, scavenger, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $6162
  • Central Air or Space Pak?
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • No Parking
  • Bedroom #1: 13×21 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 14×9 (second floor)
  • Laundry: 3×3 (second floor)
  • 450 square foot private terrace/deck


23 Responses to “We Love Secret Terraces: A 2-Bedroom at 1255 N. State Parkway in the Gold Coast”

  1. HOA fees are insane

    The deck is nice but looks to be off an alley, would really want to understand the delivery schedule & frequency.

    Not seeing supply/return vents -Space Pak

    Crack pipe

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  2. Is this whole unit below grade? At face value the price per square foot seems reasonable, but the views are horrible. Do the bedrooms have windows? I’m not sure how such a place should be priced.

    The assessments seem reasonable for an old building with a doorman. They also include electric and gas.

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  3. “looks to be off an alley”

    Appears to be off a private alley serving some purpose for the building. Walled off by the building from the ‘normal’ alley.

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  4. I think the HOA assessment is high, even with heat, utilities, and doorman included.

    Paying the HOA for 25 years is equivalent to buying the unit again.

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  5. crack pipe expert johnnieU complained abt hoa fees @ less than $1 psf/mo for a condo in 66 unit 100 yr old bldg w/full time doormen & an engineer & new elevators. Unlike most Churchill’s ass’ts include unit’s utilities.

    FWIW #5b is cp. Ask is $395,000 for 1400 sq ft 2 bed/1 ba w/no outdoor space & $1748/mo asst. Ask for Unit 2d’s is $269,900 for 1bd/1ba w/$1284/mo asst (appears to be 1000 sq ft). These all appear to be much better value than units rec. featured @ 1320 N State (same intersection) asking much higher psf prices w/assts exceeding $2 psf/mo. But I prefer value & views (on E. facing units) @ 1325 N State which provides cheap (valet) pkg too.

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  6. 1320 N State is worlds away (in terms of peace and quiet) from this place which is practically on division st. by comparison

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  7. sonies “1320 N State is worlds away (in terms of peace and quiet) from this place which is practically on division st. by comparison”

    Wtf? is lyin’hd posting as sonies today? – look on Google earth or aerial @ google maps – they’re on opposite corners of Goethe & State

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  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeZfl45GHvo

    Guessing that you may live here as there’s no mention of an Engineer or the elevator. If so, sorry for you and your cats but the $500M is crack pipe pricing. So no appreciation for you.

    I also dont buy the 1700sf, 2Br+2Ba+Common space isn’t near 850sf/floor

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  9. oh sorry was thinking of 1221 N state

    relax southbound you are practically unhinged in your obsession of hd

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  10. jonnieU exhaled & suggested I live @ Churchill b/c I posted facts discoverable if he’d read abt other listings. No, never even wanted to (no pets either). But he’s right re predicting little/no appreciation for 10 yr owners of units in bldgs like Churchill imo. Then he mixed up asking $499,000 w/ asking $5 mil but it’s all good in a crack smoke hazy way huh jonnie?

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  11. “relax southbound you are practically unhinged..”
    I deal daily w/liars & it’s my job to call liars out for lying. I look at cc mainly to learn more abt RE (& I believe others do) & I can’t stand it when posters post bald face lies. So u confused a 1 story parking garage @ 1221 N State w/ a vintage bldg two blocks north huh? gotta’ ‘nother version?

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  12. You are buying a beautiful terrace that happens to have a condo attached. I’ve never seen outdoor space like this in a midrise building in a comparable location. The condo itself is bland but seems to have good flow. With the right buyer, and lots of $, this place could be amazing.

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  13. god dammit, no… 1220 n state across the way… was a typo this time

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  14. Not sure where you got $500M = $5 Million

    M=1000 in roman numerals.

    If you though M meant Millions, $500 Million is a far cry from $5 Million

    Either way you’re either Drunk or dumb as a stump and a liar to boot(Since you like jumping on others for similar mistakes)

    Maybe read a book Vs watching reruns of Golden Girls

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  15. @southbound – you need to look at more than a figure like “hoa fees @ less than $1 psf/mo”. An acceptable HOA for a $499,000 condo is not the same as an acceptable HOA for a $5 mil condo. Even if the price-per-sq-ft-per-month is the same.

    It’s the difference between repaying the purchase price again in 25 years verses repaying the purchase price again in 250 years. I know which figure I would prefer.

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  16. per Quora: “In a context such as 5M, M would represent million. therefore 5M is 5 million (of whatever currency or object is being discussed) and one M is one million. example: “A man offered to pay me 50M for my startup company, I gladly accepted as that is a large amount of money” .. “.
    “K” means Thousand in terms of Money. Many times we see 5K or 15K. That simply means 5,000 or 15,000.”
    Puff on that pipe again jonnie – you’ll feel better soon

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  17. “Then he mixed up asking $499,000 w/ asking $5 mil”

    Look, I agree with you that using M for thousand is weird, but there is NO WAY that M = 10,000 as you suggest here.

    You either have to accept the weirdness, or pillory him for “mixing up” $499,000 with $500,000,000.

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  18. The Golden Girls are calling you. Maybe you can follow it up with a Murder She Wrote marathon

    Even using your example the correct amount would have been $500 MILLION not $5 Million like you claimed. Congrats you still screwed it up.

    M = 1000 is still used in a number of industries.

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  19. MM is mostly used as a term for millions in the context you are referring to.. M is used for = 1000 even in the finance world where all we talk about is dollars or currency

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  21. This is almost denser to follow than that other thread. People at fault:

    –johnnyu for using m for thousand here. really kinda odd. I sometimes will say mm for million but I know m is confusing. (who is johnnyu anyway? is he from the olden days?)
    –sb for thinking $500m is $5 million.
    –hd, even though not in this thread, for getting sb all riled up.
    –vb for trying to stay on topic.
    –abe frohman for being abe frohman.
    –sonies for being incomprehensible (what’s the point about m being used for 1,000 in the “finance” world, is that supporting or not?)
    –@fo for trying to tell sb what he has to accept, when sb has enough to deal w from hd

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  22. “trying to tell sb what he has to accept”

    I told him he has to accept it, or be correct. If he’s going to make bubbleheaded errors, he has to just deal with weird.

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  23. Same price, different broker.


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