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The Rare 4-Bedroom River North Townhouse: 419 W. Grand

This 4-bedroom townhouse at 419 W. Grand in River North came on the market in September 2015. There are 17 townhouses in the complex which is part of the bigger loft building association just to its south called The Sexton. The townhouse has a 2-car attached garage along with heated bamboo floors. The listing describes […]

A Secret South Loop Oasis: A 1-Bedroom Townhouse at 1242 S. Federal

This 1-bedroom 3-story townhouse in Dearborn Park II at 1242 S. Federal in the South Loop just came on the market (the picture above is actually of another corner unit- and NOT the property.) This Dearborn Park II complex was built in 1993 and has 50 red brick townhouses. Because of its age, the trees […]

Are Buyers Balking at the High Prices? A Townhouse at 1818 N. Bissell in Lincoln Park

This 2-bedroom townhouse at 1818 N. Bissell in Lincoln Park came on the market on June 23, 2015. It has a split floor plan with a bedroom on the second floor and one on the third floor. The kitchen has white 42 inch cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. It has a lower […]

A New Peak Price for 2-Bedroom Lincoln Park Townhouses? 1814 N. Bissell

This 2-bedroom townhouse at 1814 N. Bissell in Lincoln Park recently came on the market. If it looks familiar, it’s because we chattered about it twice in 2010 and 2011. It was bank owned in June 2010 and sold for $19,720 under the 1999 sales price. Five months later, it came back on the market as a gut […]

The Townhouse at 820 N. Dearborn is Back- For $180,000 More in the Gold Coast

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 820 N. Dearborn in the Gold Coast just came on the market. If it looks familiar to some of you (and it should), that’s because we chattered about it many times during the bust. You can see our August 2012 chatter here. Back in 2012 it was a 2-bedroom but it’s […]

Selling a 2-Bedroom Lincoln Park Townhouse Less Than 2 Years Later: 1443 W. Wrightwood

This 2-bedroom townhouse at 1443 W. Wrightwood in Lincoln Park came on the market in November 2014. We chattered about it in November 2012 as a condo alternative. You can see our chatter here. Built in 1987, it is not one of the main townhouses on Wrightwood, but one of those that sits behind the […]

Are 3-Bedroom Townhouses Still Hot? 1301 W. George in Lakeview

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 1301 W. George in Lakeview came on the market in June 2014. While it is a townhouse  in a 16-unit association, it has features of a loft with exposed brick, large industrial windows, and a den/loft on the third floor that overlooks the master bedroom on the second floor. The second […]

The Townhouse As the New Starter Home in Lakeview: 2820 N. Greenview

This 3-bedroom corner townhouse at 2820 N. Greenview in Lakeview came on the market in October 2013. We’ve chattered about this complex of townhouses at the corner of Wolfram and Greenview several times over the years. Most of the others we’ve chattered about were smaller 2-bedroom properties. But a 3-bedroom automatically puts you in “starter home […]

Yes- You Can Live in a 3-Bedroom Townhouse in River North: 419 W. Grand

River North isn’t all high rises. This 3-bedroom townhouse at 419 W. Grand just came on the market. The listing says there have been some renovations including new windows and new marble baths. The kitchen has white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Two of the bedrooms are on the second floor with the […]

Get a 4-Bedroom Lincoln Park Townhouse For Just $649,500: 2757 N. Greenview

We last chattered about this 4-bedroom townhouse at 2757 N. Greenview in Lincoln Park in early July 2013. See our July 2013 chatter here. It had been on the market since February 2013 without any takers and had been listed at $699,000 since April. This townhouse has the preferable layout most buyers look for with […]