A True Gold Coast Mansion: 1432 N. State Parkway

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There are mansions and then there are ”real” mansions like 1432 N. State Parkway in the Gold Coast.


No matter what anyone says about the ”new” construction homes that have gone up during this housing boom, they aren’t building anything even close to a house like this one.

7 bedrooms, 6.5 baths and 9,000 square feet (which includes a carriage house).

Here’s the listing:

Elegant, Gold Coast estate on double lot with private, side driveway. Extra wide mansion is open on three sides; flooded with natural light from South, East, West exposures. 30-foot formal entry hall with mahogany wainscotting. Richly detailed, stately rooms. 10-ft + ceilings on all floors.

Expansive master suite, updated kitchen and baths. Brick carriage house with guest quarters. 9000 total square feet. Private courtyard, 2.5 car garage with carport.



Lindsey Stewart at Rubloff has the listing. See more pictures and a virtual tour here.

See the property’s website with more gorgeous pictures (including the kitchen) here.

1432 N. State Parkway: 7 bedrooms, 6.5 baths,  9000 square feet, 2.5 car parking

  • I couldn’t find a prior sales price going back to the 1980s
  • Currently listed for $7.25 million
  • Taxes of $45,163
  • Carriage house included

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17 Responses to A True Gold Coast Mansion: 1432 N. State Parkway

  1. CH says:

    Pure Awesome. I wonder who the seller is.

  2. Jason R says:

    I don’t get it… for $7.25M one would think you could hire a staging company to make the place feel a little better. The old wood is nice and the bones of the place are incredible, but the fixtures in the bathroom don’t make sense and the place feels a bit like an old funeral home.

    I really like the stackable chairs in the foyer, nothing says classy like stackable chairs…

  3. ChiGuy says:

    gorgeous house. i agree about staging. like the agent won’t make 6 fig. commission, right?

  4. Looper says:

    The staging is horrible… The furniture looks like it came second hand. It is completey out of scale with the space (which is amazing). I also think they could show off the space better if all the walls weren’t so stark white. Bring in a bit of color… Anybody buying a 7 million dollar home is going to hire a designer anyway so, it would have been worth it to at least tart up the entry hall, living room and dining room.

    That said…. While this is not the type of home I would ever want to live in, it is absolutely beautiful none the less, and the elaborate woodwork is stunning.

  5. Michael says:

    I don’t think staging would make one bit of difference here. It’s gorgeous and unique, and I have to believe that anyone looking for this kind of thing would not care one way or another about “how it shows.” It’s not like there’s a lot of competition among Gold Coast mansions…

  6. J9 says:

    What a cool place. And you know it was built to last. Quality.

  7. David (the first one) says:

    “No matter what anyone says about the ”new” construction homes that have gone up during this housing boom, they aren’t building anything even close to a house like this one.”

    Well, in terms of taste, yeah probably – but in terms of magnitude and opulence I would suggest checking out some of the double, triple, and septuple-lot (yes, there’s one) mansions recently built on the 1800 and 1900 blocks of Orchard and Burling.

  8. pete9441 says:

    I agree with Michael. Staging would be worthless here. And I am guessing this agent has sold homes like this before and knows what s/he is doing. What an amazing house.

  9. Bob says:

    Well I guess properties like this are why its called the GOLD coast.

  10. bubbleboi says:

    There are 13 houses on market on gold coast priced over $4,000,000 – plenty to choose from, when you consider how few of these houses there are.

  11. Kenworthey says:

    stupid question: how often would you have to treat all that wood?

  12. Luke says:

    This is a great house and well-maintained (along with the yard).

    I use to live around the corner from this home. I think there aren’t any previous sales records because it may have been bequeathed to the present owners. Bac in the 1990′s, a kind old gentleman use to live here by himself. One day I stopped seeing him. A bit later, a handsome couple with children moved in. The beautiful wife cared for the landscaping more than the cute old man. I also like seeing kids living in this big old house, with their bikes and toys scattered about in the drive.

    Even though the interior sells itself, better staging might make it more competitive with others selling in its promixity. When the former occupants lived here, it looked truly beautiful, warm, and inviting.

  13. forrealestate says:

    just beautiful. a bit of chicago history. gorgeous.

  14. anon1 says:

    David, I agree that the 1800-1900 blocks of burling and orchard put some of these houses to shame in terms of size and opulence, esp that seven lot house on burling. What may be more interesting is looking at Forbes a year ago 1800-1900 on burling and orchard were named the “most expensive blocks in chicago”.

    History will likely look upon that insanity the same way they looked at prairie street in the 19th century, the gold coast in the 20th century as where the wealthy chose to live. I think the number of gold coast mansions lying vacant and unable to sell is testament to a loss in cachet for the area.

  15. IB says:

    that gold coast mansion area, every time i walk through there I feel like I am around only old people waiting to die, it is actually a bit depressing.

  16. Craig Patterson says:

    I believe this is the house from the 80’s sitcom ‘Webster’. If you look at the exterior of the house in this Youtube clip, I’m 99% sure it’s 1432 N. State. The building next to it appears to be the 1440 N. State Condominium.


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