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Get A 3-Bedroom East Lincoln Park Townhouse With Parking For Under $325K: 344 W. Dickens

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 344 W. Dickens in East Lincoln Park just came on the market. It is part of an 8-unit group of fee simple townhouses that were built in 1962 that don’t have a monthly HOA fee. They only pay a yearly maintenance fee which, in the case of this unit, is $215 […]

“Magazine Caliber Renovation” Of A 3-Bedroom Lakeview Townhouse: 1246 W. Oakdale

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 1246 W. Oakdale in Lakeview recently came on the market. This is a small townhouse development and units rarely come on the market. The listing says it’s had a “magazine caliber renovation.” For a townhouse, this one has a unique layout as it’s a front end unit that is 44 feet […]

Where’s The Inventory? In The Townhouses At The Pointe In Lincoln Park: 418 W. Armitage

Inventory is almost non-existent everywhere in the GreenZone except in the townhouse development called The Pointe at the intersection of Armitage and Lincoln in Lincoln Park. There appears to currently be 5 townhomes on the market ranging in price from $699,000 to $1.1 million. This 3-bedroom townhouse at 418 W. Armitage is one of the […]

Don’t Settle For A Condo, Buy A 2-Bedroom Lincoln Park Townhouse For $400K: 1443 W. Wrightwood

This 2-bedroom townhouse at 1443 W. Wrightwood in Lincoln Park came on the market in September 2012. Built in 1987, it has hardwood floors on the main level but carpet in the bedrooms and the lower level family room. Both bedrooms are on the second level along with a bonus loft. The kitchen has stainless […]

The Price Keeps Falling On This 3-Bedroom Fannie Mae Owned Townhouse In West Town: 642 N. Armour

We last chattered about this 3-bedroom townhouse at 642 N. Armour in West Town in August 2012. See our prior chatter here. It was then listed for $10,000 more than the 2003 purchase price but most of you thought that list price was nuts- considering what the property looked like in the pictures. Since then, […]

This Is The Most Unique Townhouse For Sale In Lincoln Park Right Now: 524 W. Grant Place

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 524 W. Grant Place in East Lincoln Park has been on the market since September 2012. What makes it so unique? It was built in 1881, for starters. It is also part of a 3-unit townhouse building where, according to the notes left by a Redfin agent about the property, the […]

You Can Buy A 2/2 Lincoln Park Townhouse For Under $260K: 1777 W. Altgeld

This 2-bedroom townhouse at 1777 W. Altgeld in Lincoln Park has been on the market since May 2011. There seems to be some dispute, however, as to whether it is really a 2-bedroom or a 1-bedroom with den. Older listings say it was a 1-bedroom with den. The current listing calls it a 2-bedroom. One […]

Not All Properties Sell Within Weeks: A 3-Bedroom Townhouse at 3847 N. Fremont in Lakeview

We last chattered about this 3-bedroom townhouse at 3847 N. Fremont in Lakeview in August 2011. See our prior chatter here. Back in August 2011 it was priced at $399,900 but some of you seemed to think it would take a $350,000 price to sell. You were also concerned about the school district as this […]

Fannie Mae Lists For $10K More Than 2003 On This 3-Bedroom Townhouse: 642 W. Armour in West Town

This 3-bedroom townhouse at 642 W. Armour in West Town recently came on the market. It is a Fannie Mae Homepath property and can be purchased for just 3% down. It has 2 bedrooms on the second floor and a 3rd bedroom on the top floor. The kitchen looks intact with white cabinets but the […]

This 2-Bedroom Gold Coast Townhouse Has Seen It All During This Housing Bust: 820 N. Dearborn

Talk about a microcosm of the market. This 2-bedroom townhouse at 820 N. Dearborn in the Gold Coast has gone from a foreclosure in 2009, to being rehabbed in 2010, to being rented out in 2011 and now it is listed for sale once again. We’ve actually chattered about it several times over the years- […]