Owning a Full Floor in Uptown: 706 W. Junior Terrace

Many people don’t like the maintenance and upkeep required of a single family home. For them, a large full-floor condo is the solution.

This 3-bedroom renovated unit at 706 W. Junior Terrace in Uptown has all the bells and whistles.


At 2800 square feet, the kitchen has been completed gutted and now sports Wolf and SubZero appliances and a wine fridge.

The master bathroom has a frameless spa shower.

Parking is available and the unit has central air.





Harry Maisel and Joanne Nemerovski at Prudential Preferred have the listing. See the pictures and a virtual tour here.

Unit #3: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2800 square feet

  • Originally listed in January 2008 for $825,000
  • Reduced numerous times
  • Re-listed in June 2009 for $649,999 (2 parking spaces available for $25k each)
  • OR you can rent it for $3750 a month
  • Assessments of $275 a month
  • Taxes are “new”
  • Central Air
  • Unit #2 in the building sold in February 2008 for $785,000

24 Responses to “Owning a Full Floor in Uptown: 706 W. Junior Terrace”

  1. I looked at some places on this street when I was house searching a long time ago. It certainly is not for everyone, but at least its a semi secluded street, but the street goes right to a hospital, ends at a park where crackheads hangout, and the building itself is across the street from some section 8 butt ugly highrise, and well… you’re paying 700k to voluntarily live in uptown (LOL)

    Bonuses of this place is that its close to the lake, you don’t have any next door neighbors, and its an ok looking rehab job.

    The negatives are everything else.

  2. I like the rehab EXCEPT the granite on the walls in the kitchen. WTH were they thinking?

    Also I don’t like the price. Other than the granite on the walls I think this is a tastefully done rehab. But good luck finding someone willing to spend 700k in Uptown.

    If I could afford a 700k place I could get a SFH in a better neighborhood for sure. What is the target market for this condo?

  3. 25k for parking *2 when there is abundant street parking available? These people are crazy.

  4. “I like the rehab EXCEPT the granite on the walls in the kitchen. WTH were they thinking?”

    looks like a mosaic tile backsplash.

  5. “I just needed to point out that comment. Perhaps it’s a joke. It’s not offensive, it’s just not funny.”

    It was a joke, and I’m glad you felt the need to comment on it instead of just not laughing to yourself quietly.

  6. All cruising aside that bird sanctuary is pretty cool though. You wouldn’t know you’re in Chicago while in it.

  7. no thanks. Uptown is a mess.

  8. Uptown is great! Just stay out of the bad pockets.

    The bird sanctuary is a must see, but I would not go in there at night. (And no, it is not because of crime.) Go during the day, very cool.

  9. I wouldn’t buy property in Uptown until they get an alderman who is ready to move the community forward.

  10. IMO, Uptown is a great option if you’re a dog owner bc of the proximity to the dog beach/lakefront. The bums up there are no more annoying than the bums that camp out in front of the Park Hyatt. 700k in Uptown isn’t happening though. For that much money I could go to east LP and get almost the same sq footage.

  11. Hmm. Not too sure what the racist and homophobic comments add to the discussion here.

  12. anonny,

    I’m not too sure you add anything of value at all to the discussion here.

  13. Ha! Bob, you really got me there…good one.

  14. IMO, Uptown is a great option if you’re a dog owner bc of the enhanced security dogs provide you when living and walking around in Uptown.

  15. Blue & annonny,

    its just par for cc.

  16. Is this considered to be in Buena Park?

    (I know, it’s still Uptown regardless)

  17. It is common knowledge that the bird sanctuary is a gay pick up area at night. Montrose Harbor is full of Hispanics/Latinos. These are facts, nothing else.

  18. Gone.

  19. How’d you sell it? Promise them that Shiller is headed for the hills this time around? “up and coming neighborhood”? Show the place at 8AM when none of the crazies have gone for their daily walks yet?

  20. It didn’t sell, it rented for $3500 according to the MLS.

  21. Ah so a high rollin crack dealer must have picked this up…

  22. “a high rollin crack dealer must have picked this up”

    I’ve known newly transferred folks who lived on Jr Terr for a year or so who could easily afford that rent. It looks nice during the day, so they get fooled.

  23. I picked up on this comment chain belatedly (doing a keyword search). These postings make Junior Terrace sound like Sheridan and Wilson. I used to live on and owned a property at 707 Junior Terrace. There were no crackheads, the street was quiet, and the immediate neighborhood was very stable, having known several families maintaining residence for decades. I’m not a fan of Alderman Shiller and do believe the list price for the condo is a tiny bit high, but this is beautiful, leafy Buena Park.

  24. The first comment refers to some other street and property – this street, Junior Terrace does NOT end at a hospital, and its “end” is at Marine Drive just south of Montrose – I have lived here 10 years and never have seen a crackhead lingering on or near Junior Terrace – perhaps about 20 years ago, that might be more likely.

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