Get a 4-Bedroom East Lakeview Townhouse for Under $750,000: 3631 N. Pine Grove

3631 n pine grove

This 4-bedroom townhouse at 3631 N. Pine Grove in East Lakeview just came on the market.

This was built in 1978 and has 6 townhomes along with secure gated outdoor parking.

The listing says it has been renovated with oak floors, recessed lighting, solid core wood doors, wood baseboards and 2 HVAC units.

This townhouse has the floor plan buyers look for with townhouses.

3 out of the 4 bedrooms are on the second level, including the master bedroom which has its own bathroom with limestone counter tops and a marble shower.

The second and third bedrooms have skylights, instead of windows, and there is a second bathroom on the floor with a marble shower with a rain shower head.

The fourth bedroom is in the lower level where there is also a full bathroom.

There is a gas fireplace separating the living and dining rooms on the first floor and also in the lower level separating the family room and the fourth bedroom.

The lower level also has storage and a laundry room.

The kitchen has what looks like gray and black cabinets and luxury appliances including a Subzero refrigerator, a Viking stove and a Bosch dishwasher.

There’s also a half bath on the first floor, which means that there is a bathroom on every floor. That’s not common in most townhouse layouts.

The townhouse also has an outdoor patio in the front of the house measuring about 10×7.

Is this a better deal for the square footage and location, about a block from the lake, than a new construction duplex down?

Carole Cousin at @Properties has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #D: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2700 square feet

  • Sold in September 2002 for $429,000
  • Currently listed for $749,900
  • Assessments of $268 a month (includes scavenger, snow removal)
  • Taxes of $7562
  • Central Air
  • Secure gated parking included
  • Bedroom #1: 17×13 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 14×13 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×12 (second floor)
  • Bedroom #4: 14×12 (lower level)
  • Family room: 19×11 (lower level)
  • Laundry room: 12×11 (lower level)
  • Patio: 10×7


15 Responses to “Get a 4-Bedroom East Lakeview Townhouse for Under $750,000: 3631 N. Pine Grove”

  1. People that are buying this are going to be shocked when their taxes double… interesting place, not cookie cutter at least but it would feel cramped to me though due to the low ceiling heights

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  2. That kitchen would drive me batshit crazy. Sabrina has found the worst remodeled kitchen ever. Why are the pulls so enormous? The placement of the handles seems completely random and the handle placement on the peninsula makes me want to jump out of my skin. Some of the drawers appear to be fake and don’t have pulls at all. Why are the top cabinets a different color than the bottom ones?

    The price point seems reasonable though if the square footage is accurate. I just don’t understand these strange kitchen remodels.

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  3. “Why are the pulls so enormous?”

    To “match” the fridge.

    “if the square footage is accurate.”

    Going thru the floorplans, it sure looks like it’s more like 2200 than 2700. Could maybe get to 2350, if the rounding is weird.

    That, of course, makes no accommodation for the stairs, counting the stairwell as full “square footage” on each floor.

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  4. and of course that includes below-grade space.

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  5. “that includes below-grade space”

    Doesn’t include the patio and the parking space, tho, but that probably is how they got to 2700.

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  6. “The placement of the handles seems completely random and the handle placement on the peninsula makes me want to jump out of my skin.”

    my guess is they f’ed up on those pulls. i can see them installing the pulls when the doors were off and accidentally put them on with the door upside down. no reason for them to be in that location.

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  7. There is a reason: the pulls are all at the same height above the floor.

    Some cabinets have drawers/doors and some cabinets have only doors. The door pulls are naturally lower when there is a drawer above it. In this case, they chose not the raise the pull even when there was no drawer above the door.

    I probably would have raised the pull if there was no drawer above. And I normally put pulls on fake drawers, but they chose not to.

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  8. I wonder if they at least purchased some extra pulls so that the next owner could add the pulls on the fake drawers if (s)he chose. I’m torn on whether to place them on fake drawers. It makes no logical sense, but then it looks weird when they aren’t there.

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  9. So depressing even Jan Terri wouldn’t play here

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  10. “There is a reason: the pulls are all at the same height above the floor.”

    Interesting. I have never seen this. I still don’t think it makes much sense though. I think they tried too hard to modernize a kitchen while leaving the old cabinets in place.

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  11. I don’t understand why these taxes are this low. Grossly unfair. I agree with Sonies – – new buyer better budget for them increasing by at least 70% in the first year.

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  12. How does that tax increase mechanism function in this case?

    We’re looking to buy a condo in lakeview and curious how this plays out.

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  13. “How does that tax increase mechanism function in this case?”

    It doesn’t work that way at all.

    The assessment is based on “recent” sales of “nearby” “similar” properties. If the comps have all sold in the 12 months prior to re-assessment, and each sold for ~$200 psf, then this one is assessed “right” now, regardless of its sale price.

    Also, it’s assessed as a condo, rather than as a TH, so the comp pool is different.

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  14. Wonder how much the price will be slashed if the Cubbies don’t repeat. Like so much property in that square mile, the values rose with the Cubs’ won/loss percentages over the last couple years.

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  15. I’m old enough to remember living in the neighborhood when they built this complex and others like it. The popular thing at the time was to build housing where the “front” entrance was along a narrow side passageway. I’m not sure why this was done, but I disliked it then and still do. The front door is more like a back door.

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