Get Your Own Indoor Pool: A 3-Bedroom SFH at 3012 S. Emerald in Bridgeport

This 3-bedroom home at 3012 S. Emerald in Bridgeport just came on the market. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture in my vast collection of photos.)

The house was built in 1974 on a 120×25 lot.

But what sets it apart is a glass enclosed 10×18 indoor pool in a great room attached to the back of the house.

The master bedroom on the third floor has a balcony that overlooks the pool.

The house also has a sauna and a full, finished basement.

The kitchen has black appliances and the house comes with a 2.5 car garage.

The listing says the “seller is very motivated.”

Is an indoor pool a pro or a con with a single family home?

David Wong at First Key Realty has the listing. See the pictures here.

3012 S. Emerald: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3450 square feet, 2.5 car garage

  • Sold in October 1996 for $110,000
  • Currently listed for $595,000
  • Taxes are $4852
  • Central Air
  • Bedroom #1: 17×12 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #2: 15×9 (third floor)
  • Bedroom #3: 12×9 (third floor)
  • Indoor pool: 10×18


13 Responses to “Get Your Own Indoor Pool: A 3-Bedroom SFH at 3012 S. Emerald in Bridgeport”

  1. Laura Louzader on July 27th, 2015 at 5:58 am

    Whether or not an indoor pool is a plus depends on how it is situated. In this case, I have to think it’s detrimental, because it doesn’t look as though the pool room is sufficiently segregated from the rest of the house. It seems to me that mold would be a massive problem with a house like this. Once knew a couple, decades back, who had an indoor pool in their house, situated in an atrium in the middle of the house that was built around it with all rooms opening to it, and upholstered furniture, drapes, clothing, and bedding had to be replaced very frequently because of the moisture. The couple took a substantial loss on the place when they sold it.

    An indoor pool would be great if it were in a structure separate from the rest of the house. The pool itself does not really cost that much to maintain once you have paid the water bill for the first fill.

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  2. Nothing good can come of having an indoor pool.

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  3. My dogs would love that pool. I think it’s a selling point.

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  4. “My dogs would love that pool. I think it’s a selling point.”

    And in a pinch, it can be used as an extra toilet.

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  5. Fantastic, a portrait of the people of bridgeport in one listing

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  6. Backsplash will probably need regrouting to remove the years of spaghetti sauce stains

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  7. Amazing house. If I were to buy this house I would demand copies of the permits for that amazing pool. Do you think they used a personal injury settlement or HELOC to pay for the pool?

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  8. i can’t tell what’s more entertaining, reviewing the listing, or the comments.

    just spectacular! please keep them coming!!!

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  9. Why do I feel like I watched an episode of the Sopranos? May want to check the pool for bodies.

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  10. Laura Louzader on July 27th, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    They probably used a HELOC to pay for this. That’s what everyone else was doing a decade ago. This must have cost at least $150K, because it looks like they built a lateral addition to accommodate the pool.

    I remember walking through my mother’s moneyed, but ultra-conservative suburb with her then, and we were remarking on the huge additions blossoming on the backs of already-huge houses that hadn’t been touched for decades- immense two-story additions with bigger footprints than the original house-, and the number of new BMWs and Range Rovers parked in driveways that used to have 11-year-old Toyota Camrys parked in them. Where do they get the money, Mom asked. A couple of years later, we all found out.

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  11. My objection isn’t so much the pool, but the purple walls, mirrored living room, the kitchen, my god the kitchen. And it’s weird to have the fireplace right next to the pool. And the moisture would indeed be an issue. If you have ever had a beach house, you would understand. Our beach house moisture even makes the sugar in the sugarbowl all lumpy and moist.

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  12. ” Our beach house moisture even makes the sugar in the sugarbowl all lumpy and moist.”

    Isn’t that how brown sugar is supposed to be?

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  13. Homedelete, it’s white sugar in the sugarbowl. Nobody puts brown sugar in a sugarbowl. That is for baking.

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