Looking for a 3/3 With Lake and River Views?: 420 E. Waterside in Lakeshore East

This 3-bedroom in The Regatta at 420 E. Waterside Drive in the Lakeshore East development of the Loop (also known as the the “new east side”) recently came on the market.

The listing says it has both Lake and Chicago River views.

It is a rare 3 bedroom which also has 3 bathrooms (instead of 2 baths).

At 1887 square feet, the listing says it has had some upgrades including a marble entryway. The kitchen has cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. The listing says the bathrooms are “designer.”

The Regatta is a full service building with doorman, pool, and exercise rooom.

This unit was listed just $32,000 above the 2007 purchase price (if you include the parking).

LakeShore East now has a combination of rental high rises and condo buildings with a few townhouses.

Can this unit command the 2007 price?

Ronald Provenzano at Conlon has the listing. See the pictures here.

Unit #2214: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1887 square feet

  • Sold in February 2007 for $893,000
  • Currently listed at $875,000 plus $50,000 for parking
  • Assessments of $843 a month (includes cable, heat, a/c, doorman, pool, exercise room)
  • Taxes of $10,725
  • Central Air
  • Washer/Dryer in the unit
  • Bedroom #1: 15×16
  • Bedroom #2: 13×13
  • Bedroom #3: 11×13


21 Responses to “Looking for a 3/3 With Lake and River Views?: 420 E. Waterside in Lakeshore East”

  1. yes this subpar unit is clearly deserving of some appreciation since 2007

    dream on! 660k max for this place

  2. I saw unit 4114. It was bank owned and in good condition. Views are awesome. It had multiple offers and went above ask for 815K with 2 parking spaces. Unit 4314 went for 850K, supposedly with no parking but I’m not sure I believe that. So the price on this one needs to come down.

  3. Who buys this? An old retired couple that wants close proximity to Navy Pier? There is nothing special about this place. over priced

  4. But 660K would be way too low for this. Unit 2610 just closed at 643K. It was a 2/2 with 1 parking spot and 1400 sq ft.

  5. “Can this unit command the 2007 price?”


    “So the price on this one needs to come down.”

    Whaddya think? $3k per floor? $34k for the 2d space? $725k or so?

  6. “Gary Lucido (November 21, 2011, 3:12 pm)
    Unit 4314 went for 850K”

    Yeah, in May! I bet they’re now underwater by at least $100k

    $750k for this now and still a horrible buy at that price. I guess these go for <$600k in 2 years time.

  7. I still cannot believe the stupid high prices people pay to live in Lakeshore East. Sure its nice and new, but it is completely isolated from the rest of the city (20 minute walk to the mag mile) and is very much a manufactured, soulless community.

  8. It might be isolated Pete but some folks might actually like that and don’t want to live in the center of tourist action. The only question I have is if there are good public transport options. El is not an option for sure. What about buses? Because if there are none that will significantly decrease the value for me. One major issue is lack of grocery stores for most part.

  9. They actually have an awesome new grocery store now (Mariano’s) but public transit is nearly non-existent unless you walk a few blocks to a bus line that runs infrequently and only goes down Madison. I can’t imagine living on the far northeast end of Lakeshore East without a car – it would be a pain in the ass to get anywhere.

  10. took my daughter to the lakeshore east playground this weekend. seemed like most there were not speaking english. nice park. a steakhouse is opening in one of the buildings. hard to predict how that will do.

  11. For a 23×24 living room it sure looks small! The sectional takes up the entire space. Also the breakfast room looks too tiny to ever fit a table. The bedrooms and views are nice though. However the second and third baths make me want to vomit.

    I highly doubt $925 for this place. I’d agree with the $725-750k range.

  12. Just want to comment on the absurdity of the fireplace in this unit… is it really worth losing the functionality of what precious space you have in a high rise unit for a mundane gas firebox?

  13. It’s priced way higher than reality to “leave room for negotiating”.

  14. Were they mostly chinese and europeans at the park?

  15. Great views, price needs to come down

  16. “Were they mostly chinese and europeans at the park?”

    there was one eastern european woman and child, the rest were east asian and Indian.

  17. “took my daughter to the lakeshore east playground this weekend. seemed like most there were not speaking english.”

    I agree with Pete. Terrible location. Basically a golden prison, with a new “upsacle grocery store”, that’s it. I’ve been to that park too, nobody there is American. It’s totally weird. Like Hub51, these places are for transplants that are not real Chicagoans.

  18. I agree with Hemethofer. I used to work right by here and it’s not a real neighborhood. There’s no sense of place. You’re just in one high-rise pod next to several other high-rise pods.

    Nice views, though.

  19. “I used to work right by here and it’s not a real neighborhood.”

    It’s a *ton* better than a decade ago, and getting the grocery store in will help a ton.

    Back when it was a golf course, the three buildings on the end had the LPT feal, without the same cachet, and with much worse access to anything else (LPT had the pier and the attendant trolleys, for better or worse).

  20. I just want respond to a few inaccuracies in peoples comments up above regarding the “isolation” in lakeshore east. I may be a bit biased beacuse i live here, but here are some facts. I work in the loop ( southeast corner of e loop) and its a 10 min walk. The mag mile is not 20 min, unless you are talking about walking to the north end of the shopping area. I am not sure where the comments about ” foreigners” comes from, but I have I had to pick a group of people that lives here it’s a mix of young professionals in the newer buildings and Chicagoans that have lived here a long while in the original buildings of lakeshore east. Also, as far as getting to the el, it’s a 5 min walk out my door, maybe a few min more from the property in this listing. If you don’t feel like walking you can ride the courtesy shuttle that goes various areas around the loop and river north for free.

    Now, in my opinion, the little bit of separation that lake shore east affords is great. It’s quiet with an almost private park ( only because people don’t really know about it) and the tourists aren’t all piled up in front of my door in the summer. Also, I never have to worry about my view dissapearing because its protected by the 6 acre park that I look at. As far as for a property investment, it seem like a good one because the neighborhood is growing, and the new restauants are oening in the loop every day as well as there being plenty of room for more stores/ restaurants.

  21. Lakeshore east is sooooo far from everything. And the neighborhood has nothing going for it other than, wait for it, a grocery store. What a draw, I can’t believe people aren’t waiting in line for the opportunity to overpay.

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